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Julian Nalenz

Co-Founder & CTO Divizend

Florian Zyprian

CTO Konfuzio

Sebastian Segura

Head of Innovation SIX Group

Günther Dobrauz

Partner & Leader PwC Switzerland

Nosa Omoigui

Founder & CEO Weave.AI

Girish Narula

CEO Urgentem

Niclas Persson

Co-Founder & CEO Deedster

Jürgen Petry

New Business Innovator Raiffeisen

Gregor Müller

Senior Product Manager SIX

Carina Popovici

CEO Art Recognition

Andreas Imthurn

CEO Actesy

Philipp Marty

Head of New Business Areas & Partnerships Baloise

Ruth Armalé

Head of Open Innovation HITS

Bernhard Reiterer

Co-Founder & CEO SignD

Hans Zimmermann

Co-Founder & CEO Sustema

Omar Guizani

Co-Founder & CEO Flow

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F10 is a global innovation ecosystem with hubs in Zurich, Singapore, Madrid, and Barcelona. We believe the fastest route to innovation lies in early collaboration between startups, incumbents and investors. Each stakeholder benefits from shared skills, experience and insight. Our founding sponsor is SIX, a global financial infrastructure provider and operator of the Swiss and Spanish stock exchanges. Today it is joined by a global cohort of influential banks, consultancies, insurers and tech firms.

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Onchain Custodian

Custody Solution

Voice and AI-powered chatbots


Investment solution

BlueFire AI

Risk Management

New Wealth

Wealth Management


Digital securities

GreenArc Capital

Impact investment FinTech


Complex data made easy. We enable you to focus on tasks that matter and draw meaningful insights from your data.

Art Recognition

Art Recognition offers to art lovers and experts an AI system which can establish the authenticity of an artwork only based on a photograph of it.


We are devoted to clearing the path to a sustainable world by developing engaging tools and technical solutions that empower people to go in with their eyes open and start changing the world. Deed by deed.


Divizend's software helps private and institutional investors to reclaim their taxes by automating the refund process of foreign withholding tax on dividends in a novel, user-friendly and price-competitive way.


Helm & Nagel GmbH, based in Germany, is a specialized software deep-tech company. By developing and operating learning systems, the company has won the trust of international corporations since it was founded in 2016.

Proof of Impact


SignD Identity

All-you-need partner for onboarding servies like KYC, Identity Verification, KYB and open banking.


Surfly's vision is a world where online interactions have endless possibilities.


Sustema analyses corporate behavior using publicly available data to significantly improve the underwriting performance of commercial insurers.


swIDch is committed to bringing secure authentication to every digital identity even in the off-the-network environment.


Urgentem is an award-winning, independent provider of transparent, granular and science-aligned carbon emissions data and climate risk analytics to the finance industry.


Weave.AI employs advanced AI to help investors and companies evaluate the materiality of ESG claims, benchmark peer groups, improve portfolio allocation, reduce risks, and better engage stakeholders.


We make every shopping experience as personal as in the shop next door.


Mympact empowers you to understand and reduce your environmental impact and live a sustainable life.


bloXmove is a decentralized B2B Mobility Blockchain Platform #MBP seamlessly connecting relevant providers in one big alliance - we are not an aggregator, we integrate a cooperative ecosystem.


Digital market infrastructure to power asset trading.


CryptoIndexSeries provides institutional-grade, AI-driven data, trading and portfolio analytics tools for Digital Asset Markets.


Empowering a streamlined data journey for intelligent insights.


Norsia enables wealth management companies to fully and systematically integrate their clients' personal values into the investment process.

Manu analytics

MANU analytics tracks behavioral data while the person progresses through online application to identify unqualified customers before onboarding and help companies select only the best.


Sustainaccount enables banks, investors, and asset managers to finance the transition to a zero carbon economy by sourcing auditable ESG data from non-listed companies and offering data-driven sustainable finance products.


Strabo is the easiest way to manage your finances around the globe.


The first deal platform for buyers and vendors of professional services creating TRUE value: Transparent, Real-time, Undisputed, Efficient.

Epic Impact

The ethical personal impact companion and loyalty rewards platform providing the foundations for living sustainably.


BUYOGO is a Zurich-based software startup, which offers small and medium-sized businesses integrated digital commerce solutions.

IOC Group Solutions

The IOC Group offers cost-efficient expert solutions for portfolio managers.