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The Resource Alliance is a charity dedicated to maximising social impact. We serve fundraisers and changemakers across the world through our online Global Community; our in-person conferences and workshops; and through our capacity building programme, Emerge. To find out more and to sign up to the Global Community visit

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Fundraise Up

The premier online fundraising platform for enterprise nonprofits

Untapped potential: Why streaming is the future of fundraising

Matt Smith, Martha Awojobi, Nikki Bell, Thomas Martin, and Rachel Henderson

Conversational Fundraising: Raising money in the next normal

Usha Menon and Chng Rui Jie

The future of community: What digital means for impact and belonging

Daisy O’Reilly-Weinstock

Details Mater: Optimizing for Online Fundraising Success

Patrick Frank

Radical Generosity: What it means for your fundraising

Kathleen Murphey Toms and Nasra Ismail

Writing remarkably: Key skills for high-value fundraisers

Andy King

The major giving digital revolution: From COVID realities to new operating systems

Douglas Tanton, Rachel Knope, Heather Hill and Nancy Bikson

Face(book) the future in 2022: Use the platform to your advantage

Sarah Crowhurst

YouTube to the rescue: Using video to drive donor acquisition

Emily Martin and Ben Kruger

Seeking Synergies: Collaborating with Financial Services

Rina Soni

Community economy for charitable giving: Create momentum by building community

Patrick Schofield, Kyai Mullei and Matt Roberts

Facebook fundraisers: Recruit them and retain them

Danni Adam and David Burns

Community first: The key to conversion, retention, and growth

James Herlihy

Testing top tips: How and why to plan a solid testing programme

Ali Walker Davis

The Greenpeace email success story: How the team quadrupled new monthly email donors

Richard Casson

Crypto Philanthropy 101

Melody Song and Lauren Luz

Support you didn't know you had: The power of instagram for peer-to-peer fundraising

Shane Gillen