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Alex Housand

Software Developer at SmartLogic

Stephanie Vizzi

Software Developer at SmartLogic

Mackenzie Morgan

Senior Back-end Engineer at Axios

Yair Flicker

President, SmartLogic

Norberto Lopes

CTO at Duffel

Alex Loukissas

Staff Engineer at Whatnot

Alexandra Chakeres

Software Engineer at Blinker

Bryan Joseph

Senior Software Engineer at Community

Digit (doawoo)

Senior Engineer

Andrew Morin

Senior Software Engineer at ClusterTruck

Eric Oestrich

Engineering Manager at SmartLogic; Producer: Elixir Wizards Podcast

Elaine Zhou

CTO at

Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya

CTO at BlockFi

Greg Mefford

Principal Full-Stack Engineer at STORD

Maqbool Alam

Software Developer

Japa Swadia

Senior Software Engineer at PagerDuty

Keaty Gross

Director Of Backend Engineering at

Randall Thomas

Founder & CEO at Thunderbolt Labs

Sundi Myint

Developer at SmartLogic; Co-Host: Elixir Wizards Podcast

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SmartLogic is a US-based custom web and mobile application development agency. Since 2005, we have built over 150 custom software applications for funded startups and established organizations alike. We bring new projects to life using modern technologies and agile development practices.We work with startups & established companies to accelerate their time to market by building whole applications, delivering features while a team scales up, and standing up scalable infrastructure. We deliver stress-free software development through constant communication, organization, and transparency.

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