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GitLab Commit Virtual 2021

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Chris Riley

DevOps Advocate, Splunk Inc

Mackenzie Jackson

Developer Advocate, GitGuardian

Jeff Pollard

VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Laurel Farrer

CEo, Distribute Consulting

Luke O'Malley

Co-Founder, R2C

Taylor McCaslin

Principal Product Manager, Secure, GitLab

Eddie Glenn

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Venafi

Peter Maddison

Founder, Xodiac

Jonathan Hunt

VP of Security, GitLab

Tim O'Reilly

Founder & CEO, O'Reilly Media

Brian Dawson

Vice President, Developer Relations & Ecosystem Development, The Linux Foundation

Philippe Lafoucrière

Distinguished Security Engineer, GitLab

Nico Meisenzahl

Senior Cloud & DevOps Consultant , White Duck GmbH

Jamie Rachel

Evangelist, Program Manager, GitLab

Alexandra Sunderland

Engineering Manager,

Bethan Vincent

Bethan Vincent Consulting

Eriol Fox

Freelance Contractor & Open Source Design Contributor

Seema Saharan

Associate Systems Engineer, IBM

Getty Orawo

Software Engineer, Sokowatch

Vangelis Kritsimas

Senior Architect, Zero One Logic

Axel Thimm

Senior Architect, Zero One Logic

Yoni Leitersdorf

CEO & Founder, Indeni

Natalia Khodiakova

Senior Backend Developer and DevOps Engineer, Ray Sono AG

Nnamdi Iregbulem

Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Mark Thomas Peters

Technical Lead, Technica

Hillary Benson

Director, Product Management, GitLab

Larissa Lane

Sr. Product Manager, Manage:Optimize, GitLab

Eric Johnson

CYO, GitLab

Sid Sijbrandij

CEO, GitLab

Anoop Dawar

Vice President of Product Management

Christie Lenneville

Vice President of User Experience, GitLab

Darva Satcher

Senior Manager, Engineering Create, GitLab

Frank Ford

Senior IT Architecture Design Manager, Genworth Financial

Mohammad Malik

Software Engineer, Genworth Financial

Ryan Heilman

IT Analyst, Genworth Financial

Teppei Fukuda

Open Source Software Engineer, Aqua Security

Caroline Wong

Chief Strategy Officer, Cobalt

Kevin Gilpin

Founder, CTO, Appland

Cole Kennedy

Director, Defense Initiatives, BoxBoat Technologies

Nicole Schwartz

Senior Product Manager, GitLab

Doug Rickert

Senior Product Security Manager, HERE Technologies

James Petersen

Senior DevSecOps Engineer, Anchore

Hayden Smith

Senior DevSecOpsEngineer, Public Sector, Anchore

Suhas Kashyap

Principal Offering Manager, IBM DevOps, IBM

Monmayuri Ray

Senior Partner Product Marketing Manager, GitLab

Marshall Cottrell

Lead Engineer, MRI // NASA

Johannes Dienst

Software Architect/ DevOps Engineer, DB Systel

Peter Tiegs

Principle Engineer, Intel

Tim Lehnen

CTO, Drupal

Matthew Tift

Lead Engineer, Lullabot

Alberto Dominguez

Managing Partner, Sperta Consulting

Ralf Huuck

Founder & CEO, Logilica

Tom Brazil

Chief Digital & Innovation Officer, Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc

Giridharan Rajendran

Senior Engineer, Software, T-Mobile

Jean-Baptiste Kempf

VideoLAN President

Alec Clews

Developer Relations Advocate, PaperCut Software International Pty Ltd

Sandeep Parikh

DevRel Engineer

Benedikt Stemmildt

CIO, Blume 2000

Philipp Westphalen

FullStack Software Engineer

Ravi Lachhman

Evangelist, Harness

Subramanian Vairavan

Senior DevOps Engineer, Intel

Jayanth Thimmaiah

Senior DevOps Engineer, Intel

Ram Varra

Senior Principal Engineer, Intel

Sean Corkum

Assistant Director, Engineering, Northwestern Mutual

Jessie Rushing

Senior SRE, Vox Media

Loren Kirby

Delivery Automation (DevOps) Leader, Delta

Manuel Maarek

Assistant Professor, Heriot-Watt University

Rob Stewart

Assistant Professor, Heriot-Watt University

George Tsiolis

Product Designer, Gitpod

Corine Tan

Co-Founder, Kona

Jaskirat Singh

Technical Writer, CHAOSS Project

Trey Stevens

Software Engineer, UPchieve

Dave Sudia

CTO, UPchieve

Silona Bonewald

Executive Director, IEEE

Brendan O'Leary

Senior Developer Evangelist

Kyle Jones

Software Engineer, Made Tech

Zachary Nickens

Reliability Engineer, BoxBoat Technologies

Christopher Wang

Senior Solutions Architect, GitLab

Jessica Rose

Head of Developer Relations, CodeSee

Amanda Brock


Matthew Nelson

Senior Manager, Classroom Operations, The Last Mile

Jason Jones

Remote Instructor Manager, The Last Mile

Nuritzi Sanchez

Senior Open Source Program Manager, GitLab

Ankur Mathur

DevSecOps Experience Manager, Delta

Lindsay Kerr

Frontend Engineering Manager, Secure & Protect, GitLab

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