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Formlabs User Summit 2021

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Chris Haid

Hardware Product Manager, Formlabs

Kyle McNulty

Hardware Product Manager, Formlabs

Jonathan Henry

Faculty Member, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA

CAPT Brad Baker

MakerSpace Lab Director, USNA

Laura J Gilmour

Medical Additive Manufacturing & Regulatory Strategy Consultant, VHA, Advanced Manufacturing

Nell Campbell

UKIE Country Marketing Manager & EMEA Programs

Jakob Dobberow

Pro Services Trainer

Laura J Gilmour

Medical Additive Manufacturing & Regulatory Strategy Consultant, VHA

Meghan Jones

Customer Support Specialist, Formlabs

Dirk Strubbe

Dental Sales Director, Formlabs

Sam Wainwright

Dental Product Manager, Formlabs

Georgio Haddad

Dental Strategic Partnerships Lead, Formlabs

Dr. Yurdanur Uçar

Professor, Prosthetic Dentistry

Edmund Keefe

Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

Juliette Combe

Application Engineer at Formlabs

Adam Hourigan

Technical Sales Engineer at Formlabs

Andrew Balboni

Services Engineer, Formlabs

Jason Fullmer

COO, Formlabs

Mark Chester

Product Development Specialist, PrintCity

Kim Olson

Mechanical Design Instructor

Rob Laizure Jr

CEO, FullContour by 3Shape

Quincy Vadan

Owner, Vadan LLC

Oliver Hill

General Manager, xDEPOT GmbH

Noel Blaettler


Niro Ariyaratne

Business Development Manager, Medairum Pte Ltd

Lonni J Thompson CDT

Founder/President, Image Gallery

Ehsan Farooghi

BIM Manager, Urbanmakers

Kelsey David Treloar

Director, Southern Ocean Subsea PTY LTD

Julian Callanan

Managing Director, Sinterex

Jan Wolff

Professor, University of Aarhus

James Austin

Lead Mechanical Engineer, Psyonic

Jaco Snyman

Prosthetic Makeup Designer, Dreamsmith Studio

Dr. Hisham Sabbagh

Fachzahnarzt für Kieferorthopädie, LMU München

Florian De Boeck

Co-founder and Head of Products, Spentys

Einar Heiberg

CTO and Founder, Medviso AB

Dr. James Mackenzie

Dentist & Institute Director, London Dental Institute

Dmitry Vasilev

Co-Founder and CBDO of Karfidov Lab, LLC

David Zopf

Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Iain Mcleod

CEO, Hearables3D

Dr. Franca von Dörnberg

Fachzahnärztin für Kieferorthopädie, MUNICH ORTHODONTICS

Chris Hinds CDT

Manager of Digital Design, Image Gallery CDL

Victor Pharipou

Mechanical Engineer, ACED France

Mimmo Castellana

Dental Technician, SmileLine Allineatori Invisibili

Bruno Schillinger

Lead Industrial Designer, Kano Computing

Anthony Barnicott

AM Lead & Design Engineer, Vital Auto

Andrea Pirazzini

CEO & Founder, Help3D

Jeff Boehm

Chief Marketing Officer, Formlabs

Natalya Nurieva

Doctor of Medical sciences (PhD), South Ural State Medical University

Myke Overstreet

CEO, TensionSquare, LLC

Michael Kononsky

Co-founder and Head of Design and Manufacturing, Plaato Technologies

Konrad Job

Podiatrist/Project Manager, PodCAM Supplies

Matthias Krabel

Managing Director, Makra Pro

Matthew Jorgensen

Toxicologist and Materials Scientist, Nelson Labs

Matthew J Mikosz

Founder and CEO of Partial Hand Solutions, Partial Hand Solutions

Marco Moschino

Bioengineer, UpSurgeOn

Manfred Ostermeier

Head of AM, Modelltechnik Rapid Prototyping GmbH

Prashanth Ravi

Assistant Professor of Radiology, University of Cincinnati

Sam Rogers

Design Lead & Test Pilot, Gravity

Sam Gribben

Managing Director, SGD 3D

Ryan Milne and Steve Balfour

Facility Manager / Mechanical Engineer, Sea Mammal Research Unit, University of St. Andrews

Dr. Rory Boyd

Prosthodontist, The Belfield Clinic / Dublin Dental University Hospital

Roland Lim

Biomedical Design Technologist, National University Centre for Oral Health, Singapore

Sarah Boisvert

Founder, New Collar Network

Shay Moradi

VP of Innovation and Experiential Technology, Vital Auto

Dr. Sompop Bencharit

Director of Clinical Research, Virginia Commonwealth University

Stéphane Rodrigues

Project Manager, Additive manufacturing, Polyvia

Todd Goldstein

Director, 3D Design and Innovation, Northwell Health

Lindsey Zindroski

CEO, SNL Creative Inc.

