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GAW Symposium 2021

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Owen Cooper

Speaker in Session 1

Pepijn Veefkind

Speaker in Session 1


Speaker in Session 1

Julie Nicely

Speaker in Session 2

Richard Peltier

Speaker in Session 2

Joannes (Bram) Maasakkers

Speaker in Session 2

Chris Rennick

Speaker in Session 2

Haeyoung Lee

Speaker in Session 2

Aditi Rathod

Speaker in Session 3

cathy clerbaux

Speaker in Session 3

Davide Putero

Speaker in Session 3

Rebecca Garland

Speaker in Session 3

Wolfgang Steinbrecht

Speaker in Session 3

Andreas Petzold

Speaker in Session 4

Rong Wang

Speaker in Session 3

Jörg Klausen

Speaker in Session 4

Etienne Tourigny

Speaker in Session 4

Sheila kusumaningtyas

Panelist on Panel 2


Panelist on Panel 2

Yang Zhang

Panelist on Panel 1

Faten Attig Bahar

Panelist on Panel 1

Hiroshi Tanimoto

Panelist on Panel 2

Melita Keywood

Panelist on Panel 3

Marcos Andrade

Panelist on Panel 3

Martin Steinbacher

Panelist on Panel 1

Sonja Böll

Panelist on Panel 1

Barry Lefer

Panelist on Panel 3

Hui Chen

Speaker in Session 1

Maria de Fatima Andrade

Spaker in session 1

Daniel Cusworth

Speaker in Session 1

Dagmar Kubistin

Speaker in Session 2

Taegyung Lee

Speaker in Session 4

Kobus Pienaar

Panelist on Panel 3

Tong Zhu

Panelist on Panel 3

Admir Créso Targino

Panelist on Panel 3

Gao Chen

Speaker in parallel session on QA/QC

Herman Smit

Chair of parallel session on QA/QC

Christopher Lehmann

Chair of parallel session on QA/QC

Jordan Schnell

Speaker in Session 4

Andrea Sealy

Panelist on Panel 1

Carmen Paulina Vega Riquelme

Speaker in Session 4

Celeste Saulo

Panelist on Panel 2

Nadejda Komendantova

Panelist on Panel 2

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Discussion Session 4: Data management

Parallel session for poster discussion “Atmospheric composition data landscape in 2030 and how do we get there?”

Discussion Session 4: Earth System Modelling

Parallel session for poster discussion “Earth System modelling”

Alberth Nahas

25 years of the Global Atmosphere Watch Programme in Indonesia

Alok Sagar Gautam

Chemical Characteristics of Atmospheric Aerosols & Rainwater chemistry observation at the high-altitude sites Garhwal areas in the Central Himalayas: variations, influence factors, sources, and potential environmental effects

Amanda Cole

The Measurement-Model Fusion for Global Total Atmospheric Deposition (MMF –GTAD) Initiative

Angela Marinoni

Analysis of the aerosol number size distribution variability and characterization of new particle formation events at Monte Cimone GAW global station

Baris Ozgun

The Analysis of Ankara-Polatli Haboob dated at September 12, 2020

Bighnaraj Sarangi

Development of an Aerosol and Cloud Analysis System in the Caribbean

Cihan Dundar

Evaluation of Atmopheric Aerosols over West Asia for the last two decades

Daniel H Cusworth

Using remote sensing to detect, validate, and quantify methane emissions from solid waste operations

Donghee Lee

Vertical distributions of hydrocarbons in UTLS regions associated with Australian Bushfire

Felix Vogel

Using ground-based mobile measurements to monitor urban methane leaks across in twelve cities eight countries

Gerardo Carbajal Benítez

Antarctic Ozone Hole Season Bulletin From Argentina

Jgor Arduini

Continuous observations of emerging pollutants at the WMO GAW global station of Monte Cimone (Italy).

Jocelyn Turnbull

Towards an International standard for Urban Greenhouse Gas Monitoring and Assessment

Mykhailo Savenets

The experience of Sentinel-5P satellite data usage for air pollution monitoring and warning in Ukraine

Ravi Yadav

Biogenic and anthropogenic isoprene (C5H8) emissions in the urban atmosphere

Sangwon Joo

Introduction of the WMO endorsed IG3IS project INVERSE-KOREA (Inverse modelling for Validating and Evaluating of the Reduction of Sectoral greenhous gas Emissions in Korea)

Dr. Suvarna Tikle

Economic Benefits of Seamless Air Quality Prediction and Advisory Services in Health Sector

Vineet Yadav

Methane Emissions in the Los Angeles Basin are declining

Vishnu Thilakan

Towards implementing a regional high-resolution inverse modelling system for estimating the CO2 fluxes over India: quantification of fine-scale CO2 spatiotemporal variability

Xiaoye Zhang

Evaluations of carbon neutrality effectiveness and progress in greenhouse gases observations in China

Benjamin J Murray

The need for long-term measurements of atmospheric ice-nucleating particles to address uncertainty in climate sensitivity

Christoph Zellweger

WCC-Empa activities improve data availability and data quality

Dafina Kikaj

Validation of GHG Emission Inventories by 222Rn Measurements: Importance of Deconvolution Method in 222Rn Measurements Correction

Darrel Baumgardner

A Fog and Aerosol Spectrometer for Analyzing Single Particle Shape and Composition

