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#FRO2021 - Fundraising Online

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Jacques Giraud

Master Coach

Tom Neukirchen

Managing Partner at FundGiver

Ana Paula Möller

Lic. PsicĂłloga ClĂ­nica, B.S. en PsicologĂ­a General

Daniela Maestres

Brand Strategist | Content Creator

Mary O'Kennedy

O'Kennedy Consulting

Judith Walthaus

Trainer at Socialcall

Meredith Dwyer

Director HomeMade Australia

Dan Luton

Director, Success Engagement |

Rene ten Zeldam

Senior Supervisor at Socialcall

Tim Bos

Operations Manager at Socialcall

Martin Gill

Owner, HomeMade Digital Ltd

Liza Gashi

Executive Leader, Innovator, & Entrepreneur

Deborah Salazar Shapiro

Psychotherapist, accredited mindfulness meditation and compassion teacher

Rewati Dhakal

Founder of the Nepal Center for Philanthropy and Development (NCPD)

Rachael White

Digital Marketing Manager at Brain Tumour Research

Matt Smith

THINK Consulting Solutions, Senior Consultant

Joe Trigg

WWF, Senior Online Acquisition Manager

Martin Russell

Advisor at The Networking Institute

Almaz Negash

Executive Director | Founder | Board Director | Speaker

Rajae Boujnah

MENA Hub Coordinator at Innovation for Change

Njambi Wagacha

Regional Hub Manager at Innovation for Change (I4C) - Africa Hub

Sally Falvey

Head of Corporate Go-To-Market at Blackbaud Europe / JustGiving

Jan Uekermann

CEO, Uekermann Fundraising & Communication Consultancy

Iliana Sfeir

Mindfulness Teacher at Yivana

Prerna Aswani

Project Lead at inHive Global

Lineth Jezek

Founder | President at Genuine Compassion

Dan Papworth-Smyth

Head of Digital Engagement at Breast Cancer Now

Athar Abidi

Head of Social Media at British Heart Foundation

Ammina Hamed

Marie Curie, Senior Fundraising Manager

Mike Bailey

Consultant - Fundraising and Impact Investing at The Practical Fundraiser

Melanie Jackson

Founder at Words That Count

Amy Pawluk


Kimberley Blease


Grace Lee

Senior Nonprofit Salesforce Consultant

Laura Croudace

Technology Impact Evangelist

Gwen Beeman

Analyst at The Small Foundation

Gavin Coopey

Director, More Strategic

Michelle Berriman

Executive Director at Fundraising Institute of NZ

Sonya Swiridjuk


Zane Ford

Head Of Digital at Greenpeace Africa

Roxy Mitchell

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Michelle Govender

Head of Individual Fundraising at WWF-SA

Christine Mugo-Sitati

Executive Director: Kenyan Network of Cancer Organizations

Kavya Mohta

Nirantar Trust

Tom Downie

UK Charity Manager, Tiltify

Alyssa Sweetman

Director, Creator Social Impact at Twitch

Sotiris Petropoulos, HIGGS

Co-Founder, HIGGS

Diane Regan

Operations Manager, Kintsugi Hope

Satyendra Srivastava

Founder, The Indian Stammering Association (TISA)

Ashley Thompson

Managing Director, Blackbaud Institute

Victoria Tongue

Head of Futures and Innovation at International Civil Society Centre

Markel R. MĂ©ndez H.

