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Fiverr Presents: The Shift

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· Stage
Welcome Remarks with Micha Kaufman
Micha Kaufman Beth Wiesendanger
· Stage
The Future of Design
Duncan Bird Sally Woellner Zack Onisko Chris Winn Flo Lau
· Sessions
Remote Community Building
Beth Mcintyre (CMX/Bevy) Joe Glover Traci Cappiello Sofía Rodríguez Mata Marcie Walker
· Stage
Covid19 and Beyond (How Businesses Adapt)
Mat Hunter Lexie Komisar Marcus King Russ Shaw
· Sessions
Remote Workers Rights
Rafael Espinal Chloe Jepps Brent Messenger
· Stage
The Faces of Creativity in 2020 (Diversity in Creativity)
Martha Boudreau John "JP" Petty, III Shayne Thomas Beth Wiesendanger
· Sessions
Design Forward Thinking
James Greenfield Duncan Bird
· Stage
Differentiating Your Brand in a Digital World
Lior Bash Nina Zilka Hermione Way Benjamin Witte Beth Wiesendanger
· Sessions
Business Failure 101
Sam Laliberte Marsha Druker Marcie Walker
· Sessions
Work/Life Balance
Marvyn Harrison Brandon Johnson Natalie swil
· Stage
Preparing for Tomorrow - The Economy in a Post-Covid World
Scott Steinberg Arun Thangavel Richard Cristina Beth Wiesendanger
· Sessions
Creating Diversity While Working Remotely - Why Diversity Matters in Digital Space
Kashish Parikh-Chopra Yai Vargas Sereena Abbassi Marcie Walker
· Stage
Effective Email Marketing
Myles Kleeger Gali Arnon
· Sessions
Connection in the Time of Covid
Brent Messenger
· Stage
Covid19 & the Future of Creativity & Accessibility
Samir Lakhani Joe Ammon Beth Wiesendanger
· Sessions
Marketing your Brand Online
Emily Singer @JuntaeDeLane << Carlos Vazquez Adam Winograd
· Sessions
Building a Brand w/Social Influencer Marketing
MARIE Leggette Cameron Schiller
· Sessions
Making an Impactful Video
Topaz Adizes Fergus Waveforms Adam Winograd
· Stage
The Political Landscape Post Covid19, with Andrew Yang
Andrew Yang Brent Messenger
· Stage
Ending Remarks
Beth Wiesendanger


Samir Lakhani

Founder of EcoSoap Bank

Joe Ammon

Founder and CEO of Clove

Beth Mcintyre (CMX/Bevy)

Head of CMX Connect

Topaz Adizes

Founder and CEO of the Skin Deep

Lior Bash

Editor X Head of Marketing

Joe Glover

Founder of the Marketing Meetup

Traci Cappiello

Community Manager at Google

Sofía Rodríguez Mata

Manager for Salesforce’s Trailblazer Community

Emily Singer

Founder of the Chips & Dip Newsletter

Sam Laliberte

Founder of Freedom Lifestyle

@JuntaeDeLane <<

Founder of the Digital Branding Institute and CEO of Digital Delane

Kashish Parikh-Chopra

Motivational Speaker & Mindset Coach, the Rebel Genius

Carlos Vazquez

Founder of Miami Marketing

Marsha Druker

Founder of Fuckup Nights Toronto

Fergus Waveforms

Video Director at Buzzfeed

Marvyn Harrison

Founder of Dope Black Dads

Rafael Espinal

Executive Director of the Freelancers Union

Mat Hunter

Co-CEO of Plus X Space

Natalie swil

Organisational Development Consultant at YSA (

Brandon Johnson

Fiverr Pro Seller

Myles Kleeger

President and Chief Customer Officer at Braze

James Greenfield

Creative Director and Founder at Koto

Nina Zilka

Co-Founder & CEO, Alder New York

Chloe Jepps

Head of Research at IPSE

Yai Vargas

Founder of the Latinista

Hermione Way

CMO, Sportside

Micha Kaufman

CEO & Co-Founder, Fiverr

Scott Steinberg

Futurist & Best-Selling Author

Martha Boudreau


Andrew Yang

Founder of Humanity Forward and former US Presidential Candidate

Sereena Abbassi

Head of Diversity at Saatchi and Saatchi Global, UK

John "JP" Petty, III

Head of Social Strategy, Wieden & Kennedy

MARIE Leggette

Creator of the Curvy Fashionista and Executive Producer of TCF Style Expo

Gali Arnon

CMO, Fiverr

Benjamin Witte

Founder and CEO of Recess

Arun Thangavel

Startup Designer @ Founders Factory

Shayne Thomas

Chief Content Officer, Le Bon Vivant Media; Board of Directors / Marketing Lead, LA Pride

Richard Cristina

Director & Founder @ The Founder Institute

Lexie Komisar

Global Head of Startup Ecosystems & Partner Platforms at IBM

Duncan Bird

Duncan Bird, VP of Brand & Digital at Fiverr

Matt Jensen

Digital Community Manager

Russ Shaw

Founder Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates

Beth Wiesendanger

Senior Community Programs Manager, Fiverr

Brent Messenger

VP Community & Public Policy at Fiverr

Marcus King

Strategic Partnerships & Community Engagement, Fiverr

Cameron Schiller

Director of Influencer Marketing, Fiverr

Adam Winograd

Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Fiverr

Marcie Walker

Community Mobilization Manager, Fiverr

Flo Lau

Creative Director of Shutterstock

Chris Winn

CEO of Creative Market

Zack Onisko

CEO at Dribble

Sally Woellner

Design Lead and Product Designer Canva

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Fiverr's mission is to change how the world works together.



Fiverr's mission is to change how the world works together.

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