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Empower the Community Weekend

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· Stage
Opening Remarks
Opening remark followed by Performance by Melat and DJ K-Meta
Helen Mesfin Melat Kassa
· Stage
Civic Engagement Power Panel
Conversation about protecting our voice as immigrants and the value of our vote and participation in the political process
Andom Ghebreghiorgis Ben Jealous
· Stage
Music and Sponsor Presentation
Sponsor Presentation and Music DJ K-Meta
DJ K-Meta Helen Mesfin
· Sessions
Health and Wellness
This session is about Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, Preventative Care and Living a Healthy Lifestyle
Wintana  Kiros Kidest Assegued Luwam  Tesfaye
· Sessions
Minding Your Money Small Business
This session offers small businesses financing, resources available for businesses impacted by COVID-19 & marketing for success
Mikella Girma John Mains Yodit Shibru
· Stage
Music and Sponsor Presentation
Helen Mesfin Melat Kassa
· Stage
Business Leaders Power Panel
Business leaders share challenges, opportunities and techniques that worked for them as they ascend the corporate ladder in America as immigrants.
Lishan Aklog Haimanot Bekele Teddy Bekele
· Stage
Sponsor and Music Presentation
Sponsors and Dj K-Meta
DJ K-Meta Helen Mesfin
· Sessions
Resources for Parenting Children with Disability
Disability advocates and pediatrician will share resources and information to help parents of children with disability
Dr. Yodit Benalfew Leah Seyoum-Tesfa Azeb Adere
· Sessions
YOU: Rediscovered
Strategies to shift, adapt and grow YOU
Tiemert Letike Adey Chekol Helina Girma
· Stage
Sponsor and Music Presentation
Sponsor Presentation and Melat
Helen Mesfin Melat Kassa
· Stage
Young Trailblazers Power Panel
Young Trailblazers Share their Professional Journey to Inspire Attendees
Luwam Keflezgy Yonas Beshawred Ruth B
· Stage
Sponsor and Music Presentation
Sponsors and Dj K-Meta
DJ K-Meta Helen Mesfin
· Sessions
Young & Engaged BLM Movement & the Immigrant Experience
Discussion on the role of first generation immigrant youth in BLM movement. Racial inequality in this country and Civic Engagement
Omer Reshid Nate Tinbite Hannah Gebresilassie Rekike Getaneh
· Sessions
Career Advancement
Community Career Ambassadors will be sharing career tips you can use to secure your next job as well as advancing to the next leve
· Expo
Closing Remarks
Closing Remarks by Helen
Helen Mesfin


Gabe Hamda

President & CEO ICATT Consulting

Emebet Mengiste


DJ K-Meta


Melat Kassa


Helen Mesfin

Host ECW 2020

Luwam Keflezgy

Celebrity Choreographer & Creative Director

Mikella Girma

Vice President of Business Banking

Rekike Getaneh

Community Advocate and Entrepreneur

Dr. Yodit Benalfew

Internal Medicine Doctor at Kaiser Permanente

Hannah Gebresilassie

Community Advocate, Journalist and Entrepreneur

Nate Tinbite

Former Member of the Montgomery County Board of Education

Omer Reshid

Former Member of the Baltimore County Board of Education

John Mains

Executive Director, SB Works

Yodit Shibru

Director of Government Contracts & Procurement Services

Leah Seyoum-Tesfa

President of Reaching Families Advocacy and Support Group

Wintana Kiros

Clinical Dietitian and a Former Model.

Helina Girma

Certified Coach, Trainer & Speaker

Adey Chekol

Integrative Self-Mastery Coach

Luwam Tesfaye

Personal Trainer/Fitness & Life Coach

Azeb Adere

President at Ethiopian Eritrean Special Needs Community

Kidest Assegued

Internal Medicine Doctor at Kaiser Permanente

Ruth B


Yonas Beshawred

Founder & CEO StackShare

Tiemert Letike

Life Coach, Unchaining Me

Justin Fairfax

Lieutenant Governor of Virginia

Ben Jealous

President, People For the American Way

Andom Ghebreghiorgis

Former Congressional Candidate NY

Teddy Bekele

Sr. Vice President & CTO Land O'Lakes Business Leaders Power Panel

Haimanot Bekele

Director R&D Confectionery, Mars Business Leaders Power Panel

Lishan Aklog

Chairman & CEO PAVmed Inc. Heart Surgeon. Business Leaders Power Panel

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Empower The Community Weekend

ECW is a one-day family centered event that brings together the largest East African community in the Washington DC area.

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