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Empower 2021

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Dominic Constandi

Kristen Long

Senior Manager, Marketing Programs, Seismic

Belal Batrawy

SaaS Startip Advisor, DeathtoFluff

Sasha Novakovich

Founder & CEO, Alchemy

Nicole Alvino

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, SocialChorus

Brian Crofts

Chief Product Officer at AuditBoard

Kyle Lacy

Chief Marketing Officer, Lessonly

Jason Smith

CEO, Klue

Maya Grossman

VP Marketing, Canvas

Emily Tate

Managing Director at Mind the Product

Kristi Faltorusso

VP of Customer Success at ClientSuccess

Amyra Rand

Vice President of Sales at Ziflow

Cici Zheng

Principal at ParkerGale Capital

Lisa Pratt

Vice President of Customer Engagement Marketing at UKG

Sunir Shah

Founder & CEO of AppBind

Lloyed Lobo

Cofounder, Boast.AI

Audrey Crane

Partner, DesignMap

Rajesh Nerlikar

CEO, Prodify

Donna Weber

President of Springboard Solutions, Customer Onboarding Expert

Xander Oltmann

Founder, CEO at Scope

Shareil Nariman

Head of Customer Experience at Arrows

John Rougeux

VP Marketing Strategy + Category Design Lead, BombBomb

Boaz Maor

Chief Customer Officer at talech

Tory Gray

Founder, The Gray Dot Company

Rowan Noronha

VP Product Marketing, Bizzabo

Daniel Murphy

Director of Marketing, Privy

Kyle Poyar

Operating Partner, OpenView

Mark Stiving

Chief Pricing Educator at Impact Pricing

Anthony Cessario

VP of Industries and GTM Solutions at Clari

Tamara Grominsky

Chief Strategy Officer at Unbounce

Peter Kazanjy

CEO at Atrium

Courtney Huck

Project Manager, OneGuide

Empower Conference

Founder, OneGuide

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