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Future Series 2020

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· Sessions
ESG and True Impact
With Carlos de Mathias Martins (EQAO), Jacqui Archer (Positive Impact) and Carol Hannud (Studio Mater)
Carol  Hannud Carlos Martins Jacqui Archer
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· Sessions
Diversity for Innovation
Ricardo Dalmaso (Big Tech Counsel), Dominique Ashby ([email protected] Work), Pedro Segreto (Designer), Carol Hannud (Studio Mater) and Leon Nussbaumer (IT Recruiter)
Carol  Hannud Pedro Segreto Dominique Ashby Leon Nussbaumer Ricardo Dalmaso Marques
· Sessions
Case Studies: São Paulo Sustainability Projects
Ricardo Esparta (ZScore), Douglas Tokuno (Waze for Cities), Denize Cavalcanti (Environmental Agency of the State of São Paulo) and André Leal (Block C)
Andre Leal Douglas Tokuno Denize Cavalcanti Ricardo Esparta
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· Sessions
Circular Economy: How do We Transition?
Kofi Adu-Gyamfi (Circular Economy Strategist), Justine Leigh-Bell (Climate Bonds) and Dominique Ashby (Neuro @Work)
Justine  Leigh-Bell Kofi Adu-Gyamfi Dominique Ashby


Justine Leigh-Bell

Deputy CEO Climate Bonds Initiative

Kofi Adu-Gyamfi

Circular Economy & Resource Efficiency Strategist

Andre Leal

Head of Business Development BLOCKC

Douglas Tokuno

Head of Waze Carpool LATAM

Leon Nussbaumer

Tech Recruiter

Jacqui Archer

Chairperson at Positive Impact Commerce Foundation

Carlos Martins

EQAO Founder

Dominique Ashby

Neuro @Work Founder

Pedro Segreto

Designer and Design Sprint Facilitator

Ricardo Esparta

Co-Founder ZCO2

Denize Cavalcanti

São Paulo Sustainability Government Agency Specialist

Ana Pellegrini

Uber Legal Director & Lead of Diversity and Inclusion

Carol Hannud

Studio Mater Founder & Skye Contracts Head of Partner Engagement

Ricardo Dalmaso Marques

Big Tech Counsel

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