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Examining Inequities and Disparities Through Fair Housing Lens

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Ann Moss Joyner

President- Cedar Grove Institute for Sustainable Communities

Elizabeth Julian, Esq

Poverty and Civil Rights Attorney

Liza Cristol--Deman, Esq

Brancart and Brancart

Denise McGranahan

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

Ashley Schoenborn

UIC John Marshall Law School

Fred Freiberg

Executive Director, Fair Housing Justice Center

Lizette Carrion

Senior Investigative Coordinator, Fair Housing Justice Center

Alaine Dungee

Senior Investigative Coordinator, Fair Housing Justice Center

Darryl Freeman

California State University

Jayne O’Donnell

Urban Health Media Project, Interviewing Youth Others

Ruby Corado

Urban Health Media Project

Stephen Menendian, Esq

Othering & Belonging Institute

Darlene Boggs

Lee Gelernt, Esq


Chris Brancart, Esq

Brancart and Brancart, Others

Wendy Patrick, Esq

Deputy District Attorney, San Diego

Stella Adams

S. J Consulting

Gary Rhoades

Santa Monica Deputy City Attorney

Yiyang Wu, Esq

Relman Colfax PLLC

Tamar Hagler, Esq

U. S. DOJ Justice

Leslie Levy, Esq

Levy Vinick Burrell Hyams LLP

Jeanine Worden

Acting Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

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