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Games for Change Virtual Festival 2020

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Proudly supported by


Anne del Castillo

Commissioner, New York City Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment

Johnathan Elmergreen

Executive Director, Higher Education Video Game Alliance

Steve Isaacs (he/him)

Bernards Township Board of Education, Teacher, Game Design and Development

Asad J. Malik

CEO, Jadu

Elizabeth Newbury

Director of the Serious Games Initiative, The Wilson Center

Hana Pestle

Artist / Producer / Streamer, Independent Artist

Drew Robarge

Museum Specialist, Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History

Linda Sellheim

Education Lead, Epic Games

Arana Shapiro (she/her)

Managing Director, Games for Change

Phil Puthumana

Manager, Verizon

Phil Stuart (he / him)

Founder & Creative Director, PRELOADED

Roger Altizer

Associate Professor, University of Utah

Mia Consalvo (she/her)

Professor, Concordia University

Lindsay Grace

Knight Chair of Interactive Media, University of Miami

Georgii (he/him) Kurgan

Product Manager,

Andrew Phelps (he/him)

Professor, University of Canterbury (and) American University

Glenn Gillis (he/him)

CEO, Sea Monster

Mei Si

Associate Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Robbert van Rooden

Producer, Inlusio Interactive

Robin Burgauer

Producer, Inlusio Interactive

Sa Liu

Assistant Professor, Interactive Media, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Asi Burak

SVP Business Development, Tilting Point

Adam Gazzaley

Professor and Director, UCSF

Jessica Robbins

Technical Advisor, Preparedness ICTs, Global Disaster Preparedness Center (IFRC)

Mark Barlet

Executive Director, AbleGamers Charity

Drew Crecente

Executive Director, Jennifer Ann's Group

Claudia-Santi Fernandes

Associate Director, play2PREVENT Lab at Yale Center for Health & Learning Games

David Miller (he/him)

Program Director, National Institutes of Health

Manjul Rathee


Nandini Chatterjee Singh

Senior Program Officer, UNESCO MGIEP

Robin Sharma

Gaming Curriculum Developer, UNESCO MGIEP

Siobhan Reddy

Studio Director, Media Molecule

Anita Sarkeesian

Executive Director, Feminist Frequency

Walter Greenleaf

Neuroscientist, Medical Virtual Reality Expert, Stanford University Virtual Human Interaction Lab

Francesco Cavallari

Founder, Video Games Without Borders

Seth Cooper

Assistant Professor, Northeastern University

Yennie Solheim

Head of Social Impact, Niantic, Inc.

Matt Kaplowitz

Bridge Multimedia, CEO and Chief Creative Officer

Allisyn Levy

VP, Product Lead, BrainPOP

Stanley Pierre-Louis

President & CEO, Entertainment Software Association

Angelina Dayton

The VR Lady, The VR Lady

Benjamin Stokes

Assistant Professor, American University Game Lab

Barbara Chamberlin

Professor, Developer, Researcher, NMSU Learning Games Lab

John Spinale (he/him)

Managing Director, JAZZ Venture Partners

Katherine Mahon

Founder and CEO, HomeAgain VR Foundation

Kimberly Voll

Co-Founder, Stray Bombay

Nuria Freitas

Chief Marketing Officer, Devunlimit (Sparky - ChoomChoom)

Jaron Lanier

Office of the Chief Technology Officer Prime Scientist, Microsoft

Leo Olebe

Global Director, Games Partnerships, Facebook

Mark Griswold

Professor, Case Western Reserve University

Robert Williamson

Technical Program Manager, Niantic Labs

Matthew Seiji Burns

Writer, Zachtronics

Jessica Murrey

CEO/Co-founder, W!CKED SAiNTS Studios

Hyo Taek Kim

CEO, Growing Seeds Corp.

Kat Lo

Content Moderation Lead, Meedan

Jean-Michel Blottière

Director, G4C Europe

Dalila Szostak

User Experience Researcher, Jigsaw

Regine Gilbert

Industry Assistant Professor, New York University

Kelli Dunlap

Adjunct Professor/Clinical Psychologist, American University

Anthony Kozak

Game Developer, Ubisoft

Yeon Pyo Kim

CEO, Softzen Cp.,Ltd.

MyeongMi Ko

Communication Team Leader, StudioCoin corp.

Jenova Chen

Co-Founder and Creative Director, thatgamecompany

Tracy Fullerton

Director, USC Game Innovation Lab

Robin White Owen

Co-Founder/President, MediaCombo, Inc.

