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evolve conference

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Jonas Kunz

Founding Team Member at C-Combinator

Suren Erkman

President of Sofies and Professor at UNIL

Lea Leibold

Head of Cement Business @alcemy

Anabelle Ginez

OISMAK teamie

Rico Travella

Head of Marketing and Communications at Alternative Bank Schweiz

Marie Aymon

evolve teamie

Michael Festl

Professor at University of St.Gallen

Sonja Betschart

Co-Founder & Co-CEO of WeRobotics

Sofía Riascos

Co-Founder of Naturpolymer

Bertrand Gacon

Co-Founder and CEO at Impaakt

Dunia Brunner

PhD candidate in Law & Administration at unil

Simon Pfister

Lecturer at University of St.Gallen

Moritz Meenen

Co-Founder & CEO at ElectricFeel

Kathrin Dellantonio

Head of Corporate Partnership at myclimate

Lubomila Jordanova

Co-Founder & CEO of Plan A and Co-Founder of Greentech Alliance

Stefan Bühler

Professor at University of St.Gallen

Michèle Wicki

evolve teamie

Jivan Chetirian

evolve teamie

Livia Mülheim

evolve teamie

Alexandra Candea

Project Head of evolve

David Rochat

CEO of Sofies

Stephanie Frick

Co-Developer of SENS

Jorge Vega Matos

VP of Marketing, Communications, and Public Affairs

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We are a project of oikos st. gallen, which organizes an annual conference on the topic of social entrepreneurship. This year, our goal is to show that social entrepreneurship is not only doable & sustainable but also profitable and very much within reach. We hope to inspire to aspire!

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Sonja Betschart

Meet Sonja Betschart - our speaker and Co-Founder and Co-CEO of WeRobotics


We are the first Colombian company producing bioplastics using local agricultural waste.

Avisha Antunez

conscious clothing and café


Platform for Social Entrepreneurship in Switzerland


Connecting people with renewable solutions.

Purify City

Purify City is developing a software-hardware solution to improve air quality in polluted cities.


Offering young adults solutions to talk about their mental health problems.


GurUh offers a personalized vocational guidance


Innovating Air Deliveries

Smart Rides

Corporate Carpooling


Your personal sitting coach.


(sponsoring video) Honestly, we are nuts.


(sponsoring video) Essento Insect Food - making insects delicious