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Greening the Islands e_Convention | International Conference and Exhibition 2020

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Islands as laboratories of innovation and climate change mitigation.
Amani Alfarra Christopher Zamora Catharina Sikow-Magny Konstantina Toli Sai Navoti Gianni Chianetta Stefano Moncada Gurbuz Gonul Kate Brown
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The island resorts: how to become a green destination and reduce costs, while engaging local communities. The Maldives’ case study
In cooperation with MITDC
Mohamed Khaleel Mohamed Khaleel Hussain Hassan Hathim  Ibrahim Gianni Chianetta Mohamed Waheed Bruce Bromley Mohamed Raaidh Abdulla Mausoom
· Networking
Meet the speakers, Networking & Expo
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Waste management from tourism activities
In cooperation with GLISPA and WTTC
Cristina Casian Gianni Chianetta Christian Del Bono Paloma Zapata Cassia Patel Joseph Smith-Abbott Kate Brown Lola Uña Cárdenas
· Networking
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Wave energy technology progress and development trends
In cooperation with Ocean Energy Europe
Michael Henriksen Gianni Chianetta Andrea Alessi
· Networking
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Smart Grid Management Systems for the integration of RES, Storage & e-Mobility
In cooperation with EASE, EUROBAT and Solar Power Europe
Merce Labordena Francesco Gattiglio Attilio Piattelli Attilio Piattelli Jacopo Tosoni Norman Zammit
· Networking
Meet the speakers, Networking & Expo
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Floating offshore wind power: technologies and policies. The Mediterranean case study
In cooperation with Wind Europe
Francesco Leva Gianni Chianetta Anne Marit Hansen Darius Snieckus Iván Pineda francesco balestrino Gonzalo Piernavieja Manuel SAPIANO
· Networking
Meet the speakers, Networking & Expo
· Sessions
RES, water recycling & desalination hybrid systems.
In cooperation with IDA and Global Solar Council
Manuel SAPIANO Gianni Chianetta Shannon McCarthy CARLOS COSIN FERNANDEZ Dario Traverso Shawn Meyer-Steele Emilio Gabbrielli
· Networking
Meet the speakers, Networking & Expo
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Policies on bicycle promotion, from business models to regulatory actions
In cooperation with Conebi
Francesco Bruno Gianni Chianetta Silvia Livoni Colombo Manuel  Marsilio Zsombor Aradszki Michelle Attard Tonna
· Networking
Meet the speakers, Networking & Expo
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Sustainable maritime transport solutions and ports electrification
Attilio Piattelli Attilio Piattelli Helmut Morsi Eva Pérez Panayotis Zacharioudakis Joe Cordina
· Networking
Meet the speakers, Networking & Expo
· Sessions
Sustainable agriculture in small islands
In cooperation with Insuleur and Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias.
Hiroshi Kakazu Stefano Moncada Angelica Jacome Daza Anthony Hili Gonzalo Piernavieja M.M. Angelo  Nogara Nicolas Miliarakis Ralph Birkhoff Christina Sarris George Assonitis
· Networking
Meet the speakers, Networking & Expo
· Sessions
GTI Awards 2020 & conclusions
Michela Miletto Amani Alfarra Konstantina Toli Sai Navoti Gianni Chianetta Giuseppe SCIACCA Amjad Abdulla Joseph Borg Edita Dranseikaite Edmond Paris Manuel Butler Kate Brown


Laura Mallia

Seniot manager transports, Malta

Edmond Paris

President, ExCo – Representative from Aruba to the EU

Edita Dranseikaite

Responsible for coordination of the Clean Energy for the EU Islands Initiative DG Energy, EC

Joseph Borg

President, INSULEUR

Amjad Abdulla

Head of Partnership at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Giuseppe SCIACCA

Executive Secretary, CPMR Islands Commission

Anthony Hili

Gozo Chamber of Commerce

Angelica Jacome Daza

Director of the office of Small Island Developing States (SIDS), LDCs & LLDC, FAO

Nicolas Miliarakis

Board Member, Wines of Crete

M.M. Angelo Nogara

Senior Strategy Development Manager, GTI

Joe Cordina

Executive Chairman, Gozo Channel

Panayotis Zacharioudakis

Managing Director, OceanFinance

Eva Pérez

Director of Innovation Promotion and Sustainability, Fundación Valenciaport

Helmut Morsi

Expert for EU Innovation & Financing

Michelle Attard Tonna

President, La Rota Malta

Zsombor Aradszki

Project Manager, West Pannon Non-profit Ltd – Lead partner, EU Cycle Interreg Project

Francesco Leva

Technical support personnel at the Sicilian Regional Energy Department

Dave Renne

Coordinator Technical Committee, Global Solar Council

Luigi Lanuzza

Head of Distributed Energy & Demand Resp, Innovability Enel X

Yann-Hervé De Roeck

Vice Chairman Ocean Energy Systems, OES-IEA and Executive Director, FRANCE ENERGIES MARINES

