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Gernot Vallentin

Dimitris Kantaros

VP - Data Centers Operations at Lamda Hellix

George Tamboureas

Executive Director of Corporate Real Estate Management at OTE Group, General Manager OTE Estate

Stella Pieris

Architect & Partner at Pieris.Architects Arb, RIBA

Dimitris Gkoutzamanis

Sustainability Facilities Manager SANI RESORT & IKOS RESORTS

Sandra Baer

Sustainability Manager DIMAND

Agis Kothalis

President & CEO KEBE

Aristides Papadopoulos

Βασιλική Σίτα - Γιάννα Νίκου

Dimitra Tzourmakliοtou

Stella Tsartsara

Dimitris Kitsikopoulos

Founder and VP of Electra Energy Social Enterprise

Evangelia Mitsiakou

Architect - Engineer, Sustainability Consultant

Manos Kranidis

Civil Engineer NTUA - Member of the Panhellenic Federation of Property Owners

Konstantinos Laskos

Energy Efficiency Consultant/ Modeler/Energy Auditor

Ioannis Ladopoulos

RE Engineer, VP - Association of Greek Research Offices

Jan Steiger

Architect - PassivHaus Institut

Alkis Triantafyllopoulos

Head of Engineering at Menerga Hellas - ASHRAE Decarbonisation Task Force - HVAC Trainer

Liana Anagnostaki

Engineer,Technological Systems Management - Member of the EU BIM Task Group Governing Committee

Mick Pearce

Biomimicry Architecture - The EASTGATE Mall, Harare Zimbabwe

Dimitris Papastergiou

Mayor of Trikala - President of the Central Union of Greek Municipalities

Maria Kaltsa

Senior Energy Efficiency in Buildings Expert - FMR SG in Spatial Planning

Stefan Pallantzas

Msc Civil Engineer, Passive House Certifier, C.P.H.Designer /DesignPH/Flixo Reseller

Thomas Doxiadis

Architect, Landscape Architect Harvard University founder of doxiadis+

Yamina Saheb

Lead Author - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, UN/Senior Energy Policy Analyst

Mat Santamouris

a Scientia, Distinguished, Professor of High Performance Architecture at UNSW

Alexandra Sdoukou

Secretary General for Energy & Mineral Resources

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