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Europe Disruptive Investments Summit

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Michael Gord

Co-Founder & CEO of GDA Capital, Managing Director at the XDB Foundation

Marcus Maute

Managing Director at Bridge Tower Capital

Barron Nicholas Verwilghen

Chief Investment Officer at 1741 Fund Solutions AG

Alex Man

Partner at Jun Capital

Jason Fernandes

CSO at IBC Group and CBO at Nft Tech

James Haft

Executive Chairman of

Olaf Hannemann

Co-Founder of CV VC

Simon Telian

Managing Director at Blockchain AG and CEO of

Arun Kant

CEO of Leoniehill Capital

James Godfrey

Head of International Banking and Lending at GDA

Johannes Hainlein

Partner of Staithe Capital

Matt Cape

Founder & Director at Staithe Capital Limited

Valerian Bennett

Managing Director at POP Network

Kimberly Adams

VP of Marketing at DigitalBits

Nell Daly

EVP of Sports & Entertainment, Business and Partnerships at Together Group

Zoe Seccul

Co-Founder & CGO of Pylons, Head of IR at Iconic Funds

Barbara Lang

Managing Partner at InnoExec GmbH

Gertrud Aeschlimann

Co-owner, Director & Curator at the Art St. Urban Foundation

Ori Ohayon

Head of Corporate Development & Capital Markets at GDA Capital

Estelle Ohayon

Estelle Ohayon, President at EO Art Concierge Inc.

Sergey Kononykhin

Chief Operating & Financial Officer of Netbox.Global

Bartolome Bordallo

Co-Founder & CEO of Zignaly

Raoul Milhado

Founder & CEO of Elitium

Johannes Gugl

Partner at Aaro Capital

Avi Rapaport

CEO of Fund Admin AG

Toufic Adlouni

Managing Director, Lawyer at Renno & Co.

Tatianna Koffman

CIO of Koffman Capital & Writer for Forbes

Alex Daskalov

CEO of KNOX Custody

Jerome Sinpaseuth

Blockchain Consutant and Developer, Architect at SingularityNet

Alex Mansour

Founder & CEO of Nomad Capital

Joachim Godet

CEO of 01 Capital

Dave Carr

Marketing at the Decentraland Foundation

James Ashton

CEO of Vegas City Limited

Chris Lovell

Director of External Affairs at GAME Credits

Andrew Kononykhin

Co-Founder & Head of Product, Netbox.Global

Chetan Mehta

Chief Executive Officer – Wami Capital

Karl Samsen

Executive Vice President of Capital Markets at GDA Capital

Leo Von Prellwitz

Entrepreneur and Investor

Courtney Fitzsimmons

CEO, MEX Digital

Conor McNamee

Operations & Tokenization at GDA Capital

Steve Wand

Digitible & Not Fungible

Ashley Moore

Vice President of Sales at GDA Capital

Andrew Kiguel

Co-Founder & CEO of

David Shafrir

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of GDA Capital

Zachary Friedman

COO of GDA Capital

Zak Taher

COO of MEX Digital

Joaquim MIro

Senior Vice President of Global Growth at GDA Capital​

Al Burgio

Founder & CEO of Zytara & Founder of DigitalBits

Jean-Luc Gustav

Vice President of Asia at GDA Capital

Vladimir Maslyakov

Minergate CTO & Free TON Initial Member

Alejandro Gutierrez

Chief Operating Officer at Defactor

Alexander Zaytsev

CEO & Co-founder of Raison

Gavin Reiff

Vice President of Real Estate at Richter

Brian Elders

Founder & CEO of Sors Digital Assets Limited

Daniel Sloan

Co-Founder of Future Tech & CBDO at Accubits

Jason Cassidy

CEO of Game Credits & Co-Founder of Not Fungible

Tali Friedman

Operations & Tokenization at GDA Capital

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GDA Group

The GDA Group is one of the first and most established blockchain firms in North America. In addition to hosting community events, GDA is focused in diverse areas of the blockchain and digital asset industries including capital markets, digital asset offerings & capital formation, trading & liquidity, consulting, development and other related services.

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