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Sergi Tarragona

Founder & CEO, Cloudworks

Bruno Rambaldi

Co-Founder & Partner, Westhive AG

Erin Maxson

Head of Marketing, COHatch

Mark Gilbreath

CEO & Founder, LiquidSpace

Suzan Dixon

Head of Workplace: Europe and Americas, Standard Chartered Bank

Ivan Guberkov

VP of Sales, OfficeRnD

Michael Everts

Product Marketing Manager, OfficeRnD

Miryana Stancheva

Customer Success Manager, OfficeRnD

Viliyana Mutafova

Customer Success Manager, OfficeRnD

Hector Kolonas

Co-Founder, Syncaroo

Michael Abrams

Advisor and Consultant, Flexspace Advisors

Ginger Dhaliwal

Co-Founder & CPO, Upflex

Ben Munn

Managing Director, JLL Flex

Miroslav Miroslavov

CEO, OfficeRnD

Melissa Ansley

Head of Occupier Solutions, JLL Flex

Jamie Russo

CEO, Everything Coworking

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OfficeRnD provides software solutions that power flexible working. We help flex space operators, landlords, property management companies and workplace teams manage flexible workspaces.


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