Carlos Figueiredo

Director of Community Trust & Safety, Two Hat / Co-founder and Vice Chair, Fair Play Alliance

Nichol Bradford

Executive Director & Co-Founder, Transformative Tech Lab & Global Ecosystem

Michelle Miller

Co-Founder and CEO, Games and Learning

Awu Chen

Chief Experience Officer, Ama Inc.

Brie Code

Founder and CEO, TRU LUV

Lynn Fiellin

Founding Director, play2PREVENT Lab at the Yale Center for Health & Learning Games

Kate Edwards (she/her)

Executive Director / CEO, Global Game Jam / Geogrify

Chethan Ramachandran

Co-founder and CEO, Skillprint

Liv Erickson

Staff Product Manager, Mozilla

Brennan Spiegel

Professor of Medicine and Public Health, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Stefani Taskas

Programmer, Carnegie Mellon University

Ivan Filletti

Chief Operations Officer, GamingMalta Foundation

Laura Higgins

Director of Community Safety and Digital Civility, Roblox

Keisha Howard

Founder, Sugar Gamers

Barry Joseph

Director, Digital User Experience, Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA)

Dale Linegar (he/him)

Director, G4C Asia-Pacific

Gilson Schwartz

Director, G4C Latin America

Adrian Hon

CEO, Six to Start

Ayush Bhargava

XR UX Researcher, Key Lime Interactive

Jesse Lindsley

CEO, Thrust Interactive

Deepika Mohan

Associate Professor of Critical Care Medicine and Surgery, University of Pittsburgh

Derrick Pemberton

Game Producer and Designer, Carnegie Mellon University

Parker Ramsey

Programmer / Producer, CMU Entertainment Technology Center

Nidhi Gulati

Senior Director of Programs and Projects, Project for Public Spaces

Marc Ruppel

Senior Program Officer and Lead, Digital Projects for the Public, National Endowment for the Humanities

Katy Huang

Research Assistant, University of Miami

Carmen MacDougall

Vice President of Communications, Nuclear Threat Initiative

Maria Burns Ortiz

CEO and Co-Founder, 7 Generation Games

Sarah Krasley

CEO, Shimmy Technologies

Jasper Schellekens

Research Support Officer, Institute of Digital Games - University of Malta

Adaora Udoji

Director of Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship, RLab

Mimi Ito

Director, Connected Learning Lab / Professor in Residence, UC Irvine

Christina Oliver

Executive Director, Classroom, Inc.

Erin Hawley

Digital Content Producer, The Geeky Gimp

Jesse Damiani

Deputy Director of Emerging Technology, Southern New Hampshire University

Maxwell Foxman

Assistant Professor of Media Studies and Game Studies, Higher Education Video Game Association/University of Oregon

Frankie Warren

Investment Partner, Americas, LEGO Ventures

Daniel Kelley

Associate Director, Center for Technology and Society, ADL

Gabriela Richard

Assistant Professor of Education, Pennsylvania State University College of Education

Kat Schrier

Associate Professor/Director of Games, Marist College

Mia Tramz

Editorial Director, Enterprise + Immersive Experiences, TIME

Makeda Mays Green

Vice President, Nickelodeon Digital Consumer Insights, Viacom

Mickaël Newton

CSR Manager, Ubisoft HQ

Sarah Keating

Digital Content Strategy Lead, Girl and Adult, Girl Scouts of the USA

Olivier Palmieri

Game Director, Ubisoft

Blair Durkee

Special Consultant for Gaming, GLAAD

Sara DeWitt


Celia Hodent

Game UX Consultant, Independent

Nicholas Fortugno

Co-Founder/CCO, Playmatics

Raul Carvajal (he/him)

Festival Producer, Games for Change

Megan || ReaganEDU

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute

Susanna Pollack

President, Games for Change

Tai King

Clerk, Cleveland Public Library

Jeremy Satyawan Putra

VGC Ambassador, Video Game Clubs of America

Matthew Farber

Assistant Professor, University of Northern Colorado

Eve Crevoshay

Executive Director, Take This

Rhiju Das

Associate Professor, Stanford University

Noah Falstein

President, The Inspiracy

Russell Shilling

Innovation Leader for Science and Technology

Peter Stidwill

Executive Producer, FableVision Studios

Jongho Choi

CEO, Kitten Planet

Gyeonghui Min

Assistant Manager, Mosomice

Katharina Tillmanns

Co-Founder/Research and Development, G4C Europe

Ryan Green

Creative Director / Head of Narrative, Numinous Games

Lakita Edwards

Arts Education Program Specialist, National Endowment for the Arts

Chris Milk

CEO and Co-founder, Within

Amir Bozorgzadeh

CEO, Virtuleap

Jenny Lim

Game Designer & Producer, Gigantic Mechanic

Greg Trefry

Game Designer, Gigantic Mechanic

Ziba Scott

Optimist, Popcannibal

Pamela Martinez

New Mexico State University - Learning Games Lab

Archie Stonehill (He/him)

Investor, Makers Fund

Jasminka Criley

President and CEO, Indelible Learning

Ken Hall

CEO/Creative Director, 2Dogs Games Ltd.

