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The Marine Alliance For Science and Technology For Scotland (MASTS)


Caitlin Harris

Potential environmental effects of widespread future deployment of floating ORE structures

Sophie Crouch

Mapping marine top predators in a changing seascape – will offshore wind farms have an effect?

Vahid Seydi

Deep recurrent neural networks to classify big cetacean around tidal turbines based on passive acoustic monitoring.

Nicholas Petzinna

Evaluating the performance of multibeam echosounders with standardised targets

Lenaig Hemery

Efficiency of eDNA compared to conventional methods for biodiversity survey at offshore energy sites

James Slingsby

The applicability of unmanned aerial vehicles as a survey tool within tidal stream environments

Noel Bristow

IMARDIS Cyberinfrastructure - a cloud-based data management system for environmental impact assessments of tidal turbines

Hayley Farr

Tethys: Facilitating Knowledge Sharing on Environmental Effects of Marine Renewable Energy

Inne Withouck

A novel mapping technique to integrate socio-economic differences between marine regions into strategic-level suitability mapping