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Faces of Industrial Research Symposium 2021

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Hanns-Christian Mahler

Board member at Bionter AG

Pénélope Andreux

Senior scientist, Amazentis

Olivier Jordan

Senior Lecturer at University of Geneva, scientific advisor and CEO at Antia Therapeutics and Kylys

Philipp Gut

Department Head, Nestle

Petar Scepanovic

Senior scientist, Roche

Celine Lemoine

Scientist, VFI

Marco Prunotto

Head of Translational research, Galapagos

Sandra Bosshard

Senior scientist, Lonza

Christoph Hartmann

Senior Expert, Nestle

Ivana Tomic

Biopharmaceutics Expert, Novartis

Gerrit Borchard

PI of the Department of Biopharmacy, University of Geneva

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Faces of Industrial Research

The scientific symposium Faces of Industrial Research (FIR) is organized by the Nestlé Research PhD Students in collaboration with BSNL, an EPFL/UNIL/UNIGE non-profit organization that aims to bridge the gap between Life Science young researchers and industry.