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Faculty of Health Sciences Graduate Plenary: A Celebration of Research and Professional Excellence

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Steven Hanna

Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences & Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (Health Sciences)

Paul O'Byrne

Dean and Vice-President, Faculty of Health Sciences

Gerry Wright

Director, Institute for Infectious Disease Research

Sawayra Owais

Moderator, MD/PhD Candidate, Neuroscience

Sandy Zakaria McMaster University

HSGSF Co-President

Sarah Medeiros

HSGSF Co-President

Arinjay Banerjee

Research Scientist & Principal Investigator

Matthew Miller

Associate Chair & Assistant Dean, Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences

Lisa Schwartz

Arnold L. Johnson Chair in Health Care Ethics & Professor in the Department of HEI

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Health Sciences Graduate Studies


Megan Vierhout

GradFlix Finalist

Pradhariny Prabagaran

GradFlix Finalist

Bre-Anna Owusu

GradFlix Finalist — Syncing' to the beat of your own brain

Health Sciences Graduate Studies

Health Sciences Graduate Studies

Celeste Suart

When the Labs Closed: Graduate Students’ and Postdoctoral Fellows’ Experiences of Disrupted Research During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Alexandra Parco

Psychological stress impairs IL-22-driven protective mucosal immunity against Crohn’s disease-associated pathobionts

Amany Al-Anany

Getting bacterial viruses to kill their hosts: synergy with antibiotics

Tamina Jose

The influence of prophages on probiotic bacteria

Rabia Fatima

Temperate phage-antibiotic synergism in killing Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Nikoo Aghaei

Utilizing in vivo functional genomics to identify novel genetic drivers of lung-to-brain metastasis

Yi (Christina) Peng

Investigating the Role of TDP-43 in DNA Damage Response

Arman Edalatmand

Contextualizing Antimicrobial Resistance Determinants by Mining Biomedical Literature through Natural Language Processing Methodology

Janice Tai

A MEGA-plate approach to train Salmonella through conditioning

Luke Yaeger

Characterizing a novel motility in P. aeruginosa

Damsadie Hannedige

Lessons from the Use of eHealth Applications in Kenya & Malawi

Chitman Josan

Investigating the impact of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) on mammary gland remodeling and function during pregnancy

Irfan Khan

Individualizing BMI Targets Using Genetics and Clinical Biomarkers

Zarwa Saqib

Dietary Psyllium: A new microbiota directed therapy for modulating colonic physiology and immune homeostasis in post-C. difficile gut dysfunction

Mark Lychacz

T cells secrete soluble factors that activate basophils and neutrophils

John Vrbensky

Autoreactive CD8+ T Cells Specific to Platelet Glycoproteins in Patients with Immune Thrombocytopenia

Abiram (Abi) Chandiramohan

The Immunological Impact of Cannabis Smoke Exposure on Antiviral Immunity in Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells

Tushar Dhawan

Estradiol decreases HSV-2 susceptibility in vaginal epithelial cells through a p53-mediated pathway

Mostafa Hamada

Investigating the Modulation of Human Antithrombin by using Modified RNA Aptamers

Bre-Anna Owusu

The Cocktail Party Effect: Mixing Rhythms for Dyslexia

Michal Leckie

Current Conceptual Frameworks in Global Health Research

Komal Aryal

COVID in Long-term Care

Candice Quin

Tet2 mutations in myeloid progenitor cells perpetuate immune dysfunction in elderly mice

Jessica Breznik

Investigating the prevalence of circulating T cells in community-dwelling adults from 20-100 years of age

Samantha Micsinszki

A Developmental Evaluation Approach of Co-Designing a Co-Design Hub: Creating System Change in Health and Social Services through Innovation

Alice Cavanagh

Conceptualizing Canadian Physicians’ Roles in Addressing Intimate Partner Violence: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Resources

David Zorko

Pediatric Chronic Critical Illness: A Scoping Review Enhanced by Crowdsourcing and Machine-Learning Methodology

Herry Patel

Dissociative Symptomatology Mediates the Relation Between Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms and Alcohol-Related Problems

Alannah Hillmer

Genetic risk for cannabis use in men and women with opioid addiction.

