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Jeff Livingston

Head OBGYN Surgeon at Bayolor and Head of MacArthur OBGYN

Anna Krishtal

Instructor, Meditation

Olivier Oullier

President of EMOTIV and Former Head of Strategy at the World Economic Forum

Nina Vasan, MD, MBA

Executive Director, Brainstorm: The Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation and Chief Medical Officer, Real

Sudeb Dalai MD PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases, Stanford University / PAMF; Medical Director, Karius Inc.

Missy Modell


Ewelina Biskup

Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences

Loïc Pauthenet


Sara Kelly

Homesick Elephant indie/folk duo

Dennis Kim


Christina Wolfgram


Claudia Busto

Instructor, Fitness

Amy Bantham

Instructor, Fitness

Sandra "Happybear" Kim

Instructor, Fitness

Karen Koutsavlis

Instructor, Fitness

Tootsie Olan

Instructor, Fitness

Sarah BL

Instructor, Meditation

Mae Deevy

Instructor, Meditation

Mahesh Natrajan

Instructor, Meditation

Debra Driscoll

Instructor, Meditation


Instructor, Yoga

Nicole Duff

Instructor, Yoga

Christina Gdisis

Instructor, Yoga

Astrid Locker

Instructor, Yoga

Anne Koller

Free to Feel Art & Yoga Instructor

Yvette Cronje

Instructor, Fitness

Phoebe ?

Instructor, Yoga

Rachel Kesselman

Instructor, intenSati

Kristin Scanlon

Instructor, intenSati

Candace Kluba

Instructor, intenSati

Dawn Gaden

Instructor, intenSati

Liv Behre

Instructor, intenSati

Barbara Sennrich

Instructor, intenSati

Tom X

Founding CEO One Medical, Galileo, ePocrates

Geoffrey Rutledge

Chief Medical Officer of HealthTap, Fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics

Vanessa Candeias

Former Head of Health and Healthcare of the World Economic Forum and Executive Committee Member

Kathrin Folkendt

Founder & CEO of Femtech Insider

Gillian Christie

Harvard School of Public Health

Patrick Wayte

SVP - Center for Health Technology & Innovation, American Heart Association

Cameron Teitelman

Founder and Chairman, StartX and Founder and CEO, Nexus Events

Nancy Lublin

CEO of Crisis Text Line, Creator of Dress for Success, Former CEO of Do Something, Inc.

Aran Goldstein

Chief Chef Advocate, Plates

William Li

Head of Angiogenesis Foundation

Diane Hatz

Founder & Activator Change Food, Boma Grow, USA & Whole Healthy Group LLC

Vik Panda

Dreem’s Managing Director for North America

Adam Mamawala


Kal Patel, MD

M.D., MBA - CEO & Co-Founder - BrightInsight

Joel Rabasco

Chief Product Officer, BOYDSense, Inc.

Mark Milton-Edwards, MBA

Head of Digital Health Solutions at Teva Pharmaceuticals

Don Jones

CEO of Cardiff Ocean Group & Chief Digital Officer of Scripps Translational Research Institute

Aneel Chima

Director of Health & Human Performance at the Stanford School of Medicine & Director of the Stanford Flourishing Project

Cori Lathan

Neuroscientist, technology pioneer, a social advocate and the CEO of AnthroTronix

Joseph Wood, PhD, MD

Board certified endocrinologist, led virtual health at Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Ft. Gordon, GA.

Annabel Wilson

Founder and CEO, Living Ashram

Antonella Santuccione Chadha

Founder and CEO, Women's Brain Project

Peter yellowlees

Chief Wellness Officer & Professor of Psych at Univ of California, Davis | Frm Head of American Telemedicine Association

Malika Rodrigues

Chef, Alma Foods

Lyndsey Harper, MD

Founder & CEO of Rosy

David Rhew, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer & VP of Healthcare, Worldwide Commercial Business, Microsoft

Shebani Sethi Dalai

Founding Director, Metabolic Psych Clinic Dept of Psych and Behavioral Sciences Stanford University School of Medicine

Sean Mehra

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of HealthTap

Paul Baldassari

EVP: Head of operations strategy and Engineering at Flex

Steven Chan

Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine | Medical Director of Palo Alto VA Health

Kimberlyn Leary

Associate Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School | Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School

Ron Gutman

Founder, FestiHealth

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Debra Lynne Driscoll

How does one accept a gift from Death when Death is the very enemy that took your loved one away?

Daily Haloha

Look inward and share outward. Daily Haloha is a simple and uplifting daily routine, wrapped in a charming little app. It’s like breathing, but with empathy as the oxygen. :)


Your personal at-home sleep clinic. Lab-grade measurement, science-based methods and tailored support to help you understand and improve your sleep.

Foresight Mental Health

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Quick Conversations to Change Your Day.


Overcome barriers to accelerated Health and Wellness through meditation.


Happyfeed is a journaling app that focuses on happy moments and gratitude. Reflect on what went well each day, add photos, and even share in small private groups.

In The Rooms

A global online recovery community. Join for the support you need. Stay for the relationships you build.


Turning Neighbors into Friends. Guided by data. Informed by listening and empathy. We empower our clients to create the new infrastructure of community connection for older adults.

Living Ashram

Living Ashram: providing a clear path to Whole Human health.


Levels makes it easy for people to see how their diet is affecting both their health and their lifestyle in a quantifiable way by measuring biomarkers in realtime.


At-home Virtual Reality Smoking Cessation personalized program. Train your emotions, change your mindset, and and take back your health.


A digital patient engagement platform that is secure, interactive, AI-driven, and evidence based. MEMOTEXT has been shown to improve adherence to treatment, care- coordination and outcomes.

Move to Live More

Move to Live More℠ is a research and consulting firm working at the intersection of healthcare, health & fitness, and communities to address chronic disease and physical inactivity.


A scalable care management solution for measurement-based behavioral health in all care settings.


Nurse-1-1 is an on-demand nurse chat allowing patients to chat securely and immediately with a nurse 24/7 for live, personalized, healthcare guidance.

Ovia Healh

Ovia Health helps women and families navigate their most important moments during their journey to and through parenthood. Our mission is to make a happy, healthy family possible for everyone.


Panion is a community-building platform that empowers people to create more meaningful connections for social wellness.

PT Wired

Physical Therapy made efficient, effective, and accessible.


REVITA5 is a team management platform that prevents burnout.


Get stronger, happier and braver. SuperBetter is a game that you play in real life to increase resilience, mental health & success. Nearly a million people have played so far.


The World's Most Comfortable Headphones for Sleeping.


Skylyte helps companies take a ‘total wellbeing’ approach to boost their talent resilience and build long-term business success. Our platform offers diagnostic-led team resilience and burnout-prevention coaching.

SPHERE by Stress Point Health

SPHERE™ by Stress Point Health is an innovative app designed to directly address your minds’ emotional response to stress, anxiety or PTSD, using a unique combination of specifically developed sound frequencies.


Detect and treat stress before you suffer from it.


Feel happier. Worry Less. Boost Energy. Live Your Life!

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