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Nathaniel Chu

Co-founder & CEO, Tezza

Jen Keane

Co-founder & CEO, Modern Synthesis

Kevin Parker

Co-founder & CEO, Cartography

Josh Mandel-Brehm

CEO, Camp4 Therapeutics

Isaac Stoner

Co-founder & CEO, Octagon Therapeutics

Lada Nuzhna

Director, Impetus Grants

Josie Kishi

Co-founder & CEO, Stealth

Lex Rovner

Co-founder & CEO, 64x Bio

Emily Leproust

Co-founder & CEO, Twist Bioscience

Alfredo Andere

Co-founder & CEO, Latch Bio

Raman Talwar

Co-founder & CEO, Gate Bioscience

Seemay Chou

Co-founder & CEO, Arcadia Science

Andy Heron

Co-founder & CEO, Portal Biotech

Alok Tayi

Founder & CEO, Vibe Bio

Anastasia Gamick

Co-founder & COO, Convergent Research

Elizabeth Ruzzo

Founder, adyn

Alec Nielsen

Founder & CEO, Asmiov

Jacob Borrajo

Founder & CEO, Amber Bio

Luciano Bueno

Co-founder & CEO, GALY

Maricel Saenz

Founder & CEO, Compound Foods

Mimoun Cadosch Delmar

Founder & CEO, Matterworks

Lizzie Hudson

CTO, Omega Funds

Andy Beck

Co-founder & CEO, PathAI

Judy Savitskaya

Stealth, a16z

Jasmin Hume

Founder & CEO, Shiru

Ivana Vasic

PhD Student, UCSF/UC Berkeley

Alex Wolf

Co-founder & CEO, Lamin Labs

Miriam Huntley

Co-founder & CTO, Day Zero Diagnostics

Jake Becraft

Co-founder & CEO, Strand Therapeutics

Kevin Eisenfrats

Co-founder & CEO, Contraline

Piraye Beim

Founder and CEO, Celmatix

Sri Kosuri

Co-founder & CEO, Octant

Chris Gibson

Co-founder and CEO at Recursion

Tony Kulesa


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