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Claudio Gennaro

Senior Advocacy Programmes Coordinator, ESOMAR

Geraldine Proust

Head of Public Affairs and Professional Standards, ESOMAR

Lisa Wilding-Brown

Chief Executive Officer at InnovateMR, ESOMAR Council Member

Tom De Ruyck

Managing Partner & Head of Insight Activation at InSites Consulting, ESOMAR Council Member

Kyle Hope

Senior Project Director, Team Lead at Quest Mindshare, Canada

Siobhán Collins

Branding Specialist, Bord Bia – The Irish Food Board, Ireland

Emily Higgins

Associate Director of Insights, Opinions, UK

Chawntae Applegate

Executive Vice President - Global Sales, Schlesinger Group

Zachary Grashow

Sr. Vice President of Sales, Quest Mindshare

Rob Berger

ESOMAR Representative for Canada

Steve Phillips

CEO, Zappi, UK

Marie-Agnes Mourot de Lathyle

Chief Finance and Operations Officer, ESOMAR

Gary Laben

Chief Executive Officer, Dynata, USA

Camilla Carson

Executive Director of Partnerships, Black Swan Data, UK

Katja Maggio

Global Strategy & Insights Director, JDE Peets, The Netherlands

Bob Birdsell

Membership Development Director, North America

Jean-Marc Leger

ESOMAR Representative for Canada

Greg Matheson

Managing Partner of Quest Mindshare & CEO of Innovative Research Technologies, Canada

Luke Bothwell

Director of Product Management, Innovative Research Technologies, USA

Ben Coats

CTO, Innovative Research Technologies Inc, USA

Kevin Daly

Chief Sales Officer, Toluna, USA

Phil Ahad

Chief Digital Officer, Toluna, USA

Anna Finkelshtein

Senior Manager Consumer Insights, Bacardi, Canada

Lavanya Bakshi

Consumer Insights & Data Analytics Lead, Samsung Electronics, Canada

Myra Saeed

Senior Brand Manager, Reckitt, Canada

Kristian Alomá, PhD

Founder & CEO, Threadline, USA

Jared Carr

Chief Customer Officer, Qualsights, USA

Steve Millman

Steven Millman, Head of Global Research and Data Sciences, Dynata, USA

Niels Schillewaert

Managing Partner and Co-Founder, InSites Consulting, Belgium

Ioana Danila

Global Insights Manager, World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), Spain

