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Europe's Digital Decade: Empowered by Open Source

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· Sessions
Main Track: Part 1
Follow the presentation on EC initiatives and first study results
Manuel Mateo Goyet Thomas Gageik Sachiko Muto Knut Blind Frank Nagle Sivan Pätsch Paula Grzegorzewska Mirko Boehm Andrew Katz
· Sessions
Breakout sessions
Discuss with experts and the study team your views of the first results of the European Commission Open Source study
Astor Nummelin Carlberg Sachiko Muto Knut Blind Sivan Pätsch Carlo Daffara Karel De Vriendt
· Sessions
Main Track: Part 2
Follow the panels on the breakout sessions and thematic panels on research, SMEs, the public sector and industry
Manuel Mateo Goyet Sachiko Muto Carlo Daffara Graham Taylor Karel De Vriendt Sayeed Choudhury Thomas Streinz Javier Serrano Danese Cooper Dirk Riehle Timo Väliharju Colin Hanna Clare Dillon Andreas Reichel Martina Paul Néjia Lanouar Keith Bergelt Calista Redmond Gaël BLONDELLE Erika  Cadamuro Maha Shaikh


Manuel Mateo Goyet

Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission, DG CNECT

Thomas Gageik

Director, European Commission, DG DIGIT

Astor Nummelin Carlberg

Policy Director, OpenForum Europe

Maha Shaikh

Senior Lecturer of Digital Innovation, King’s College London

Erika Cadamuro

Head of FOSS Center of Competence, Daimler


VP, Eclipse Foundation

Calista Redmond

CEO, RISC-V Foundation

Keith Bergelt

CEO, Open Invention Network

Néjia Lanouar

CIO, City of Paris

Martina Paul


Andreas Reichel

Board, Dataport

Clare Dillon

Director, Mosslabs

Colin Hanna

Principal, Balderton Capital

Timo Väliharju

Board Member, APELL

Dirk Riehle

Professor Open Source Software, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg

Danese Cooper

President, InnerSource Commons

Javier Serrano


Thomas Streinz

Adjunct Professor, NYU

Sayeed Choudhury

Associate Dean, Johns Hopkins University

Karel De Vriendt

Retired, previously Head of Unit, EC DIGIT

Graham Taylor

Chairman, OpenForum Europe

Carlo Daffara

CEO, NodeWeaver

Andrew Katz

Open Source lawyer, Moorcrofts

Mirko Boehm

Open Source developer and manager

Paula Grzegorzewska

Policy Analyst, OpenForum Europe

Sivan Pätsch

Research Director, OpenForum Europe

Frank Nagle

Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School

Knut Blind

Professor, TU Berlin

Sachiko Muto

CEO, OpenForum Europe

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