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Chris Ryan

Director General - Pacific, NRC-IRAP

Gavin Pitchford

CEO & Founder, Delta Management Group

Roch Ripley

Partner, Gowling WLG

Honourable Francois-Philippe Champagne

Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

Jason Switzer

VP, Growth & Capital, Foresight

Jeanette Jackson

CEO, Foresight

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Foresight Canada

Foresight accelerates the growth and impact of cleantech ecosystems across Canada. We have supported 750+ ventures in our Kickstart, Launch, Deliver, and Grow programs, and 150+ industry partners through our industry, capital, and export programs. Foresight’s expertise has helped secure $800 million in capital, $300+ million revenues and 6,600+ high-paying jobs with an economic impact of over $1 billion. Our domestic and international engagement includes collaboration with 2,000+ stakeholders and partners. We have a strong history of strategy, ecosystem mapping, and partnership building that positions Canada as a global leader in cleantech innovation.

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Foresight Canada

Cleantech Innovation Starts Here

2S Water Incorporated

Real time metal detection and quantification in water.


Data-Driven Emissions Management


The Digital Energy Platform

Bioform Techologies

Bioform is a forward thinking company focused on building products and solutions that advance a more sustainable future

Biome Renewables

Evolved Design

BrainBox AI

Optimizing the built environment globally via the application of autonomous AI to commercial HVAC systems

Carbon Upcycling Technologies

Using the waste of today to build a better tomorrow


Creating a new class of chemistry to accelerate the transition to water recycling.

CERT Systems Inc

Transforming CO2 emissions into valuable chemicals

Circular Rubber Technologies Inc

Bringing the smart to circular and turning the world's waste streams into value

CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies Inc.

CleanO2 sequesters carbon emissions within environmentally products, accelerating the transition to a circular lifestyle.

Drishya AI Labs Inc.

Making Energy Intelligent & Clean though AI for the Digital Oil Field.

Eavor Technologies Inc.


Ekona Power Inc.

Ekona is unlocking the power of clean hydrogen.

Evoco Limited

Powered by Nature


Providing long-duration energy storage to enable access to affordable, clean and reliable energy for all

Flash Forest

Automating reforestation to save our environment.

FREDsense Technologies

Building Better Biosensors

Future Fields

Future Fields makes the most sustainable recombinant proteins on the planet.

G2V Optics

Smart light for solar, aerospace, and indoor farming.

GHGSat Inc.

We use our own satellites to monitor greenhouse gas emissions

GRT Holdings Ltd.

GRT is a BC-based resource regeneration company focused on creating useful construction aggregates from unwanted excess soil and dredgeate.

Graphite Innovation and Technologies (GIT)

Developing the world's most sustainable marine coatings to help reduce fuel consumption and GHG emissions for the maritime transportation sector


Fueling the Drive to Hydrogen

Hydra Energy Canada Corp

Real Hydrogen Now

Ionomr Innovations Inc.

The Source For Ion-Exchange Solutions

Katal Energy Inc.

A Path to Cleaner Air

Manifest Climate

Manifest Climate Inc.’s SaaS (software as a service) platform brings clarity, efficiency and knowledge to organizations.

Novamera Inc

Precise , Innovative, Sustainable Mining Technology- Sustainable Mining by Drilling

Oneka Technologies

Wave-powered Sustainable Desalination

Open Ocean Robotics

Understanding Oceans, Sustainably

Peak Power

Peak Power enables contributors to climate change to be part of the solution, and unlock value while doing so.


Powering Waste And Recycling Optimization Through Technology

Planetary Hydrogen

Taking carbon out of the sky while producing clean fuel

Portable Electric

Electric Generators


High performance homes on a budget

Proton Technologies Canada Inc.

Hydrogen. Lowest cost, below net zero, vast.

Rotoliptic Technologies

Reduce cost. Enhance efficiency. Extend life.

SensorUp Inc.

Predictive digital nervous system for complex operations

Solaires Entreprises Inc.

Innovating photovoltaic solutions for a cleaner world

Summit Nanotech Corporation

Lithium for a clean energy future.

Svante Inc

Capturing Carbon Economically, Today


A new Form of Filtration


EV Charging Where You Need It Most

Technologies Ecofixe inc

The ECOFIXE and BIOFIXE are two high-performance, cost-effective and modular solutions designed to increase the capacity of wastewater treatment plants.

Total Containment Inc.

The Envirolock System solves issues facing pipelines by mitigating the impact a pipeline can have on the environment.


Customize water and nutrient delivery for every plant.

Westgen Technologies Inc

Powering the Evolution to Zero-Emission Well Sites

ZILA Works

ZILA Works is developing a new industrial bio-plastic so that product manufacturers can lower their carbon footprint.

ZS2 Technologies

Construction Solutions to Meet the Standards You Deserve with the Future in Mind