Marie Graham

Director of VR/AR Program, The Mount Vernon School

Colleen Macklin

Associate Professor, The New School

Jenny Xu

CEO, Talofa Games

Winston Matthews

Founder & CEO, Winston Matthews LLC

Martina Welkhoff (she/hers)

Managing Partner, WXR Fund

Vanessa Castañeda Gill

CEO and Co-Founder, Social Cipher

Nichlas Emmons

Program Officer, Indian Land Tenure Foundation

Susan Rivers (she/her)

Executive Director & Chief Scientist, iThrive Games Foundation

Myra LalDin


Emilie Joly

CEO, apelab

Boo Aguilar

Director, Be Earth

Katie Davis

Associate Professor, University of Washington

Kishonna (she/her) Gray

Assistant Professor, University of Illinois - Chicago

Michaela Ternasky-Holland (she/her)

Immersive/Interactive Storyteller

Greg Toppo

Journalist, Paragraph Factory LLC

Joel Benson

Creative Director, VR360 Stories

David Ball (he/him)

Director, SecondMuse - Headstream

Tristin Hightower

Director of Global Chapter and SIG Operations

Luna Ramirez

CTE Teacher, Information Technology HS

Brendon Trombley

Sr. Educational Content Developer, BrainPOP

Koen Victorica

3x Award Winning Game Designer

Jonathan Ogilvy

XR Producer, Little Red Robot

david lobser

3D Artist/Director/XR Developer

Stephanie Harvey

Director of Esports Franchise Development and Outreach, Counter Logic Gaming

Josh Bound

President, Video Game Clubs of America

DJ Moreau (she/her)

Senior Director of Programs and Partnerships, Games for Change

Rene Pinnell

CEO & Designer, Kaleidoscope

Cleveland Public Library

Audiovisual & Event Planning Specialist, Cleveland Public Library

Ryan Wenke

Director of Theater Operations, The Prospector Theater

Peter Seung Taek Lee


Cody Coltharp

Digital Interactive Designer, Smithsonian Institution

Shobhana Gupta

Open Innovation and Community Applications Manager, NASA Headquarters

Ron Goldman

Co-Founder & Chief Simulation Strategist, Kognito

Courtney Cogburn (she/they)

Associate Professor, Columbia University

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Hosted by

Games for Change

Founded in 2004, Games for Change is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that empowers game creators and social innovators to drive real-world impact through games and immersive media.

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Rabbids Coding by Ubisoft teaches players of all ages the basics of coding.

Nuclear Threat Initiative

Hair Trigger: You're the President. Can you avert nuclear war?

Schell Games

Embody History in HistoryMaker VR

GamingMalta Foundation

GamingMalta - Home of Gaming Excellence

The Korea Creative Content Agency

KOCCA introduces Studio Coin, Softzen, and Growing Seeds.

G4C Student Challenge

The leading national impact game design competition for middle/high school students.

Games for Change Latin America

The Latin America chapter of Games for Change

Games for Change Asia-Pacific

The Asia-Pacific chapter of Games for Change

DEV UNLIMIT (Sparky - ChoomChoom)

KOCCA DELEGATION - A game that promotes fitness, creativity and supportive networking.

Growing Seeds


Kitten Planet



KOCCA DELEGATION- Providing both fun and educational effects for the disabled students so that students can be immersed in this job training special educational program


KOCCA DELEGATION- Discussion Program Based on Multi-Participatory VR - ForumVR

Institute of Digital Games - University of Malta

MALTA DELEGATION- Where Play meets Art and Science.


MALTA DELEGATION- Home of Gaming Excellence




G4C CHAPTER- Gravitacional is a Virtual Reality game with puzzles that allows the player to live as Sebastian, a scientist capable of developing gravitational solutions.


G4C CHAPTER- Play-based learning for special education


G4C CHAPTER- 2020 Game Development World Cup

Split Studio

Looking for investors and partners for a narrative-driven game based on the award-winning film "Boy and the World".

The Amazonic

Sounds from the Amazon


The safest way to learn to drive.

