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Reginald Grant

Business Strategist, CEO eSportsInstruction, Inc. and Business Dev. Retired NFL players Congress

We consult with and market start-up businesses.

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Reginald Grant/

Building Businesses is our Business!

Rainbow PUSH Sports

For the past few years, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition has been at the forefront of inclusion in the technology and sports sectors.

Post Season

Helping athletes transition from competitive sports.

Retired NFL Players Congress

Manufactures of the "When Football WUZZ Football" apparel line.

MB Films

Mallak Brooks Bey


RVnGO the Airbnb for the RV industry. Changing the way you vacation.

MariTeaJuana LLC

Creating herbal tea flavors infused with cannabis.

Vos Strategies

Branding & Marketing Services


eWavez™ is based on Electrotherapy. Electrotherapy is a proven technique used to relieve pain in an injured or diseased part of the body.

BodyFly, Inc. Seyi Ajirotutu CEO

From cardio to strength and everything in between BodyFly allows you to add new exercises to your workout routine.

Optimal Cipher

Cyber Security

Cirq Plus

THE NEW STANDARD OF CLEAN! By launching our hospitality-grade solution, CIRQ+


Got Pain? Skinz.GG has a product for you

Wildcard Gaming

We give players the resources and support necessary for them to achieve their goals and maximize their skillset.

Subchondral Solutions, Inc.

Revolutionizing Joint Repair

Prothymos Technologies /

A technology company. and The Barrage

Soular Alchemy

Soular is the rebrand of the company previously known as Inlightened Alchemy.

Saluting Community Heroes' on Veterans Day, November 11, 2020. Join Us !

MY Cure All

"The MyCureAll app empowers insurance companies to reimburse for medical cannabis, while reducing overall healthcare spending"

Celebrity Chef Nikko - Cooking with Terpenes

Chef Nikko is a natural leader who always has a finger on the pulse of current culinary nutritional trends.

Oh Yes Shave

100 years women have been forced to shave like men with a short, rigid razor applying too much pressure,