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Aaron Fuchs

Founder and CEO of iXperience

Allison Holmes

Business Planner at Microsoft

Lebogang Poonyane

Private Equity Professional I Management Consultant I Non-Executive Director

Cordéne Midgley

VP of Education at iXperience

Rafi Khan

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer at iXperience

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The world is changing at an exponential rate and current education systems are not keeping up. At iX, we believe that in the next century, learning won’t just be concentrated on youth, but interwoven throughout a person’s life as they transition across careers and life priorities. Our mission is to build transformational learning experiences that close this gap and give our students the best possible life. iX's vision is to build a lifelong learning brand with a range of future-focused programs and services. Our current focus is on creating career development programs for high schoolers, university students, professionals, and executives, and partnering with institutions to transform how the world prepares students for the future of work.

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