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Simon Nopp

OpenExO Community

Olga Calvache

OpenExO Community

Suman Sasmal

OpenExO Community

Dea Frankó Csuba

OpenExO Community

Paul Epping

OpenExO Community

Brian Bacon

Purpose and Leadership

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder, Mindvalley

Marisa Peer

Founder, Rapid Transformational Therapy

Diana Stafie

Trends I Scenario Planning I Foresight I Exponential Organizations

Thomas Schindler

CEO, Founder Delodi

Ken Merkel

OpenExO Advisor and Consultant

Lakshmi Pratury

Founder & CEO, INK

Kunal Sood

Founder and CXO, X FELLOWS

Klaus Entenmann

Senior Advisor at Deloitte for Global Future of Mobility

Seleta Reynolds

Seleta Reynolds is General Manager, Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT)

David Roberts

Leading Expert on Business Disruption and Exponential Leadership. Founder of GEDI Training.

scott corwin

Deloitte, Managing Director & Leader of Future of Mobility

Nabyl Charania

Chairman & CEO, ROKK3R

Alicia Tillman

Global CMO, SAP

Allyson Witherspoon

Marketing Chief for Nissan North America

Faiz Nazarali

High Vibe Network

Fred Davies

Regents Prof. Emeritus & Texas AgriLife Research Faculty Fellow

Shubhro Sen

Director, School of Management and Entrepreneurship, Shiv Nadar University

Kip Tindell

Founder-CEO, Container Store and Co-Chair, Conscious Capital Inc.

Kaliya Young

Consultant, Leader in the field of Self-Sovereign Identity or Decentralized Identity

Heidi Cuppari

Founder + Executive Director at Dream Tank

Jim Harris

Journalist, Disruptive Innovation Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker.

