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Lee Raj

TPM for Forest, ChainSafe Systems

Ishan Negi

Lead - NFT/gaming, Polygon

Alex Shevchenko

CEO, Aurora

Nolan Bauerle


Bradley Kam

Co-Founder, Unstoppable Domains,

Brady Gentile

Product Marketing, Hedera Hashgraph

Thomas Chardin

Co-Founder and CTO, Myel

Alexander Camuto

CEO, Myel

Isaac Kato

Managing Director, Filecoin Techstars Accelerator, Techstars

Angie Maguire

Head of Marketing, Protocol Labs

Anton Evangelatov

Software Engineer, Protocol Labs

Dirk McCormick

Software Developer Ignite Team, Protocol Labs

Blake Lezenski

Program Manager, Outlier Ventures

Arjun Kalsy

VP Growth, Polygon

Roger Brogan

Senior Solutions Architect, Chainlink Labs

Joon Ian Wong

Founder, Cryptographic.Media

Kadir Topal

Product Manager, Protocol Labs

Alan Ransil

Filecoin Green Project Lead,

Anirudha Bose

Wallet Engineer, Brave

Harrison Hines

Co-Founder & CEO, Fleek

Jim Pick


William Yang

Co-Founder, Tech Lead, KEN Labs

TaoSheng Shi

Founder, KEN Labs

Luis Egea

Co-founder, Software Developer, MintGate

Charles Cao

Founder, FilSwan

Anoop Nannra

Global Blockchain Leader, Amazon Web Services

Will Scott

Software Engineer, Protocol Labs

Illia Polosukhin

Co-Founder, NEAR Protocol

Eric Tu

Forest Team Lead, Chainsafe

Roneil Rumburg

Co-Founder, CEO, Audius

Joel Thorstensson

Co-Founder / CTO, Ceramic Network / 3Box Labs

Julien NOEL

Founder and CEO, CID gravity

Jonathan Hooker

Managing Director, Holon Innovations

Simon Campbell


Alec Wantoch

Co-founder / CEO, Valist

ZX .

CryptoEconLab Lead, Protocol Labs

Juan Benet

Founder, Protocol Labs

Jake (@@DrPeterVanNostrand)

Software Engineer, Protocol Labs

Deep Kapur

Product, Protocol Labs

Jakub Sztandera

Protocol Engineer, Protocol Labs

Zooko Wilcox

Founder and CEO, Electric Coin Company

Yusef Napora

Documentation Engineer, Protocol Labs

Volker Mische

Research Engineer, Protocol Labs

Stefaan Vervaet

Lead Storage Provider Growth, Protocol Labs

Pooja Shah

Head of Product, Protocol Labs

Mikeal Rogers

Engineering Manager, Protocol Labs

Marta Belcher

Chair, Filecoin Foundation

Marko Vukolic

ConsensusLab Lead, Protocol Labs

Justin Melillo

Co-founder, CEO, MoNA

Hannah Howard

Engineer, Protocol Labs

David Choi

Product Manager, Protocol Labs

Brewster Kahle

Founder and Digital Librarian, Internet Archive

Colin Evran

Ecosystem Lead, Protocol Labs

Anudit Nagar

Founder, The Convo Space

HQ Han

Ecosystem Growth, Protocol Labs

Manolis Nikiforakis

CEO, WeatherXM

Yiannis Psaras

Research Scientist, Protocol Labs

Suji Yan

Founder and CEO, Mask Network

Steven Li


Steven Allen

Sr. Software Engineer, Protocol Labs

Sid Sanyal

drand Project Lead & Engineering Lead (Infra), Protocol Labs

Sergey Nazarov

Co-Founder, Chainlink Labs

Rosario Gennaro

Research Scientist, Protocol Labs

Raúl Kripalani

Tech Lead, Protocol Labs

Patrick Woodhead

Technical Program Manager, Protocol Labs

Molly Mackinlay

Head of Product & Engineering, Protocol Labs

Masa 'Senshi' Kikuchi

CEO, Secured Finance AG

Marina Kostioutchenko

Product Manager, Protocol Labs

Lukas Bresser

Ecosystem Growth, Protocol Labs

Jonathan Dotan

Founding Director, Starling Lab

Jim Lee "Cake"

Designer, Protocol Labs

Ethan Wu

Developer & Community Manager, Numbers Protocol

Dietrich Ayala

IPFS Ecosystem Lead, Protocol Labs

Devin Finzer

CEO and Co-Founder, OpenSea

David Sneider

CEO, Lit Protocol

Chhi'mèd Künzang

Software Engineer, Protocol Labs

Bailey Reutzel


Andrew Hill

CEO, Textile

Anca Nitulescu

Research Scientist, Protocol Labs

Alan Shaw

Software Engineer, Protocol Labs

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Filecoin Orbit

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