Ki Choi

Research Leader - Marketing Systems Insights, Meta

Roger Kong

Consultant, Fiftyfive5, Australia

Nana Appah

Research Facilitator and Analyst, NRI, Canada

Chris Farquhar

Managing Partner, Cimigo & Managing Director, Cido Asia Pacific, Hong Kong

Stella Igweamaka

Senior Market Research Manager, Persky, Canada

Marissa Tsioutsis

Consultant, Fiftyfive5, Australia

Amelie Truffert

Partner, Ordinary Differences, South Africa

Busola (Akin-Olawore) Boyle-Komolafe

Founder & Director of Research, Versa Research, Nigeria

Ritanbara Mundrey

Global Consumer and Marketplace Insights Manager, Nestlé, Switzerland

Katey Diamond

Lead Consultant and Partner, IS IT A , Denmark

Adriana Rocha

Co-Founder & Global CEO, eCGlobal, USA

Licaco Tanaka

Marketing Consultant, VALUES Inc., Japan

Fiona McNae

CEO, Space Doctors, Part of InSites Consulting, UK

Jon Puleston

Professional Standards Committee, ESOMAR

Graeme Lawrence

Managing Partner, Insites Consulting, UK

Vignesh Krishnan

CEO, Research Defender, USA

Caroline Frankum

Global Chief Executive Officer, Profiles Division, Kantar, UK

Maria Bruder

Senior Research Executive, BBC World Service, UK

Jocelyn Rout

Co-Managing Director, Kantar Public, New Zealand

Nekita Cox

Category Manager, Don Smallgoods, George Weston Foods, Australia

Esie Mensah

Multidisciplinary Artist, Canada

Isaac Rogers

Chief Strategy Officer, Schlesinger Group, USA

Jason Tiffer

Senior Vice President, Global Sales, Borderless Access

Ndeye Diagne

Managing Director West Africa, Insights Division, Kantar, Nigeria

Lyndall Spooner

Chief Executive Officer, Fifth Dimension Research and Consulting, Australia

Grant Feller

Chief Storyteller, WeAreStoryMakers, UK

Gabe Gales

Senior Manager, Global Comms & Media Effectiveness, The Coca-Cola Company, USA

David Jodice

Professional Standard Committee, WAPOR, USA

Dharmendra Jain

Operations Director & Analytics Lead (West, East and Central Africa), Kantar, Kenya

Patricia Olivares

Consumer Insights Director LATAM, The Coca-Cola Company, Mexico

Sandy Casey

SVP of Global SupplySVP of Global Supply, InnovateMR, USA

Kseniya Kizilova

Head Of Secretariat, World Values Survey Association, Austria

Barry Watson

President, Environics Research, Canada

Erin Sowell

Researcher, Innovation Consultant & Founder, Thoughtful Research, USA

Pravin Shekar

CEO Ad Interim, ESOMAR

Kathleen Frankovic

Professional Standards Committee, ESOMAR

Priyanka Bhargav

Senior Director - Marketing & Research Head, Flipkart, India

Manuel Garcia-Garcia

Global Lead of Neuroscience, Ipsos, USA

Rachael Ryan

Global Research & Insights Partner, TikTok, USA

Jaclyn Williams

Research & Insights Partner, TikTok, USA

Tina Tonielli

US and North America Lead, Consumer and Business Insights and Analytics, Haleon, USA

