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Alan Murray

Excel Trainer, Book Author, Founder

Bob Umlas

Event Host, 25x Microsoft MVP

Brent Allen

Certified Accountant, Business Analyst

Celia Alves

Founder of Solve and Excel, Microsoft MVP

Chandoo D.

Founder of, Microsoft MVP

Cristiano Galvao

Founder of GENECSIS, Excel Turbo & Excel Weekend

Danielle Stein Fairhurst

Financial Modeller, Book Author, Microsoft MVP

Gasper Kamensek

Founder of Excel Olympics, Microsoft MVP

George Lungu


Gustaw Dudek

Head Of Business Intelligence at Enterium - Enterprise DNA Expert

Jon Peltier

President at Peltier Technical Services Inc

Jordan Goldmeier

Data Science Leader, Microsoft MVP

Joshua Cottrell-Schloemer

Performance Dashboard Specialist

Joshua Rischin

Company Director of Axium Solutions Pty Limited, LinkedIn Instructor

Karen Abecia

Executive Director at Talent to Training, Dashboards Guru

Leila Gharani

Founder of XelPlus, Microsoft MVP

Liam Bastick

Founder of SumProduct, Microsoft MVP

Mark Proctor

Owner,, Microsoft MVP

Mike Carter

Unmasking MOS Exams, Mike's Office

Mike Thomas

Microsoft Trainer & Solution Developer: Excel, PowerBI & Office

Oz Du Soleil

Founder of Excel on Fire, Microsoft MVP

Rahim Zulfiqar Ali

Founder of XLR8 Tech Solutions, CEO of Excel Basement

Thomas Paul

Director BDO in Australia, Project & Infrastructure Advisory, Financial Modelling

Victor Momoh

Petroleum Engineer - Chevron, Microsoft Excel MVP

Alejandra Horvath CPA, CGA

Budget Analyst, certified Microsoft Excel expert

Stephan Methner

Founder & CEO at Airrange

Randy Austin

Founder Of Excel For Freelancers, Microsoft MVP

April Dunnam

Principal Power Platform Advocacy Team Lead at Microsoft, YouTuber

Leon Gordon

Forbes Tech Council, Microsoft MVP, Global AI Hub Thought Leader

George Mount

Founder and CEO of Stringfest Analytics

Jason Clarke

VP of Sales at Sheetcast

Tony De Jonker

Principal of De Jonker Consultancy, 8x Microsoft MVP

Helen Wall

LinkedIn Instructor, Data Science Consultant

Danuta Pezda

Head of Development at Someka

Onur Yilmaz

Founder & CEO, Someka

Chris Dutton @Maven Analytics

EdTech Founder | Best-Selling Instructor | Business Intelligence Expert | Twin Dad

Johnnie Thomas

Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

Olivia Thomas

Product Manager, Microsoft

Steve Kraynak

Product Manager, Microsoft

Wenjun Gon

Principle PM Manager for Office Platform at Microsoft

Donald MacCormick

Chief Strategy Officer at Squirrel365

Andrej Lapajne

Founder & CEO at Zebra BI

Matthew Bernath

Event Host

Tine Ozimič

Lead of Empowerment at Zebra BI

Bill Jelen

Publisher at, Author of 60 Books

Cheri Bortleson

Program Manager, Microsoft

Li Jiang

Principle Engineer Manager for Office Platform at Microsoft

Thomas Prokopp

COO at Airrange

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