Founder Director at Key Communications for Social Innovation

Nick Scott

Head of Digital, Médecins Sans Frontières Spain

Ruth Wagner

CEO bei One Marketing

Marcus Blease

Co-Founder, Donor Republic

Alfredo Carlo

Designer, Housatonic


Innovation for Change Lead, CIVICUS

Kevin Delaney

Director at Academy Street Workshop

Kaz McGrath

Founder, Starling

Zebedee Stone

Fundraising & Marketing Director at Amnesty International New Zealand

Juan C. Mones Cazon

Head of Global Fundraising Innovation, UNICEF

Kelvin Glen

Executive: Stakeholder Relations at Afrika Tikkun & Director: KhulumaSA

Cherian Koshy

Director of Development, Des Moines Performing Arts

Niduk D'souza

Vice President Strategy & Marketing, Up Fundraising

Ashley Gatewood

Communications & Marketing Director at CFRE International

Ouafa Belgacem

Founder and CEO of Culture Funding Watch

Martin Georgi

Chair, German FR association & Board Member EUConsult

Toni Matas

Director, Persualia

Tawakalit Kareem

Founder, The Butterfly Project

Tara Winter

Manager, Digital Marketing, Blakely

Tamsin Baxter

Director of Development, Vision Foundation

Swatantra Gupta

General Manager Corporate Partnerships & Alliances, Smile Foundation India

Sharon Olang

Livelihoods Programme Coordinator, Kenya Community Development Foundation

saskia van berkel

Acquisition Marketing Manager - UK, International Rescue Committee UK

Rhiannan Sullivan

VP, Strategy & Partnerships, Europe,

Sarah Martha Anyika

Dhamira Moja CBO

Sadie Kempner

‎Marketing Communications Support Officer, Dignity in Dying

Sarah Crowhurst

Digital Consultant, Sarah Crowhurst Consulting Ltd

Rebecca Elcome

Co-Founder, FemMentored

Phil Woollam

Vice President Mass Markets, International Rescue Committee

Natacha Francais

Fundraising Officer (Donor Optimization), UNICEF Brazil

Monica Smith

Centenary Appeal Manager, Vision Foundation

Mo Waja

Fundraising Strategist & Digital Integration Specialist, Blakely

Michael Sabat

Enterprise Account Executive,

Mark Kosmo

Chair of Global Albanians Foundation

Mark Kebo Akparibo

Executive Director, Tele Bere Village Savings and Loan Association

Lilian Kamanzi Mugisha

Communications, Fundraising and Advocacy Manager, Amref Health Africa - Uganda

Liz LeClair

Director, Major Gifts, QEII Foundation

Krizna Gomez

Foresight and Impact Strategist

Kelly Huang

Digital Fundraising Assistant Manager, Greenpeace East Asia

Kathleen Murphy Toms

Director Digital Strategy, GivingTuesday

Jill O'Herlihy

Head of Customer Happiness, GivePanel

Houssam Chahin

Head of Private Sector Partnerships, MENA at UNHCR

Haoyin Wu

Global Fundraising Innovation Consultant, UNICEF

Garrick Liu

Digital Fundraiser, Greenpeace East Asia

Francesco Ambrogetti

Supporter Engagement Lead, UNICEF

Eoghan Beecher

Country Manager UK and Ireland, iRaiser

Eleanor Gibson

Innovation Coach & Consultant

Dr. Ritumbra Manuvie

CEO, The London Story

Clare Sweeney

Digital and Direct Fundraising Consultant, Keepace Consults

Cristina Ordóñez

Latin America and the Caribbean Hub Coordinator at Innovation for Change

Cindy lee

Digital Fundraiser, Greenpeace East Asia

Christian Meyer zu Natrup

Founder and Managing Director of MzN International

Charles Odhiambo

Executive Director, Ujima Foundation

Carolin Gomulia

Consultant at MzN

Carmen Barlow

Head of Communications and Engagement, Amnesty International UK

Brady Josephson

Managing Director, NextAfter

Anne Clark

Senior Strategist at Forward Action

Andrew Taylor-Dawson

Development Manager at Liberty

Charles Kojo Vandyck

Head, Capacity Development Unit at West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI)

Amy Bowers

Challenge Events Fundraising Manager at Bone Cancer Research Trust

Alessandro Iacono

Campaigner, digital/organizing

Amit Nanchahal

Associate Director, Corporate Communications at PepsiCo India

Miriam Wagner Long

CEO & Partner at Agentur Zielgenau GmbH

Herbert Witschnig

Managing Partner at bei proNPO

Natasha Russell

Event Director at Natasha Russell Event Management

Elana Firsht

Online Fundraising Director, Biden for President

Rachel Erskine

Communications Manager, Amref Health Africa - UK

Masana Ndinga-Kanga

Crisis Response Fund Lead, CIVICUS

Leticia Peguero

Vice President, Nathan Cummings Foundation

Kishshana Palmer

Founder + CEO, The Rooted Collaborative + Kishshana & Co.

