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Kirrian Steer

NSW Health

Jonathan Duckworth

Associate Professor, School of Design, RMIT

Shane Bailey

Head of Gaming and Streaming - Cure Cancer

Solange Glasser

Lecturer in Music (Music Psychology) - University of Melbourne

Melissa Tsafkas

Senior Manager Governance and Performance - NBN Co

Tammie Jean Schrader

Science/Computer Science Coordinator - NE Washington Education Service District 101

Bron Stuckey

Director - Innovative Educational Ideas

Lucy Amelia Sparrow

Research Fellow - University of Melbourne

Jane Mavoa

Research Fellow - The Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child (University of Melbourne)

Malcolm Ryan

Senior Lecturer - Macquarie University

Nihal Noor

Hybrid Network Engineer - NBN Co

Omi Koulas

Community and Editor - Checkpoint Gaming

Chloe Elizabeth Appleby

Assistant Curator - Powerhouse Museum

Emma Therese Ramsay

Co-founder - 10Tickles and True Crime Games

Marianne Malmstrom

Digital Design Teacher - Newlands Intermediate NZ

Andy Yik San Yong

Co-founder - 10Tickles and True Crime Games

Nico King

Executive Creative Director - Chaos Theory Games

Ben Loveridge

Immersive Coordinator (VR/AR) - University of Melbourne

Jini Maxwell

Curator - ACMI

Michaela Ternasky-Holland

Head of XR - Games for Change

Matthew Harrison

Senior lecturer - University of Melbourne

Jess Rowlings

Next Level Collaboration/University of Melbourne

Cherida Longley

Education Program Manager - Rail Projects Victoria

Steven Dupon

Executive Director - Institute of games

Susanna Pollack

President - Games for Change

Arana Shapiro

Managing Director & Chief Learning Officer - Games for Change

Saqina Latif

Managing Director - Persona Theory Games

Stephanie Kee

Project Manager - Games Bagus

Garth Midgley

Managing Director - GOATi Entertainment

Frederick Hardtke

Executive Board Member, Macquarie University - Centre for Ancient Cultures, Heritage and Environment (CACHE)

Akash Suri

Public Diplomacy Officer - US Embassy Kuala Lumpur

Patrick Sukawiratmo

Livestream Fundraising & Virtual Merchandise Coordinator - WWF Australia

Arief Johan

Content Creator

Ben Abraham

Founder - AfterClimate

Jun Shen Chia

Xbox Global Expansion Incubator Manager - Microsoft

Vincent Trundle

Senior Producer, School Programs - ACMI

Gail Kenning

Research fellow - UNSW, fEEL, BARC

Nyasha Mbaya

Lead Software Engineer - Real Response

Hung The Nguyen

Lead Gp - Bunurong Health Service

Liam McGuire

Director, Design Lead - Opaque Media

Lisa Skaife

Founder/CEO - Driveschool Enterprises Pty Ltd

Jennifer Ganske

National Arts and Tourism Executive Manager - NBN Co

Kate Barnard

Science Programs Manager - Museums Victoria

Suan Goh

Co-founder - CTRL-D Studio

Laura Nova


Claudia Leong

Co-founder, Director, Nutritionist at Nutriblocks Limited

Brian Fairbanks

Developer at Daisy Ale Soundworks

Jason Christou


Logan Timmins

Director and Game Designer at Amble Studio

Teddy Florea

Founder at EcoManka

Anurati Srivastva

Founder at PEDAL Studio

Parastou Manteghi

Cultural Researcher and Member at ICOM Iran

Reza Habibi

PhD Student/ Research Assistant at University of California Santa Cruz

Eline Charles

Chief Process Officer at EcoManka

Kristine Diekman

Professor, Art/Media/Design, California State University, San Marcos

Hailey Cooperrider

Director at Amble Studio

Vince Siu

Founder and CEO - Press Start Academy

Seb Chan

Director & CEO - ACMI

Sandeep Athavale

Principle Scientist at TCS research

Bharath Palavalli

Co-Founder at Fields of View

Mala Sen

Art Director at Niku Games

Manisha Mohan

Director - Design & Delivery, India and APAC at Emeritus

Zahra Rizvi

PhD Scholar at Jamia Millia Islamia

Makoto Goto

Founder / Chief Executive Officer at Game for IT, Inc.

Erinn Budd

XR for Change Production Manager at Games for Change

Ling Mei Cong

Deputy Dean, Learning & Teaching, School of Business and Law, RMIT University

Gillian Morrison

PhD candidate Game-based Learning, Swinburne University of Technology

Tom Chandler

Senior Lecturer - Monash University

Viktor Arity

Academic - RMIT University / Board Member - G4C APAC

Stefan Schutt

Senior Lecturer at La Trobe University

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Games for Change Asia-Pacific

A festival to foster the development and use of games and interactive technologies that make the world a better place.

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