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F10 Zurich Demo Day Incubation Batch 6

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Jonas Thuerig

Head of F10 Singapore

Lav Odorovic

CEO & Co-Founder of Forto

Jayadeep Apte

F10 Singapore Startup Coach

Michael Katz

Partner Success Lead

james sanders

F10 Zurich Startup Coach

Senad Celebic

Executive Director at Julius Baer

Tim Fright

Co-Founder of Plenitude

Frank Sprich

CTO & Co-Founder of Avoodoo

Fares Hobeiche

CEO & Co-Founder of TrocCircle

Andrea Sanchez

Head of F10 Spain

Els Van Eyndhoven

Founder of GOUD

Stefan Klauser

CEO & Co-Founder of Aisot

Thomas Krapf

CEO & Co-Founder Riskwolf

Georg Imboden

SIX SIS Senior Business Development Manager

Maximilian weiner

CEO & Founder of Resilient

Sven Boesiger

CEO & Co-Founder of Meloncast

Raphaela Kurer

CPO & Co-Founder of Meloncast

Mate Brezovszki

CEO & Founder of Galaxis Network

Yudi Xu

Founder of Things Protocol

Youmna Hobeiche

CGO & Co-Founder of Troc Circle

Andreas Bezner

CEO & Co-Founder of Stableton

Geilan Malet-Bates

Co-Founder of Plenitude

Ricardo Henriquez

CEO & Co-Founder of Blackgull

Johanna Kaelble

CEO & Co-Founder of Avoodoo

Alexander Heidl

COO & Co-Founder of Latent Insight

Ruth Armale

Generali/HITS Head of Open Innovation

Gerrit Sindermann

Head of F10 Switzerland

Habib Gzara

CEO & Founder of Lyyna

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Real-Time Data to Actionable Signals.


The world's fastest platform for market index development, calculation & management.


A digital platform that streamlines import or export processes.


Digital Swiss Bank Account for SMEs

Galaxis Network

Bringing technology regulated transparency to the digital fund management industry.


Uphold your freedom and independence in your golden years. Enjoy! Live! Discover!

Latent Insight

Improving trustworthiness in communication.


Lyyna empowers banks unleashing the full value from payment data.


Marketing is impossible without great content.


Sustainable Digital Investing.


A Business Solution to a Social Problem. A Social Solution to a Business Problem.


The platform that insures the digital economy.


Stableton’s Fintech platform is the leading next-generation marketplace for Alternative Investments.

Things Protocol

Streamlining the mobility UX.

Troc Circle

Troc Circle where receivables meet payables.

Corporate Booth

Meet our Corporate Partners SIX SIS, Julius Bär and Generali and learn about Startup/Corporate collaboration.


FinTech Incubator & Accelerator