Georgi Tancev

Optimizing Characterization and Recalibration Procedures for Low-Cost Sensors in Air Quality Monitoring

Marcos F. Andrade

Six years of measurements of atmospheric methane at the Chacaltaya GAW regional station

Martin Steinbacher

International collaboration in supporting observations in data sparse regions – lessons learnt from the Quality Assurance / Science Activity Centre Switzerland

Michel Grutter

The Altzomoni Atmospheric Observatory: a state-of-the-art high-altitude station in central Mexico

Omaira E. García

Monitoring of Greenhouse Gas and Aerosol Emissions in Madrid megacity (MEGEI-MAD)

Pamela Trisolino / Paolo Cristofanelli

An improved atmospheric CO2 background data selection method (BaDS): application to near-surface atmospheric CO2 measurements in Italy by a collaborative network of four permanent observatories

Paul Brewer

Implementation of a New Value of the Ozone Absorption Cross-section per Molecule at 253.65 nm (air) for Global Atmospheric Ozone Measurement

René Stübi

Continuity of the Arosa ozone column series after Dobson automation and the displacement of the LKO instruments to Davos

Ruhi Humphries

RV Investigator atmospheric capability – the world’s first mobile GAW station

Songkang Kim

Comparison of Ground Observation Total Ozone Column Data in Antarctica Using Satellite Sensors

Sonja Böll

20 years of GAWTEC and a view to the future

Stefan Kinne

References for atmospheric satellite retrievals over oceans

Susanne Rohs

Automated data processing and quality control of IAGOS water vapour data in Near Real Time (NRT) for the validation of the chemical transport models of Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS)

Tobias Bühlmann

Traceable reference gas mixtures for halogenated VOCs developed within the framework of the EMPIR project MetClimVOC

Viktor Ivakhov

WMO GAW observational network in Russia

Zoe Loh

Gunn Point - a tropical GAW station in Australia

Alexandros Papayannis

Aerosol mixing processes and radiative forcing effects of a 10-days (11-20 May 2020) dust event over Athens, Greece, during the COVID-19 confinement period

Giath Doun

Using of Remote Sensing Images for Monitoring Air Quality in Syria during COVID-19 Quarantine 2020

Haidong Kan

Ambient air pollution and daily mortality in the Multi-Country Multi-City (MCC) project

Hannah Clark

Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the availability of IAGOS data

Henk Eskes

Reductions of NO2 Air Pollution during Covid-19, as Observed by Sentinel-5P TROPOMI

Jiacan Yuan

Escalating global exposure to compound heat-humidity extremes with warming

Joshua Fu

A Hybrid Machine Learning Framework to Identify Driving Forces of COVID-19 Transmission

Minsu Kim

Hourly maps of near-surface NO₂ at 100 m resolution enable dynamic exposure assessment

Nikhil Korhale

Disparity in ozone trends under COVID-19 lockdown in a closely located coastal and hillocky metropolis of India

Ranjeet S Sokhi

Changes in air quality during the COVID-19 pandemic - Implications for research, policy and health

Renée Bichler

Relationship between economic growth and satellite-based measurements of NO2 pollution over northern Italy

Ritesh Kalbande

Stubble burning menace of toxic Benzene and Toluene and their implication to Ozone chemistry and human health in the Indo-Gangetic Plain region

Sandro Finardi

Analysis of COVID-19 Lockdown Measures Impact on the Air Quality in Rome Region:Key Indications for Future Air Quality Management

Tetiana Shablii

Climate Change as a Risk Factor for Adverse Perinatal Outcomes

Yue Zhu

Temporal variations of short-term associations between PM10 and NO2 concentrations and emergency department visits in Shanghai, China 2008-2019

Yousuke Sawa

New website and services of World Data Centre for Greenhouse Gases (WDCGG)

Kjetil Tørseth

Licencing of data in EBAS (WDCA and WDCRG)

Anatoly Tsvetkov

WRDC activity and GAW Solar Radiation Data Management

Rajesh Kumar

Assessment of regional carbon monoxide simulations over Africa and insights into source attribution and regional transport

Li Zhang

Development of Global Aerosol Forecast Model (GEFS-Aerosols) into NOAA’s Unified Forecast System (UFS)

Christoph Keller

Atmospheric composition modeling using the NASA Goddard Earth Observing System

Pablo Lichtig

Air quality Regional Modeling of Latin America and the Caribbean using WRF-Chem model

Agustin García

Central Mexico Air Quality Forecast Evaluation

Yanyu Wang

Land use change strengths the urban-rural temperature disparity in Eastern China

Rodrigo Rudge Ramos Ribeiro

Heat Waves Projections by the Regional Climate Modelling Using The ETA Model: A Case Study

Zeinab Salah Mahmoud

Sensitivity study of daily dust forecast over MENA region using RegCM4 model

P. R. Tiwari

Earth System Modelling for climate extremes over Europe

Sujit Maji

Modelling secondary organic aerosol over India using regional chemistry transport model

Rabab Mashayekhi

Canadian experience with air quality changes induced by COVID-19 lockdown measures: lessons learned and implications for national air quality objectives

Osvaldo Cuesta Santos

Atmospheric Nitrogen Inputs in Humid Tropical Climate: Cuba. Need to Rescue la Palma Monitoring Regional Station (GAW)