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Face of a Founder Summit

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Welcome from BWTT Founders
Regina Gwynn Lauren  Washington Esosa Ighodaro
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Panel 1: Fundraising through #2020 with Goldman Sachs and Citi
Uriridiakoghene (Ulili)  Onovakpuri Alia Daniels Kimberly Foster Jasmine Thomas
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Panel 2: Tales from the Trenches, Founder Stories brought to you by Microsoft
Denisha Kuhlor Christiana Russell Madinah Ali Michelle Zhu
· Sessions
Breakout Session with Citi
Rashmi Pendse
· Sessions
Breakout Session with Microsoft
Lakeisha  Jackson Damon House
· Sessions
Breakout Session with Better Ventures
Lyndsey  Boucherle Jessica Eastling
· Sessions
Breakout Session with Forbes
Sade Muhammad
· Sessions
Breakout Session with iFundWomen
Maya   Brooks
· Sessions
Breakout Session with BET
Kimberly  Blackwell Kimberly  Paige Tanya Sam
· Sessions
Breakout Session with Republic
· Stage
Highlight on Face of a Founder Report
Esosa Ighodaro Lauren  Washington
· Stage
Cocktails + Comedy
Chanel Ali
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Event Wrap Up
Esosa Ighodaro Regina Gwynn


Maya Brooks

Product Manager, IFundWomen

Tanya Sam

Director of Partnerships at TechSquare Labs & Founder The Ambition Fund

Kimberly Paige

EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, BET

Kimberly Blackwell

Founder, Investor, Philanthropist, PMM CEO

Chanel Ali


Uriridiakoghene (Ulili) Onovakpuri

Partner, Kapor Capital

Denisha Kuhlor

Founder, STAN

Jessica Eastling

Senior Associate, Better Ventures

Lyndsey Boucherle

Principal, Better Ventures

Lakeisha Jackson

Digital Communities Manager, Microsoft

Lauren Washington

Co-Founder, Black Women Talk Tech

Regina Gwynn

Co-Founder, Black Women Talk Tech

Damon House

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Sade Muhammad

Director of Representation & Inclusion Partnerships, Forbes

Esosa Ighodaro

Co-Founder, Black Women Talk Tech

Rashmi Pendse

Vice President, Citi Impact Investing

Michelle Zhu

Co-founder & CEO, Huue

Madinah Ali

President, Safe PC Cloud

Jasmine Thomas

Senior Vice President of US Business Partnerships, Citi

Kimberly Foster

Associate, Launch with Goldman Sachs

Alia Daniels

Co-founder and COO, Revry

Christiana Russell

Partner & COO, We Tha Plug

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