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Christian  Bärtsch

Founder and CEO, Essento

Kristin Schreiber

Director, Chemicals, Food, Retail, DG GROW European Commission

Isabelle Maurizi

Head, Environment & Sustainability, EuroCommerce

Declan Ferguson


Volker Lammers

Head of Research Platform Process Engineering, DIL

Emmanuel Petel

Policy Coordinator, DG AGRI, European Commission

Jim Laird

CEO and Co-Founder, ENOUGH

Durk Bosma

Founder, Future of Food Institute

Ricard Celorio


Kari Noelken


Emilija Oreščanin


Chloé Dorin


Sasha Cohen Ioannides


Erich Sieber

Founding General Partner, PeakBridge

Adelaide Cracco

Head of Climate & Environmental Impact, EIF

Barbara Mason

Activity Lead, EIT Food’s Professional Education Framework

Benoit Buntinx

Entrepreneurship Director, EIT Food

Paul Adamson

Chairman, Forum Europe

Andrew Voysey

Head of Sales and Carbon, Soil Capital

Francisco Guerreiro

Member, European Parliament

Wictoria Bondesson

Vice Chairwoman of the Copa-Cogeca Working Party on Research and Innovation

Tom Holden

Chief Product Officer, Mondra

Claudio Reinhard

Project Lead, ETH Zurich, Laboratory of Food Biochemistry

Sara Roversi

Founder, Future Food Institute

Paul Finglas

Head of Food Databanks National Capability, Quadram Bioscience Institute

Martine van Weelden

Senior Manager, Capitals Coalition

Lorena Savani

Innovation Programme Manager, EIT Food

Lara Rodriguez

RIS Project Manager, EIT Food

João Santos

Senior Expert, DG for Employment, Social Affairs, and Inclusion, European Commission

Ignace De Nollin

Chief Executive Officer, SmartWithFood

Herman Betten

Senior Director Strategic Partnerships and Engagement, DSM

Giovanni Colombo

Senior Public Affairs Manager, EIT Food

Gerda Verburg

UN Assistant Secretary-General, Coordinator of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement

Emilia Nordlund

Research Manager, VTT

Dirk Jacobs

Deputy Director General, FoodDrinkEurope

Didier Toubia

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Aleph Pharm

Anna Ogar

CEO, Insignes Lab

Andy Zynga


Agnes Kalibata

UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for the 2021 Food Systems Summit

Sirkku Puumala

Farmer, Carbon Action pilot farm

Roberto Conti

R&D Specialist, Caviro

Paola Pittia

Full Professor of Food Science and Technology, University of Teramo

Ilario Ingravallo

Innovation Programme Manager, EIT Food

Martin Scholten

Principal Advisor, Wageningen University & Aarhus University

Janusz Wojciechowski

EU Commissioner for Agriculture, European Commission

Paola Giavedoni

Innovation Director, EIT Food

Olaf van der Veen

Co-founder & CEO, Orbisk

John Edwards

Secretary General, EURASHE

Johan Kristensen Dal

Project Manager, Copenhagen Hospitality College

Jakub Emanuel Malec

Executive Chef, Novotel Warszawa Centrum

Andrew Carlin

Director of Strategic Programmes, EIT Food

Domagoj Vrbos

Team Leader Strategic Communications, EFSA

Caroline Chandler

Senior Consultant, Ipsos

Kyle Welborn

Managing Director, The Yield Lab

Maarten van der Kamp

Education Director, EIT Food

Ondina Afonso

Director of Quality & Research, SONAE MC

Laura Degallaix

Director Environmental Sustainability, FoodDrinkEurope

David Barreiro

Editor in Chief, Eurocarne

Afton Halloran

Independant Consultant

Christer Bredgaard

Owner, II Buco & La Banchina

Ingrid Rigler

Deputy Head of Unit, DG EAC, European Commission

Katarzyna Młynarczyk

Founder of Handelek & Co-founder of Rebread

Ewa Rzeszowska

Project Manager, EIT Food

Saioa Ramos

Senior Researcher, AZTI

Cliona Howie

Chief Executive Director, Foundation Earth

Jennifer Baker

Conference Moderator

Johannes Weber

European Affairs Manager, Nestlé

Miha Pipan

Founder & CSO, Better Origin

Claire Bury

Deputy Director-General in DG Health and Food Safety, European Commission

Dara Nikolova

Finance Advisor, European Investment Bank

Gianluca Brunori

Full Professor of Food Policy, University of Pisa

Saskia Nuijten

Communication Director, EIT Food

Simonetta Manfredi

Professor in Equality and Diversity Management, Oxford Brookes University

Jože Podgoršek

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Slovenia Presidency

Hosted by

EIT Food

Making innovation happen


Day 1 - Session 1 - Welcome and UN Food Systems

UN Food Systems Summit: What’s next for the EU?

Day 1 - Session 2 - From Commitment to Action

From commitment to action: Innovation as a driver for societal impact

Day 1 - Session 3 - Where do we need to be a generation from now?

A conversation with a panel of Generation Z representatives – Where do we need to be a generation from now?

Day 1 - Breakout 1 - Sustainable Food labelling

From many to one: How can we build a harmonised and robust environmental labelling system for food in the EU?

Day 1 - Breakout 2 - Sustainable Agriculture

Soil purpose: Tackling regenerative transition

Day 1 - Breakout 3 - HoReCa

The future of the HoReCa sector: economic, social and environmental sustainability

Day 1 - Breakout 4 - Targeted Nutrition

The future of personalised nutrition: An impactful solution for many?

Day 1 - Breakout 5 - Circular Food Systems

Innovative solutions to build a circular food system

Day 2 - Session 1 - Consumer information

The fine line between accuracy and engagement

Day 2 - Session 2 - Implementing skills agenda

Implementing skills agenda to achieve food system transformation: the future of vocational and professional training in agrifood

Day 2 - Breakout 1 - Bridging the gender gap

Bridging the gender gap: Innovating Innovation in the agrifood sector

Day 2 - Breakout 2 - How skills drive the transformation

How skills drive the transformation of the food system

Day 2 - Session 3 - Investment session

Investing in the future of food to generate impact & EIT Food's Entrepreneurship and investment programme

Day 2 - Session 4 - Protein diversification

Challenges and opportunities to scale-up impactful solutions in Europe