Emilio Gabbrielli

Senior Water Specialist GTI; Member of Honorary Council of IDA

Shawn Meyer-Steele

President Caribbean Desalination Association & Director IDA

Dario Traverso

CEO, Genius Watter


CEO, Almar Solutions – President, IDA – Global overview

Shannon McCarthy

Secretary General, IDA

Gonzalo Piernavieja

Research & Innovation Director at Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias (ITC)

francesco balestrino

Renewable and Green Technologies Product manager Xsight Division, Saipem

Iván Pineda

Director of Public Affairs, Wind Europe

Darius Snieckus

Editor-in-Chief, Recharge News

Jacopo Tosoni

Policy Officer at EASE – non-battery storage technologies, infrastructure and V2G

Attilio Piattelli

Senior Technical Specialist, Greening the Islands

Attilio Piattelli

Senior Technical Specialist, Greening the Islands

Andrea Alessi

R&D project manager for Marine Energy at ENI

Hussain Hassan

Minister of Environment, Maldives

Mohamed Khaleel

Former President of MATATO and former chairman of MMPRC, currently Board Member

Mohamed Khaleel

Former President of MATATO and former chairman of MMPRC, currently Board Member

Christian Del Bono

President, Federalberghi Aeolian Islands

Mohamed Waheed

Council President of Ha. Hoarafushi island

Stefano Moncada

Director, Islands and Small States Institute – Lecturer, Institute for European Studies, University of Malta

Anne Marit Hansen

Project Leader Floating Wind Spain, Equinor

Manuel Marsilio

General Manager, Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI)

Silvia Livoni Colombo

Marketing Strategist, Luxury Bike Hotels - Founder, Bike Hubs

Gianni Chianetta

Director, Greening the Islands

Josianne  Cutajar

Member of the European Parliament, Gozo (Malta)

Olli Kuronen

CFO Eunice

Sai Navoti

Chief of SIDS Unit, Division for Sustainable Development Goals, (UN DESA)

Konstantina Toli

Senior Programme Officer, Global Water Partnership – Mediterranean (GWP– Med)

Catharina Sikow-Magny

Director “Internal Energy Market”, Directorate General of Energy, European Commission

Francesco Gattiglio

Director EU Affairs & Policy, Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers (EUROBAT)

Christopher Zamora

Senior Manager, ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE)

Francesco Bruno

Head of Micromobility Solutions, Pirelli Corporate – CYCL-e around™ Pirelli

Amani Alfarra

Water Resources Officer, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Cristina Casian

European Projects Manager, Eco Enterprises (BLUEISLANDS project)

Hathim Ibrahim

Council President of Rinbudhoo island

Michela Miletto

Coordinator a.i. - UNESCO WWAP

Merce Labordena

Senior Policy Advisor, Solar Power Europe

Michael Henriksen

CEO, Wavepiston

Lola Uña Cárdenas

VP Government Affairs, World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)

Abdulla Mausoom

Maldives - Minister of Tourism

Mohamed Raaidh

Managing Director, MITDC (Maldives Integrated Tourism Development Corporation)

George Assonitis

Member, Technical Committee of INSULEUR

Bruce Bromley


Kate Brown

Executive Director, Global Island Partnership (GLISPA)

Bill Staby

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Resolute Marine

Christina Sarris

Management Advisor on Communications & Development, Cyclades Progress & Development Organization of Cyclades CC

Joseph Smith-Abbott

Deputy Secretary at Government of the British Virgin Islands


Zakynthos CCI and board member Insuleur

Willebrord Sluijters

Head of Unit DG Regio – Italy/Malta


CEO at The Energy & Water Agency Ministry for Energy and Water Management

Cassia Patel

Program Director, Oceanic Global

Hiroshi Kakazu

University of the Ryukyus

Ralph Birkhoff

Founders Island AgTech “Climate-smart agriculture project for Barbados” (GTI Awards nominee)

Norman Zammit

Divisional manager business strategy and commercial - Enemalta PLC

Paloma Zapata

Chief executive officer, Sustainable Travel international

Gurbuz Gonul

Director of the IRENA’s Country Engagement and Partnerships (CEP)

Manuel Butler

Executive director - World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

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Greening the Islands

Since 2014 Greening the Islands has organized nine international and national conferences promoting the enlarged concept of circular island economies.

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Greening the Islands

An innovative organization that supports self-sufficiency and sustainability of islands worldwide.

EASE – The European Association for Storage of Energy

Energy Storage: Adding Value Across the Energy System


Network of the Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the European Union

Global Solar Council

The voice of the world’s solar energy industry on the global stage

Islands and Small States Institute (ISSI)

Islands and Small States Institute of the University of Malta

CPMR Islands Commission

Islands stand together

World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)

The authority on Travel & Tourism representing the sector globally

International Desalination Association - IDA

International Desalination Association - IDA

SIDS Lighthouses Initiative (SIDS LHI) / International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

A framework for action to support SIDS in the transformation from a predominantly fossil-based to a renewables-based and resilient energy system.

Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias (ITC)

Promoting knowledge and technology as key drivers for sustainable development

Genius Watter

Clean Water powered by the Sun – Solar Desalination Zero Emission: clean and affordable water for communities and resilient agriculture.

Société de Mise en Valeur des Iles de Kerkennah (SOMVIK SA)

Proposal of an action plan for the sustainable development of Kerkennah Archipelao