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Extreme Tech Challenge Global Finals Presented by TechCrunch

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Barrett Parkman

Senior Advisor, Extreme Tech Challenge

Rajeev Rajan

Senior Advisor, Extreme Tech Challenge

Albert Wenger

Partner, Union Square Ventures

Alexandra Tynion

Director of Venture Growth, SeedInvest

Aaron Kellner

Director, Ventures

Beth Bechdol

Deputy Director-General, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Michael Zeisser

Managing Partner, FMZ Ventures

Jerry Yang

Founding Partner, AME Cloud Ventures

Lars Reger

CTO & EVP, NXP Semiconductors

Regina Dugan

President & CEO, Wellcome Leap

Bill Tai

Partner Emeritus, Charles River Ventures; Co-Founder, Extreme Tech Challenge

Young Sohn

Chairman of the Board, HARMAN Int'l Founding Managing Partner, Walden Catalyst; CoFounder, XTC

Victoria Slivkoff

Executive Managing Director, Extreme Tech Challenge

Shilpi Kumar

Partner, Urban Us

Patricia Bubner

Founder & CEO, Orbillion Bio

Matanya Horowitz

Founder & CEO, AMP Robotics

Leon Farrant

Co-founder & CEO, Green Li-ion

Jenny Rooke

Founder & Managing Director, Genoa Ventures

Jennifer Holmgren

CEO, LanzaTech, Inc.

Liz Gilligan

Founder & CEO, Material Evolution

Aaron Nesser

Co-founder & CTO, AlgiKnit

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Hyundai CRADLE

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Go XTC 2021 ! We are proud to partner with the Extreme Tech Challenge again this year.