Paul Gaboury

Lead Product Development Manager, Pixologic Inc

Peter Deppe

Co-Founder & CEO, KUHMUTE

Sam Gribben

Managing Director - SGD3D

Dmitry Vasilev

Co-Founder and CBDO of Karfidov Lab, LLC - Product Design and Development company

Michael Kononsky

Co-founder and Head of Design and Manufacturing - Plaato Technologies

Steve Balfour

Sea Mammal Research Unit, University of St. Andrews

Ryan Milne

Sea Mammal Research Unit, University of St. Andrews

Shay Moradi

VP of Innovation and Experiential Technology - Vital Auto

David Finlay

Lecturer, City of Glasgow College

Juan Noguera

Chair, Product Design BFA, Maryland Institute College of Art

Daniel Bel

Art Director & Digital Sculptor, Sideshow Collectibles

James A Powell

Founder and VP, Monster City Studios

Dr. Summer J. Decker

Director of 3D Clinical Applications, USF Health

Cyrille Lecroq

CEO, WeMed

Veronica Crisafulli

CEO and Co-Founder, Trilly Shoes

Cristian Fracassi


William Mike Karlin

Assistant Professor of Small Animal Orthopedics, Tufts University

Christian Petropolis

Shared Health Manitoba

C. Mei-An Tsu

Associate Objects Conservator, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Bryan Bartley

Scientist, Raytheon BBN

Bill Oxley

Founder and Director, Vet3D

Benoit Lebrun

Sales Director, TechMed 3D

Antonino Cacioppo, DDs, PhD

Visiting professor, University of Catania

Andrew Kanawati

Orthopaedic and Spine Surgeon, Westmead Hospital

Amy Alexander

Unit Head, Biomechanical Development and Applied Computational Engineering, Mayo Clinic

Alexis Dang

Orthopaedic Surgeon, UCSF

Stefan Hollaender

Managing Director EMEA, Formlabs

Luke Winston

Chief Business Officer, Formlabs

Dávid Lakatos

Chief Product Officer, Formlabs

Dr. Mayra Vasques

Founder, iNNOv3D

Mr Sagar Parekh

Business Head, Imaginarium Life

Dr.Taral Nagda

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, Imaginarium Life,

Mauro Del Santo

Design Lab Manager, IED Istituto Europeo di Design spa

Tom Rish

Manager: Medical Device Gurus, Greenlight Guru

Martin Carcaño

Sr. Product Manager de Medical Devices en Granta

Gabriele Altamore

Titolare, Gold System

Gräser Matthias

Professor, Fraunhofer Research Institution for Individualized and Cell-centered Medical Engineering

Maxim Lobovsky

Co-Founder, Formlabs

David Lakatos

Product Lead, Formlabs

Kathy Bui

Engineering Vertical Lead, Formlabs

Gaurav Manchanda

Medical Market Development, Formlabs

Dr. Elisa Praderi

Clinical Protocols & KOL Manager, Formlabs

Eliza Margolin

Dental Marketing Manager, Formlabs

Sam Murray

Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance, Formlabs

Zeynep Gonen

Master dental technician, Flora dental lab

Flavio Paradiso

3D jewelry Designer, Flavio Paradiso

Felix Hilken

Composites Expert, FaSTTUBe

Niklas Werner

Technical Manager, FaSTTUBe

Genevieve Lee

Additive Manufacturing Engineer, Fast Radius

Alex Drew

Sr. Engineer, Advanced Technologies, DJO Surgical

George Cabanas

R&D Manager, Digital Smile Design

Thomas Joffre

Program manager: Additive Manufacturing, CT-IPC

Andrew Lowe

Design Director, Cortex Designs Inc.

Dylan Horvath

CEO and Founder, Cortex Design Inc

Samuel Guigo

Head Chief of 3D Printing, Cavale Blanche Hospital

Dr. Tom Shannon

Orthodontist and Co-Founder, Braces On Demand

Greg van der Meulen

Director of R&D, BioMedtrix

Edoardo Trombini

Product Designer, Bertone Design

Dr. Michael Braian

DDS CDT PhD, Baltzar dental clinic

Dan Crawford

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Axial3D

Callum McNamara

Engineering Project Officer, Australian Institute of Sport

Christophe Nord

Innovation project leader, ARaymond Fluid Connection France

Arjen Sundman

President, Amfit Inc.

Patricia Mitchell

Digital Specialist, Alvetro Orthodontics

Dr. Lisa Alvetro

Orthodontist, Alvetro Orthodontics

Will Hilgenberg

Founder, Albatross Bikes

Conrad J Rensburg

President and CEO, Absolute Dental Lab

Henry Pinchbeck

CEO, 3D LifePrints

Pierre Urbanek

CEO, 3D Akademie

Ya'ara Keydar

Fashion Historian and Curator

Paloma Gonzalez-Rojas

CEO, The New Materials

Analisa Russo

User Applications Manager, Formlabs

Kat Ermant

Prototype Lab Lead, Peloton

Dr. Christian Coachman

Founder and CEO of Digital Smile Design

Tomer Emmar

Rapid Prototyping Manager, Tapestry

Christina Perla

CEO, MakeLab

Martin Carcaño

Gerente sénior de producto - Dispositivos médicos at Granta

Lorena Ramirez

Co-fundadora y Chief Commercial Officer en Prothesia

Francisco J. Valencia-Valdespino

CEO de Prothesia

Matias Ezequiel Biancucci

CEO y Co-fundador de Mirai3D

Dr. Marcelo Pérez Giugovaz

Especialista en Odontología Digital en Capacitación Pérez Giugovaz

Rodrigo Cuneo

Diseñador de productos en Albano Cozzuol SA

Max Lobovsky

Co-Founder & CEO, Formlabs

Grace Tan-Wang

Chief Systems Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Diana Verdugo

P+C lead

Formlabs - Dan Kirchgessner

Formlabs Community Manager

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