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Exhale by Dev Collective - GSCC Fundraiser

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Welcome from Regine, Dev Collective & Pascale GSCC. Hear from the host about what to expect for the day and about the organization we are supporting today
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Yoga -The Return to Your Breath, The Return to Your Heart with Melissa Day. Get Ready to relax with Melissa. Bring your mat and comfortable clothes . Melissa Day has been teaching yoga for 10 years sharing heart centered practices. In addition to yoga, she has been a voice for preservation of the environment and facilitates environmental awareness with the youth at the Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve.
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Ameliorer Sa Resilence avec Beatrice Dalencour-Turnier. Écoutons et échangeons avec Beatrice sur des techniques clés à adopter dans notre vie de chaque jour. Beatrice et passionnée d'Haïti, de psychologie et des droits des femmes, elle a une formation de base en psychologie et conseil. Elle est PDG de KasiK, vice-présidente de l'Association haïtienne de psychologie et co-fondatrice de la CIPUH - une ligne assistance en santé mentale. Venez avec vos questions!
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Skin Wellness with Dr Sacha Henry. Sacha will tell us about keeping our skin healthy and looking glowing. Sacha work in Haiti and has volunteered countless times in other countries to build the capacity of other medical professionals. Bring your questions!
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Feel Good Music with DJ Karl. Sit back relax and listen to the flow.
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Mindfulness & Female Sexuality with Phaïdra Laraque. Phaïdra Alliance Laraque is the President of the Haitian Psychology Association. She works to inform and raise awareness on the importance of psychological support outside of a mental illness. Her fields of focus are Personal development, Couples, Traumas and Addiction. It's going to be an open discussion.
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Are you Legally Fit? with Giovanna Menard. Many times we're stressed about what we haven't done yet or don't even realize we haven't done yet. Giovanna will remind us of the basic to make sure we are covered legally!
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Design for A Healthy Mind with Brea Elles. Brea Elles is an Interior Architect and the owner of Swanky Standards, an interior design studio assisting clients with new custom built houses and shaping interior spaces. She believes that emotional wellbeing and physical space are interrelated; thus, strives to create deliberate and intentional interiors.
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Your Food, Your Health with Kristele Alerte. Kristele is a nutritionist who has has many successes with her clients. We'll talk to Kristele about being more intentional about the food we consume and the food we take in affects our health. Kristele will be taking questions during the session.
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Integral Sound Sound Healing with Nadege Bellande Robertson. Get ready for a full relaxation session with Nadege. Sound Healing is a practice that uses vibrations in order to relax your mind and body. Bring your mat and comfortable clothes.
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Music Life with DJ Karl


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Exhale - Welcome and Yoga with Melissa

Welcome and Yoga Session

Exhale - Resiliency with Beatrice

Exhale - Resiliency with Beatrice

Exhale - Skin Wellness with Sacha

Skin Wellness with Sacha

Exhale - Female Sexuality and Mindfulness with Phaidra

Feminine Sexuality and Mindfulness

Exhale - Are you legally fit with Giovanna

Are you legally fit with Giovanna

Exhale - Design for a Healthy Mind with Brea

Exhale - Design for a Healthy Mind with Brea

Exhale - Your Food, Your Health with Kristele

Exhale - Your Food, Your Health with Kristele

Exhale - Integral Sound Healing with Nadege

Integral Sound Healing with Nadege