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Liz Neeley

Principal, Liminal Creations

Jack O'Meara

Co-Founder & CEO, Ochre Bio

Reshma Shetty

Co-founder, Ginkgo Bioworks

Tony Kulesa

Co-founder & Partner, Petri

Nabiha Saklayen

Co-founder & CEO, Cellino

Alec Nielsen

Founder & CEO, Asimov

Jen Nwankwo

Founder & CEO, 1910 Genetics

Jake Becraft

Co-founder & CEO, Strand Therapeutics

Mariana Matus

Co-founder & CEO, Biobot Analytics

Bernat Olle

CEO, Vedanta

Lex Rovner

Co-founder & CEO, 64x Bio

Jamie Goldstein

Founder + Partner, Pillar VC

Celine Halioua

Founder & CEO, Loyal

Luciano Bueno

Founder and CEO, GALY

Gleb Kuznetsov

Co-Founder and CEO, Manifold Bio

Mike Dunkley

Senior Vice President, Bioinnovation at Cambridge Consultants

Bethany Grant

Head of R&D, Kytopen

Tracy Kambara

Senior Scientist | Head of Molecular Biology at CATALOG

Erini Svokos

Partner, Technology & Life Sciences, Goodwin

Yasin Akbari

Associate, Business Law Department, Goodwin

David Edelson

Biotechnology Practice Leader, TriNet

Alice Zhang

CEO + Co-founder, Verge Genomics

David Harburger

Life Sciences Patent Attorney, Greenberg Traurig

Sean McClain

Founder & CEO, Absci

Jen Keane

Co-Founder + CEO, Modern Synthesis

Maricel Saenz

Founder & CEO at Compound Foods

Josh Moser

Venture Partner, Petri

Mark Smith

CEO, Finch Therapeutics Group

Ashley Zehnder

Co-founder and CEO, Fauna Bio,

Joshua Schiffman

CEO & Co-Founder, PEEL Therapeutics, Inc.

Virginia Burger

Co-Founder and CEO, New Equilibrium Biosciences

Surge Biswas

Co-founder & CEO, Nabla Bio

Mimoun Cadosch Delmar

CEO & Founder, Matterworks

Tim Shieh

Kate Kozak

National Industry Director, Life Sciences, TriNet

Johannes Fruehauf

Co-founder and President at LabCentral

Joy Srinivas-Vargas

Laboratory Operations Manager, Nest. Bio Labs

Jill Kirchdorfer

Executive Director, Laboratory Operations, Alexandria LaunchLabs

Gabrielle Wood

Senior Operations Coordinator - Alexandria LaunchLabs at Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.

Sam Crum

Membership Growth Manager, Greentown Labs

Seemay Chou

Co-founder + CEO, Arcadia Science

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