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ExPRO Virtual 2021

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Jason Lee

Exercise and Thermal Physiologist, Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine

Billy Polson, CSCS

Fitness Entrepreneur & Consultant, The Business Movement

Sean McCrory

Co-Designer, Sub30 Core Restore

Christine Conti

CEO, Conti Fitness & Wellness LLC

Emma Masters

Exercise to Experience

Mervin Ortono

Personal Trainer, Ultimate Performance (UP) Singapore

Jen Teo | FitnessSG

Fitness Trainer & FitnessSG Brand Ambassador

Meghan Jarvis

CEO & Founder, WellCorp Health and Wellness

Sam Pogue

Business Development & Brand Strategy Consultant

Owen Bowling

CEO, The Wellness Program

Simon Matthews

CEO, Wellcoaches Australia and Singapore

Vanessa Leone

Co-Founder, Exercise to Experience

Dexter Jemuel Tay

Head of Training & Development, FIT Asia

Ian Mullane

CEO, Keepme

Fadzil Hamzah

Senior Staff Registrar at Singapore Sport and Exercise Medicine Centre, Changi General Hospital

Alexis Batrakoulis

Founder & Education Director, International Obesity Exercise Training Institute (IOETI)

Fabio Comana

Exercise Physiologist & Faculty Instructor, SDSU & NASM

Kirstyn Campbell

Co-Designer, Sub30 Core Restore

Paul Brown Mr Retention

CEO, Face2Face Retention Systems

Owen Bisman

Senior Personal Trainer, Ultimate Performance (UP) Singapore

Chaddy Chadwick

Movement Coach and Presenter

Derrick Price

Vice President, Institute of Motion (IoM)

Dane Bartz

CEO, Linked Fit

Kyle Riley

COO, ph360 Health Professionals

Alisha Smith

Master Instructor, Animal Flow

Ryan Glatt

Psychometrist & Brain Health Coach, Brain Health Center

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ExPRO Fitness

ExPRO is a Fitness Industry conference delivering innovative education from world-class industry experts.

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ExPRO Fitness


ExPRO Fitness


Animal Flow

Join the Flow, with Movement for EveryBody

Asia Fitness Conference (AFC)

"BACK TOGETHER AGAIN" See you from May 6 - 8, 2022 at BITEC Bangkok THAILAND

Brain Health Trainer

Train the Brain - Design Exercise Programs That Promote Brain Health

Conti Fitness & Wellness LLC

Arthritis Fitness, FallPROOF(TM) Fall Prevention & Let's FACE it Together(TM)

Exercise is Medicine Singapore (EIM Singapore)

Exercise is Medicine Singapore – Promoting physical activity as a Vital Sign, with health care providers and fitness professionals!

Exercise to Experience

Group Exercise to Group Experience

FIT Asia

Advancing Fitness Education


Continually Committed To Enhancing The Fitness Profession

Global Performance Nutrition Institute (GPNi)

Evidence-Based Research Backed Education & Certification For Performance Nutrition

Institute of Motion (IoM)

Institute of Motion: an Applied Health and Human Performance Company


Rediscover Fitness: Science-driven. Easily relatable. Highly applicable.

Linked Fit

Elite Training for Top Results!

Recovery Systems

Active Compression for Faster Warmup, Recovery, Rehab, Better Travel and Sleep

Sub30 Core Restore

Level 1 Pre & Postnatal Workshop

Ultimate Performance (UP) Singapore

Ultimate Performance is the world's leading personal training company. We have 19 exclusive locations around the world providing the most effective method of personal training. We run private facilities specialising in body transformations

WellCorp Health & Wellness

Wellness Done Differently - The Mind, Body and Soul Connection

Wellcoaches Singapore

Evidence based. High impact. We define the cutting edge.