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Food Waste Insights + Innovation Forum

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Anne Greven

Head of Innovation, Rabobank

Angel Veza

Capital, Innovation, & Engagement, Senior Manager, ReFED

Dana Gunders

Executive Director, ReFED

Julien Barber

Manager - Sustainability Strategy, The Wonderful Company

Christine Moseley

Founder, Full Harvest

Ryan Pintado-Vertner

Founder, SmokeTown

Alejandro Enamorado

Capital & Innovation Manager at ReFED

Stefan Kalb

CEO, ShelfEngine

priyanka malhotra

Senior Brand Manager, Hellmann's

Jenn Marston

The Spoon

Aidan Mouat

CEO, Hazel Technologies

Myra Arshad


Manik Suri

CEO, Therma

Joe Blunda

CEO, Forager

Jason Graham-Nye

CEO, Mealpass

Amanda Sonenberg

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Shelf Engine

Alison Mountford

Founder, Ends & Stems

Alex Behar

Vice President at Cultivian Sandbox Ventures

Andrew Hoeft

CEO, Pinpoint Software

Matthew Walker

Managing Director, S2G Ventures

Peter van Stolk

CEO, Freshlocal Solutions

Are Traasdahl

Founder & CEO, Crisp

Katherine Sizov

CEO, Strella Biotech

Ricky Ashenfelter

CEO, Spoiler Alert

Sunny Reelhorn Parr

Executive Director, Kroger Zero Waste Foundation

Michael Kasimatis

Founder, BlakBear

Daniel Kurzrock


Alexandria Coari

VP, Capital, Innovation, & Engagement - ReFED

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The Spoon

The leading media and events site following the food tech revolution.

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Speed to Market + Low CAPEX + Profitable


Food freshness in real time


Easy Meal Plans to Reduce Food Waste


Stop Guessing, Start Sensing


On a mission to make locally-sourced food available to all


Eat Up!


Enabling restaurants to directly feed those in need in their community and reduce food waste


Be Data Ready

Shelf Engine

Reducing food waste through automation

Hazel Technologies, Inc.

Fight Food Waste with Hazel


Biodegradable and carbon neutral textiles engineered from food waste

Date Check Pro

Expiration Date Management Now Has an ROI

Strella Biotech

Data driven insights designed for the food supply chain