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frame:work june 2020

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Matthew Ward

Chief Technologist at WorldStage

Matthew Ragan

Media Maker and Interactive System Designer

Rodd McLaughlin

Screens Producer & Technologist

Rob Jalil

CEO and Co-Founder Toy Robot Media LLC

Peter Nigrini

Projection Designer

troy fujimura

Lighting & Video Programming Specialist

Sharon Huizinga

Lighting Designer, Programmer and Educator

JT Rooney

Screen Producer, Silent Partner Studios

Laura Frank

Producer & Author

Nick Rivero

CTO & Co-Founder of MEPTIK

Philip Galler

Co-founder and Co-CEO of Lux Machina

Ash Nehru

Founder, disguise

Sarah Cox

VP of Sales, Notch

Patrick Wambold

Technical Account Manager, Epic Games

Nils Porrmann

head of creative workflows

Drew Findley

Screens Producer and Content Designer @ DF Productions

soren west

executive producer

nick fletcher

Founder, Ignition

Benjamin Nicholson

Educator/Creative Producer

Dirk Sanders


Finn Ross

Founder & CD, FRAY Studios

Cory FitzGerald

Senior Partner at Silent House Productions

Trevor Burk

Executive Creative Director, Visual Noise Creative

Kerstin Hovland

Co-Founder, Electronic Countermeasures

Luke Malcolm

Founder @ Notch

Zach Alexander

Co-CEO, Lux Machina Consulting

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