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Get Inspired 2020: The Future is Circular

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Alison McRae

Senior Director, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

Jazz Hutsby

Creator, 3D Arches

Wayne Hubbard

Chief Executive Officer, LWARB

Cheryl McCulloch

Senior Project Manager, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

Polly Purvis OBE

Director of ScotFIN, Intelligent Growth Solutions

warren bowden

Managing Director, Scottish Leather Group Technology

Michelle Ferguson

Director, Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Company

Rebecca Ricketts

Senior Project Advisor, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

Andy Gemmell

Owner, The Gate

Fiona Ellis

Business Support Manager, DF Concerts

Iain Gulland

Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland

Stephen Good

Chief Executive of Construction Scotland Innovation Centre

Emma Chow

Food Initiative Project Lead at Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Nitesh Magdani

Consultant at Insight Futures

Colin Kennedy

Sector Manager Manufacturing, Zero Waste Scotland

Jo Chidley

Founder, Beauty Kitchen

Stephen Lewis

Managing Director, HFD Property Group

Mitchell van Dooijeweerd

Sustainability Co-ordinator at DGTL Festival

Martijn Lopes Cardozo

Chief Executive Officer, Circle Economy

Ylva Haglund

Sector Manager – Food Waste Reduction at Zero Waste Scotland

Laurens Nolet

General Manager, Roetz Bikes

Gilli Hobbs

Sustainability & circular economy advisor (independent)

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Circular Glasgow

Get in contact with our Circular Glasgow team and start your circular economy journey today

Zero Waste Scotland

Zero Waste Scotland – leading Scotland to use products and resources responsibly.

London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB)

Reinvigorating recycling, accelerating the circular economy and helping London become a zero carbon city.