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Festival of UX & Design

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Alice Sabokbar

Lead UI Designer at Harrods

Joe Allan

UX Team Lead at Harrods

John Bevan

Creative & Strategy Director at Bejo

Stacey Seronick

Design Manager, Patterns Program at IBM

Aleks Wruk

UX Researcher at Opencast Software

Alexander Genov

Head of Customer Experience Research at Zappos

Nora Goerne

UX Designer & Researcher at UX Academy

Sean Mc Guire

UX Architect at Microsoft

Federico Burch

Senior Product Designer at Salesforce

Javier Bargas

Principal UX Researcher at Google Cloud Platform

Niamh Harman

Lead UX/UI Designer at Salesforce

Mina Bach

UX/UI Designer at IBM

Paul van Oijen

Senior Product Designer at Shopify Plus

Samantha Burden

Associate UX Product Manager at Maru Group

Pawel Lenart

Design Lead at TeamViewer

Paul Izod

UX Designer at Compare the Market

Liban Ibrahim

User Experience Researcher at IBM

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