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Envision Demo Day 2021

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Maria Zlatkova

Co-founder, Kangaroo

Tommy Searle

Founder, Wellnest

Katie Mishra

Co-Founder & CEO, Kangaroo

Lilly Chen

Co-Founder & CEO, Contenda

Phoebe Yao

Founder & CEO, Pareto

Michael Ogunsanya

Founder & CEO, MindStand

Timi Dayo-Kayode

Founder & CEO, Next of Kin

Joshe Ordonez

Founder & CEO, Airpals

Beverly Leon

Founder & CEO, Local Civics

Justin Intal

Co-founder & CEO, Forage

Uche Nnadi

Co-founder, PayHippo

Chioma Okotcha

Co-founder, PayHippo

Blake Stoner

Founder, Vngle

Ileana Del Risco

Co-founder, Vitruvian

Andrea Del Risco

Co-founder, Vitruvian

Vanessa Castañeda Gill

Co-founder, Social Cipher

Kristen Mashikian

Head of Sponsorships, Envision

Joel Montano

Head of Growth, Envision

Nafisa Istami

Investor Relations & Community Associate, Envision

Sunita Rao

Head of Platform, Envision

James Rogers

Head of Ops, Envision

Eliana Berger

Director, Envision

Jonathan Pierre

Head of Community & Operations Associate, Envision

Zach Bijesse

Co-founder & CEO, PayHippo

The event is over

Envision is the first virtual student-led, student-built accelerator – helping diverse founders build their companies.

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Local Civics

Game-based civic learning


Making it easier to finance small businesses in Africa

Social Cipher

SEL gaming platform connecting neurodivergent youth and their advocates


The evolution of the B2B Logistics Marketplace


The shopping experience of the future


The Monetization Infrastructure for Online Communities


“Various angles” of nonpartisan reality news for the people & by the people near you.


Internet infrastructure for government subsidies


Robotic Process Automation

MindStand Technologies

Fostering inclusive remote workspaces, one post at a time.


Piece of mind in your pocket.


Predictive retention marketing tool for content creators.


Build relationships between fans and franchises through interactive, personalized, and competitive storytelling.