Taylor Nelles-McGee

Biological Embedding of Maltreatment and Resilience in Children and Youth: A Systematic Review

Katharine Mackett

Feasibility of using an at-home blood collection device in the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (CLSA)

Nadia Rehman

Measures of Retention in HIV care: a study within a systematic review

Sophia Werden Abrams

Dysphagia in Oculopharyngeal Muscular Dystrophy: A Rapid Scoping Review

Gautham Krishnaraj

Sharia Ali (she/her)

Representation Matters: Exploring the Lack of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Canada's Speech Language Pathologist Workforce

Wael Abdelkader

Auto-Machine Learning approaches to improve the identification of high-quality studies from the biomedical literature: A study Protocol

Diane Begin (she/her)

Risk-taking Behaviours and Falls in Community-Dwelling Older Adult

Janelle Gravesande

Identifying multimorbidity patterns in older adults with diabetes and/or hypertension: A latent class analysis

Shannon Killip

Rasch analysis of the brief Michigan Hand Questionnaire in patients with thumb osteoarthritis

Christina Nowak

Georgia Dominguez

The Children Left Behind: A Scoping Review Concerning the Health Outcomes of Parental Labour Migration in the Philippines

Bronte Johnston

The Greater Clinical Impacts of POCUS Training for Midwives

Vinay Patel

Monica De Paoli

Investigating The Role Of Sex Hormones On The Molecular Mechanisms That Modulate Pancreatic β Cell Health And Function.

Art Marzok

Determining the contribution of viral infection on the onset and progression of ALS

Patrycja Jazwiec

Paternal Obesity is Associated with Glucose Intolerance in Offspring Without Changes in Maternal Glucose Adaptations in Pregnancy

Sabra Salim

Deciphering protein-protein interactions of CD133 in primary glioblastoma by endogenous genomic knock-in of BioID (EKoID)

Mercy Daka

Understanding antibody binding properties involved in the pathogenesis of Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia

Fahed Abu-Hijleh

Lithium Neuroprotection Involves the Modulation of Pro-survival ER Stress Proteins

Arman Shekari

The Effect of Oxidative Stress on proNGF Transport in Basal Forebrain Cholinergic Neurons

Miranda Green

T cell deficiency affects the developmental trajectory of the mouse intestinal microbiota and its metabolic output

Sophiya Garasia

Sophiya Garasia - Household immigrant status, neighbourhood immigration concentration, and mental health services use in children and youth in Ontario, Canada

Vanessa De Rubeis

Impact of disasters, including pandemics, on cardiometabolic outcomes across the life-course: A systematic review

Naym Uddin Roby

Linda Nguyen

Nasrin Alostaz

What are the Experiences of Newcomers Internationally Educated Nurses’ (IENs’) of Credential Evaluation, International Transferring, and Entry-to-Practice Registration in Ontario During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Katelyn Sushko

Self-management education among women with pre-existing diabetes in pregnancy: A scoping review

Marie-Lee Yous

Adapting the Namaste Care Program with Caregivers of Community-Dwelling Older Adults with Mid to Late-Stage Dementia

Sakshi Mehta

The Essential Work of Double-Duty Carers during COVID-19

Maya Kshatriya

Thyroid Dysfunction in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Patients Treated with Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors: A Systematic Review

Laiba Jamshed

Perturbations in tryptophan metabolism and peripheral serotonin synthesis in response to naphthenic acids exposure is linked to prostaglandin synthesis in rat hepatoma cells.

Neha Sharma

Mechanistic and animal studies of various forms of glycosaminoglycans in sepsis

Alexander Qian

HDL deficiency increases atherosclerosis and necrotic core size in high-fat diet-fed LDLR KO mice: correction by inactivation of Bim in hematopoietic cells

Jaskirat Arora

An Observational Pilot Study investigating the Role of Coagulation in the Diagnosis of SEPSIS in the Emergency Department (SEPSIS-ED)

Mei Wang

Raeesha Rajan

Lipid Homeostasis in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Patients Treated with Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Sandra Ofori