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Future Oil & Gas

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Get to know the platform
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Welcoming Speech
With host Adam Soroka, MD, Cavendish Group International and Chair of the Event – Stuart Broadley, CEO, Energy Industries Council
· Stage
Opening Keynote: Shell and (cloud) Technology developments
With Johan Krebbers, VP IT Innovation GM Emerging Digital Technologies,Shell
· Stage
Panel Discussion 1 - Data-driven operations, applications & benefits
Moderated by Satyam Priyadarshy with guests: Kine Johanne Ardal - David Edem - Dr Alister Forder - Alexander Klebanov - Fadhlan Nik Abdul Aziz
· Stage
Case Study - Fadhlan Nik Abdul Aziz, Head of Innovation, PETRONAS
Moderated by Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International
· Expo
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Virtual Networking and Exhibition
· Stage
Panel 2: Digital operations: How will the upstream oil & gas sector be transformed - Chaired by Stuart Broadley
Moderated by Patrick Bangert with guests: Johan Nell - Julian Zec - Botan Osman - Harald Wesenberg - Neil McCrindle
· Stage
Getting your foundations right – Best practices for Operational Data Management in Oil and Gas
With Russell Herbert, Oil and Gas Industry Principal, OSIsoft
· Stage
Panel 3: Understanding the value machine learning generates for the upstream oil & gas sector - Chaired by Stuart Broadley
Moderated by Steffan Lindso with guests: Cetin Karakus - Omar Dubayan - Paul Seccombe - Stuart Scott - Andrea Course
· Networking
Exhibition Zone and Networking Break
Virtual Networking and Exhibition
· Stage
Case Study - Kongsberg Digital, Digital Transormation – A Smart time to Speed up
With Shane McArdle, Vice President Production, Kongsberg Digital
· Stage
Panel 4: Expanding capabilities of automation: Success stories and lessons learned
Moderated by Cetin Karakus with guests: Einar Landre - Jaco Fok - Ron Beck - Neil Pickering
· Stage
Presentation: Transforming the Energy Industry
With Craig Walker, Strategic Advisor in the office of CEO, Salesforce
· Stage
Panel 5: Energy transition as part of the climate change agenda and solution
Moderated by Luca Corradi with guests: Bethan Vasey - Graham Bennett - Philip Black - Jason Olbekson
· Expo
Exhibition Zone and Networking Break
Virtual Networking and Exhibition
· Stage
Case Study - Brendan Sullivan, Chief Information & Chief Technology Officer, RigNet
· Stage
Panel 6: Corporate adaptation and change management
Moderated by Noorddin Taj with guests: Esther Diederen - Steve Johnson - Amar Patel - Elisabetta Purlalli
· Stage
Close of conference - Closing Remarks, Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International
· Stage
Introduction - Stuart Broadley, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Industries Council
· Stage
Keynote Presentation
With Patricia Rangel VP Intelligent Operations, bp
· Stage
Panel 7: Business breakthroughs with digital transformation: Establishing optimal network infrastructure
Moderated by Saeed Mubarak with guests: Francisco Ortigosa - Rolf Einar Sæter - Jan-Willem Jannink - Kaveh Pourteymour
· Stage
The Digital Twin: From Design towards Autonomous Operation
With Ronnie Bains, Director, Process Simulation and Digital Twin, Emerson
· Expo
Exhibition Zone Networking
Virtual Networking and Exhibition
· Stage
Case study - John M. Lervik, Founder and CEO, Cognite
· Stage
Case study by John Glen, Co-Founder and CFO, Spartan Solutions
· Stage
Panel 8: Predictive maintenance tools to maximise efficiencies and reduce downtime – sponsored by Petrofac
Moderated by Marijin Bezuijen with guests: Subrata Bhownik - Harald Wesenberg - Otavio Carneiro - John Glen
· Stage
Case study - Darrell Knight, EVP Global Accounts, FutureOn Corporation
· Stage
Panel 9: Cybersecurity and protection of legacy systems – sponsored by RigNet
Moderated by David Hartell with guests: Keith Frederick - Marcel Kelder - Michael Lewis
· Networking
Networking Session
Virtual Networking and Exhibition
· Stage
Random to the Rescue - Network Coding in Extreme Environments​
With Muriel Medard and Cecil H. Green Professor of EECS, MIT and Chief Scientist and Co- Founder of Steinwurf
· Stage
Panel 10: How an oil price crash accelerates the need for digitalisation – Enabling flexibility in the workforce
Moderated by Xiaojun Huang with guests: Adrian Fielding - Adriana Garcia - Vaseem Khan - Mika Tienhaara
· Stage
Oil & Gas Digital Transformation; Reusable Experiences from Other Industries with a Practical Proposition on How to Move Forward
With Andrei Kalinichev, Director Upstream Oil and Gas, Energy and Materials, Dassault Systemes
· Expo
Exhibition Zone and Networking Break
Virtual Networking and Exhibition
· Stage
Case study - How new Digitally Enabled Remote and Minimum Staffed Operating models are transforming oil and gas operations
With Tony Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, Stepchange Global Ltd
· Sessions
VIP networking (Invite only for oil operators)
Moderated by Dave Hartell, Managing Director, Stellae Energy Ltd
· Stage
Panel 11: Digital Twin: What the integration of AI means for Speed and Accuracy – sponsored by Kongsberg Digital
With Rolf Einar Sæter - Ken Nguyen - Shane McArdle - Rob Kennedy - Mark Brownless
· Stage
Case Study: Accelerating Digital Transformation through Open Source Innovation: Schlumberger, Red Hat, and IBM Hybrid Cloud Partnership
With Sarah Kunz, Global Account Manager, Red Hat and Ian Ambler, DELFI Program Manager
· Stage
Panel 12: Energy transition and digitalisation – Connecting the dots
Moderated by Vaseem Khan with guests: Noorddin Taj - Richard Zhang - Manas Pathak - James Wagstaff
· Stage
Close of conference and closing remarks
Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International with Dave Hartell, Managing Director, Stellae Energy Ltd
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