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Feisty Menopause Summit

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Tania Dalton

Personal Trainer & Healthy Aging Coach

Rebecca Rusch

Professional Cyclist

Amanda Thebe

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Stacy Sims

Exercise Physiologist

Carla DiGirolamo

Reproductive Endocrinologist/Obstetrician Gynecologist

Lauren Streicher


Stasi Kasianchuk

RDN, Exercise Physiologist

Lisbeth Darsh

Author, Coach

Vonda Wright

MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine Physician

Alisha Brosse

PhD, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

Selene Yeager

The Ultimate Menopause Feisty

Heidi Armstrong

Injured Athletes Toolbox

Lynda Rowan

Athlete & Motivational Coach

Anish Drake


Cheryl Osborne

National Champion Cyclist

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A haven for the unapologetically fit & feisty.

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