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Electrical and Computer Engineering Industry Night

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John Hart

Recruitment Specialist at Honda of Canada Mfg.

Sandy Truong

Recruitment Consultant at FDM Group

Yiwen Song

Public Relations Specialist for Huawei

Sanjay Gupta

Senior Director of Engineering at Qualcomm

Wenjuan Zhou

Public Relations Specialist for Huawei

Margarita Kossinova

Talent Acquisition at General Motors

Sai-Kit Eng

Director of Program Management at Qualcomm

Anusiya Vaceekaran Vaceekaran

Recruitment Consultant at FDM Group

Marina Marchanka [FDM Group]

University Partnership Manager

Bimal Patel

Senior Manager at Synopsys

Alireza Shoa

Senior Staff Video Algorithm Engineer at Qualcomm

Corey Ballantyne

Staff Design Verification Engineer at Qualcomm

Paul Leung

Principal Staff Engineer/Manager at Qualcomm

Jinman Chang

Staff Engineer at Qualcomm

Ashish Garg

Staff Engineer at Qualcomm

Mary Ann Tolentino

Administrative Assistant at Qualcomm

Winston Vernon

Senior Engineer at Qualcomm

Ryan Schultz

ASIC Digital Designer 2 at Synopsys

Albert Le

ASIC Digital Designer 2 at Synopsys

Connor Chandran

ECES Industry Night Representative

Michael Nguyen

General Motors of Canada Representative

Kait Davidson

Senior TA Specialist at L3 Harris

Ameer Ali

University Recruiter for General Motors Canada

Christina Lei Manio

Senior Digital Verification Engineer at Synopsys

Kathleen Lam

Synopsys Representative

Carissa De Rubeis

Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at L3Harris

Richard Hamilton

Control Integration Engineer at General Motors

Christopher Braga

Senior Engineer at Qualcomm

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Honda of Canada

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