Kim M Reynolds

Writer & Scholar

Sarah Summers

Co-Creator, Coloured Mentality

Kelly-Eve Koopman

Director & Co-Creator, Coloured Mentality

Julieta RodrĂ­guez Seara

Digital Fundraising Head at Argentina for UNHCR

Jessica Porter

SMS Program Manager, Democratic National Committee

Harriet Kingaby

Co-Chair, The Conscious Advertising Network

Emily Martin

Associate Director of Digital Marketing, International Rescue Committee US

Elizabeth Waichiga

Trust Coordinator at Edumed Trust

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The Resource Alliance

The Resource Alliance is a charity dedicated to maximising social impact. We serve fundraisers and changemakers across the world through our online Global Community; our in-person conferences and workshops; and through our capacity building programme, Emerge. To find out more and to sign up to the Global Community visit

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KEYNOTE: Biden-Harris: The inside story of the record-breaking campaign

Elana Firsht

KEYNOTE: Moments or movements? Driving momentum by building community

Kishshana Palmer (Rooted Collaborative)

KEYNOTE: Mobilising for racial justice: Harnessing new technology

Masana Ndinga-Kanga, Kim M Reynolds, Sarah Summers, & Kelly-Eve Koopman

KEYNOTE: Don't let it happen, make it happen: Engineering the future you want

Krizna Gomez

Streaming for fundraising: More than just gaming

Alyssa Sweetman (Twitch) and Tom Downie (Tiltify)

TikTok for nonprofits: Joining Gen Z on the world’s fastest-growing social media platform

Kathleen Murphy (Giving Tuesday)

Conquering the digital divide: How grassroots changemakers are bridging the gap

Charles Kojo Vandyck, Dr Satyendra K Srivastava, Tawakalit Kareem, Mark Kebo Akparibo, Tony Mashao Seaka, & Mayara Brilhante

Level up your legacy: Using digital tools to foresee future legacy supporters

Clare Sweeney

Reducing friction and streamlining your online giving

Brady Josephson (NextAfter) & Marcus Blease (Donor Republic)

Inclusivity is not a choice: Integrating justice, diversity, and community into your fundraising

Niduk D’Souza, Cherian Koshy, Liz LeClair & Leticia Peguero

The use of technology in Islamic Philanthropy: The first official UN Zakat mobile app

Houssam Chahin (MENA at UNHCR)

Breaking the rules: Digital fundraising during a pandemic

Rhiannan Sullivan ( & Andrew Taylor Dawson (Liberty)

Fundraising, inclusion, & accessibility for virtual events

Tamsin Baxter, Natasha Russell & Monica Smith (Vision Foundation)

The chatbot will see you now: MSF Spain;s innovative COVID-19 response

Nick Scott (Médecins Sans Frontières) & Toni Matas (Persualia)

Solidarity and Empowerment: Digital organising for mutual aid groups during COVID-19

Alessandro Iacono

Breaking the ice (bucket): Changing the game with Facebook challenge events

Jill O'Herlihy & Amy Bowers

Centring the authentic voice: Best practices for digital storytelling

Rachel Erskine & Lillian Kamanzi Mugisha

Value beyond fundraising: Recruiting volunteers in the Zoom Age

Anne Clark & Sadie Kempner

Change is coming: What iOS14 means for Facebook ads

Sarah Crowhurst

Heartwork: Cause meets corporate on India’s front line

Swatantra Gupta & Amit Nachahal

COVID can’t stop us: Smash targets with a flexible, digital-first approach

Phil Woolaman. Saskia Van Berkel & Emily Martin

The Kenya Case: The digital mobilisation of grassroots resources

Sharon Olang, Sarah Martha Anyika, Charles Odhiambo, & Elizabeth Waichiga

Hooked on a feeling: Transforming emotions into memorable donor experiences

Natacha Francais & Francesco Ambrogetti

Blog Perfect: The write way to fundraise

Kelly Huang, Cindy Lee & Garrick Ka Wai Liu

Instant connection: SMS & WhatsApp campaigns

Michael Sabat & Jessica Porter

Digital Fundraising 101: Building your digital house starts with infrastructure

Mo Waja and Tara Winter

Convert more traffic; Raise more money. The optimisation workshop

Meredith Dwyer & Martin Gill

The disinformation debate: ethics & conscious advertising

Harriet Kingaby (CAN) & Dr Ritumbra Manuvie (The London Story)

To give or not to give: Page optimisation for donation completion

Eoghan Beecher (iRaiser)

The only way is up: Building an omnichannel engagement strategy from scratch

Julieta RodrĂ­guez Seara (UNHCR)

Principles, not tools: How agile ways of working can revolutionise results

Carmen Barlow (Amnesty International) & Eleanor Gibson (coach)

The great reset: What recent trends tell us about the road ahead

Ashley Thompson