Fields of View

Games in Public Policy

RMIT University

Join Bogart Technologies serious game and deal with ethical decisions and consequences. See where your choices lead while earning 5-hours CPD ethics training and RMIT Certificate

Sound Scouts

Sound Scouts, Hear for your Future.


Gamified balance training for rehabilitation and exercise

Atlantic Council's Adrienne Arsht - Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center (AARFRC)

Climate Resilience through Gaming

iThrive Games Foundation

iThrive Sim: Lives in Balance

Sea Monster

Animation and Games that move people

Child's Play Charity

Child’s Play improves the lives of children through the power of play

GameSalad, Inc.

Game Creation For Everyone: Powerful visual programming for mobile & web game development

IJKL Studio

A Prosocial Initiative to Address Loneliness


First-of-its-kind AR game for Instagram


Playable Demos for Immersive Experiences

Arise: A Simple Story

BEST GAMEPLAY - A story of joy and sorrow. A simple story.


BEST GAMEPLAY - A tale of modern dystopia.

Dear Reader

BEST GAMEPLAY - A game of literary wordplay.

Sky: Children of the Light


Concrete Genie

MOST INNOVATIVE - A heartwarming journey about bullied teen, escaping his troubles through art.


MOST INNOVATIVE - Dream Anything, Play Everything!

Sea of Solitude

MOST SIGNIFICANT IMPACT & MOST INNOVATIVE - When humans get too lonely, they turn into monsters.


MOST SIGNIFICANT IMPACT - An engrossing and thoughtful story about technology and humanity.


MOST SIGNIFICANT IMPACT - A slice-of-life visual novel about microaggressions, race, and gender.

Life is Strange 2

MOST SIGNIFICANT IMPACT - Two runaway boys face the hidden sides of America alone.

Funexpected Math

BEST LEARNING GAME - A beautiful adventure that teaches kids to think and love math.

Sci-Ops: Global Defense

BEST LEARNING GAME - An epic science adventure fused with real world applications and STEM career paths.


BEST LEARNING GAME - Building emotional strength through play.

Rabbids Coding

BEST LEARNING GAME - Introducing the basics of coding for all.


BEST STUDENT GAME - A cinematic platformer about changing a plastic-ridden world.


BEST STUDENT GAME - A sci-fi city-builder about the systemic failures of refugee aid.


BEST STUDENT GAME - Live the Apollo moon mission.

Gamer Girl

BEST STUDENT GAME - The life of a Gamer Girl isn't so glamorous.

The Holy City

BEST XR FOR CHANGE - An engaging sensory story of the world's spiritual epicenter.


BEST XR FOR CHANGE - Making friends in space, one nourishment cylinder at a time.

Paper Beast

BEST XR FOR CHANGE - A dreamlike VR odyssey in a surreal wildlife simulation.

Escape to the Future

BEST XR FOR CHANGE - The World's First Digitally Immersive Escape Room for Humanitarian Strategy.

Silence in Paradise

Experience the 360 Aftermath of the Deadliest Fire in Modern U.S. History

Still Here

Still Here is an immersive multimedia project exploring incarceration and gentrification in New York City through the lens of a fictional character named Jasmine Smith who returns to Harlem after 15 years in prison.

Haenyeo VR

Experience the incredible world of the Jeju Haenyeo (Sea women) in VR. Take in the elements from the Haenyeo perspective, and dive with them as they harvest the sea.


Step into Geramy’s world, a scrappy, budding inventor, who is trying to find a better way to commute to school. Based in the Philippines, this story highlights the students that swim or walk far distances to get to school.

Pearls of New York

Bringing Big Ideas Down to Earth

Daughters of Chibok


Run To My Heart

Run To My Heart is a social running game that opens your heart to the world!


Building a VR experience for autistic players

Conscious Inclusion: Race Bias

Experience the world from the perspective of Max, a young black account manager.

Booper, Get Home!

A VR game based on kids drawings


Metropoles is a multiplayer gamified VR experience designed to spark conversation about gentrification and to raise awareness that we all have a voice in the shaping of our communities.

Bizarre Barber

Bizarre Barber is a surreal, fun & fast-moving haircutting game set on a subway platform.

Invite Only VR: a Vaping Prevention Game

VR Teen Vaping Prevention Game

Brush Up on XR


The Choice

Enter the body and mind of a woman considering abortion, and talk to real people who made this choice themselves


A dystopian docu-game based on the Albanian dictatorship


Create new memories before they disappear

Spelunking the Brain

An augmented reality brain surgery educational tool