Lamia Kerdjoudj

Secretary General of FEPORT

Sanjay Sharma

CEO, Roambee

Paul Saffo

Faculty Chair, Future Studies, Singularity University

Sonal Shah

Founder, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation

Nishan Degnarain

Fouder, Breakthrough Ocean Ventures

Anousheh Ansari


Chris Traub

Diversity and Transformation

Michal Monit

OpenExO Community

Veronica Chiaravalli

OpenExO Community

Mervyn George

OpenExO Community

Michael Friebe

OpenExO Community

Mayank Pandya

OpenExO Community

Daveed Benjamin

OpenExO Community

Francisco Palao

OpenExO Community

Sahar Albaharna

OpenExO Community

Mais Jauhary

OpenExO Community

Ann Ralston

OpenExO Community

cesar castro

OpenExO Community


OpenExO Community

Nayib Kiuhan

OpenExO Community

Chris Parker

OpenExO Community

Clarence Tan

OpenExO Community

Andrea Bolognini

OpenExO Community

Kevin Allen

OpenExO Community

Dr. Arndt Pechstein

OpenExO Community

Miguel Angel Rojas

OpenExO Community

Fabrizio Gramuglio

OpenExO Community

Jorge Lozano

OpenExO Community

Diego Soroa

OpenExO Community

George Bandarian II

OpenExO Community

Mathias Mangels

OpenExO Community

Francisco Milagres

OpenExO Community

Andrea Castelli

OpenExO Community

Scott Summit

Digital Manufacturing

Jaroslav Dokoupil

Exponential Leadership | Chief Learning Officer, OpenExO

David S. Rose

Founder & Executive Chairman at Gust

Salim Ismail, Chairman OpenExO

Exponential Organizations

Rob Gonda

CEO | Board Member | Futurist | Changing The World | Author | Lecturer

Wolfgang Lehmacher

Global Supply Chain Strategist

Verne Harnish

Founder, Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Thomas Ermacora

Future of Cities

Sylvia Benito

Psychedelics and Purpose

Robert Muggah

Co-Founder & Research Director, Igarapé Institute

Raymond McCauley

Digital Biology / Genetics

Ramez Naam

Energy Abundance

Paul Pagnato

Transparency Wave

Nicole Dreiske

Education / Screensmart

Neil Jacobstein

Artificial Intelligence

Julie Hanna

Kiva / Microfinance

John Hagel

Co-Chairman, Center for the Edge, Deloitte

Jim Kwik

Your Brain & Memory Coach

Jerry Michalski

Trust and Society

Jeff Booth

Exponential Debt

Jason Silva

Shots of Awe

Jade Teta


Helena Wasserman Eriksson

CEO & Founder at Stage 6

Emilie Sydney-Smith

Corporate Transformation

Divya Chander

Neuroscience and Consciousness

Denise Roberson

Chief Purpose Officer, TBWA\Chiat\Day

David Orban

Jolting Technologies

Daniel Kraft

Future of Healthcare

Brad Templeton

Autonomous Cars / Digital Transportation

Beth Wood

Sr. VP and CMO, Principal Financial Group®


Senior Fellow, Global Urban Development

Anne Connelly

Faculty, Blockchain, Singularity University

Andrew Hessel

Viruses as Apps

Andres Roemer

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador

María Fernanda Espinosa

Former President, United Nations General Assembly

Peter Diamandis

Abundance 360 / X Prize / Singularity University

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OpenExO, Inc. has, over the last few years, built an 8,268 member Professional Services community focused on innovation and digital transformation. We are likened to a decentralized McKinsey. We are to transformational management consulting what Uber is to transportation or Airbnb is to the hotel industry. We work at the individual, organizational, and civic levels.

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The OpenExO Partnership Programs


Radical Breakthroughs for the Benefit of Humanity

Abundance Digital

Join Peter Diamandis' exclusive program, stay ahead of exponential technological advancements, and turn your passion into action as a member of Abundance Digital



ExO Speakers

World-Class Bureau Connecting You to Thought-Provoking Speakers on Disruption, Innovation and Transformation for Any Occasion

Rapid Transformational Therapy

RTT® harnesses the most powerful potential on the planet – the mind!

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Supporting the Wellness of the Planet 🌏

Brain Music To Increase Your Focus, Health & Fitness

Speaker: Daniel Kraft

Reimagining & Catalyzing the Future of Healthcare

Speaker: Raymond McCauley

Non-traditional biotechnology

Speaker: Steven Kotler

Decode flow, level up the world.

Speaker: Brad Templeton

Helping companies transform mobility, cities and the world with self-driving technology

Speaker: Jeff Booth

The Price of Tomorrow: Why Deflation is the Key to an Abundant Future

Speaker: Ramez Naam

Accelerating the transition to a clean, abundant world.

Speaker: Neil Jacobstein

Amplifying Resilience and Abundance

Speaker: Scott Summit

Redesigning the methods of the past to address the challenges of the future.

Speaker: Jim Kwik

Learn Anything Faster - Kwik Brain

Speaker: David S. Rose

Gust Launch: The "Company as a Service" platform

Speaker: Anne Connelly

Blockchain for Social Impact

Speaker: Wolfgang Lehmacher

Independent Strategist

Speaker: Rob Muggah

Opportunity in risk - SecDev

Speaker: Divya Chander

To enable more brain, mind, body connections in the service of spirit and growth.

Speaker: Paul Saffo

Never mistake a clear view for a short distance

Speaker: John Hagel

Exploring edges to help everyone achieve more of their potential

Speaker: Denise Roberson

How brands are using purpose to lead through crisis

Speaker: Banning Garrett

Connecting Farm, City, and Technology Transform Urban Food Ecosystems

Speaker: Paul Pagnato

To Positively Impact 1 Million Lives Through Transparency

Speaker: Andrey Berdichevskiy

Igniting collaborative shifts in mobility for good

Speaker: David Orban

Managing the Technology Driven Socioeconomic Phase Transformation

Speaker: Fred T. Davies

Connecting Farm, City and Technology

Speaker: Luigi Baricelli

Creating new reality

Speaker: Nicole Dreiske

Accelerate learning with human technology

Ralston Consulting Inc.

Transforming the Businesses of Tomorrow into Exponential Organizations.


Fast affordable loans for gig workers impacted by COVID-19

Projectize Group

Decoding the DNA of Strategy-Execution (How to Thrive & make an Impact) in a Dynamic | Ambiguous | Nonlinear | Complex | Emergent - World.


Worlds first peer to peer employment marketplace - Jobs for all, Staff on demand, zero cost.


Unlock your digital potential

Fluid Chains

Facilitating transformational blockchain projects

Deloitte Future of Mobility Solution Centre

Igniting collaborative shifts in mobility for good


Making You The Sprinthero -The Fastest Way to Solve Hard Problems

10X Labs

Creating courage through curiosity so that we can align around complex problems and solve the grand challenges of our time

ExO Alliance

Empowering Extraordinary People to Create the Future


Helping cities run a better world

Chrysalis Studios Inc.

Transforming words to pictures.

Growth Institute

Scale Impact & Reduce Drama


Activating the collective genius where your problems turn into solutions and actionable plan


We connect Innovation Ecosystems

ExO World

We want to transform the world for a better future with you