Jana Delancey

SVP Global Foresights, Insights & Analytics, Mastercard, USA

Anna Alu

Senior Consultant - Developments, ESOMAR, Italy

Daniele Nickel

Global Research & Insights Partner, TikTok, USA

Stefka Mihaylova

Director, Entropik Tech, Bulgaria

Vita Molis

Head of Research and Insights, Global Business Marketing, , USA

Sarah Wylie

Independent Research Professional, The Collaborative Trust, New Zealand

Corrine Moy

ESOMAR Council member

Jasper Grosskurth

Managing Director, Dalberg, Kenya

Scilla Alecci

Investigative Reporter and Video Journalist for ICIJ, USA

Parves Khan

Director General, ESOMAR

Jeremy Gutsche

New York Times Best Selling Author and CEO, Trend Hunter, Canada

Bianca Saldanha

Quantitative Researcher, Ipsos, India

Christina Furlong

Senior Consumer Insight Specialist, Kerry, Ireland

Mausmi Pandya

Manager, Global Insights, PepsiCo, India

Sebastian Berger

CTO & Co-Founder, epap, Germany

Fabian Gruß

CEO & Co-Founder, epap, Germany

Anita Pavic

Research Manager, Bulbshare Ltd, UK

Caryl Anne Marcelo

Associate Researcher, Prestige MKT Research Services Asia Inc, Phillipines

Chris Martin


Paddy Cain

Partner, Nature, Australia

Chris Crook

Managing Partner, Nature, Australia

Oana Popa Rengle

Qualitative Research Consultant/ Owner, Anamnesis, Romania

Andreea Bica

Marketing Research Assistant, Synevo, Romania

Henry Talbot

Senior Advisor & Research Lead, New Zealand Classification Office, New Zealand

Jason Brownlee

Founder, Colourtext, UK

Daniel Quinn

Director, The Forge, The Netherlands

Charles Wilson

Director, Consumer Insights and Analytics - North America, New Balance, USA

Xabier Palacio

Senior Industry Analyst, ESOMAR

Leib Litman

Co-founder, CloudResearch, USA

Diego Casaravilla

Founder, Fine Research, Argentina

Emily Huang

Associate Manager, NielsenIQ, Taiwan

Vanessa Oshima

Heart-Data Inc, ESOMAR Council Member

Victor Boyle-Komolafe

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, GIVO, Nigeria

Dana Kim

Founder & CEO, Highlight, USA

Tina Cheng

Director, Merrill Lynch, USA

Leanne Tomasevic

Managing Director, Truth, UK

Annie Pettit

Chief Research Officer, E2E Research, Canada

Rupa Raje

President, E2E Research, India

Cato Hunt

Director, Space Doctors, UK

Akiko Koyasu

Company Executive Officer, VALUES, Inc., Japan

Thyago Simoes

CX Research, Itaú Unibanco, Brazil

Claudia Furniel

CX Research Manager, Itaú Unibanco, Brazil

Minh Nguyen

Senior Marketing Research Manager, Google, Japan

Philip Ryan

Partner, Ipsos Strategy 3, USA

Nic Umana

Global Agile Innovation Human Intelligence Director, Mars, USA

Thomas Troch

Head of Design & Accelerate, InSites Consulting, USA

Alessandra Grimoldi

Senior Manager Digital Marketing and Consumer Insight, Whirlpool EMEA, Italy

Kevin Cowan

Insight Manager BBC World Service Group, USA

Brinda Mathew

Head of Brand Performance, IKEA, Canada

Kalle Backlund

R&D and Product Methodolog, Nepa, Sweden

Deepak Varma

Head of Neuroscience Insights, Kantar, USA

Begonia Faifan

LATAM Human Insights Senior Director, Coca-Cola Company, Mexico

Javier Quinones

Founder, Foster & Flow LTD, New Zealand

Judith Passingham

Chair Professional Standards Cte, ESOMAR

Mike Cooke

Chair Legal Affairs Committee, ESOMAR

Fenny Léautier

Head of Marketing Insights & Analytics Personal Health, Philips, The Netherlands

John Kearon

Founder and Executive President, System1 Group PLC, UK

Neha Firdous

Manager - Consumer Insights, Amazon, India

Rich Ratcliff

Chief Product Officer, OpinionRoute LLC, USA

Anne Calot

Co-Founder | Managing Director, The Social Wire, France

Laurence Lienhard

SVP Insights, Analytics, Strategy & Propective, Coty, France

Malaiesswari Kiritika

Associate Director, Research and Insights, Flipkart, India

Ujwal Arkalgud

Cultural Anthropologist, Author. EVP Lux Research, MotivBase, USA

John Tabone

Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC), Canada

Kristin Luck

President, ESOMAR

Michelle Gansle

ESOMAR Council Member, VP, Global Insights and Analytics, McDonald's, USA

Chris Hauck

President & Founder, HauckEye, USA

Adam Riley

Founder, Decision Architects, UK

David Smith

Founder and Director, DVL Smith Ltd, UK

Amy Knowles

Senior Vice President at Research Strategy Group Inc., Canada

Darlene MacDonald

Senior Director Consumer Insights, Maple Leaf Foods Inc., Canada

James Boothroyd

Managing Director, EcoAnalytics Research, Canada

Sarah Roberton

Vice President, Corporate and Public Affairs, Environics Research, Canada

Karolina Kozłowska

Marketing Research Manager, mBank, Poland

Piotr Idzik

Managing Director, MASMI, Poland

Megan Lau

Director, Microsoft, USA

Caroline Iurillo

Senior Data Scientist, Microsoft, USA

April Jeffries

Global President, Ipsos Understanding Unlimited, USA

Kerry Edelstein

President and Founder, Research Narrative, USA

Damion Taylor

President & Co-Founder, Prometheus Digital Studio, USA

Michaela Mora

Founder, Relevant Insights, USA

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ESOMAR is a not-for-profit membership organisation. Members form a community convinced of the potential of data analytics, research and insights to help improve societies, organisations and everyone's life, including yours. We've been helping individuals and organisations that are part of the analytics and insights ecosystem since 1947. ESOMAR is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. ESOMAR is present in over 130 countries through its members, so you're bound to find an ESOMAR member in your country keen to collaborate.

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