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EditFest Global 2020

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Matt Christensen

Adobe Video Expert

Karl Soule

Adobe Video Expert

Shawn Carlson

Blackmagic Design Representative

Kathy Scibetta

ADOBE Representative

troy takaki, ACE

ACE Member

Michael Krulik

AVID Representative

Stephen Rivkin, ACE

President of American Cinema Editors

Kevin Tent, ACE

ACE Member

Joan Sobel, ACE

ACE Member

Mark Helfrich, ACE

ACE Member

Catherine Haight, ACE

ACE Member

Shannon Baker Davis

ACE Member

Jeffrey Ford, ACE

ACE Member

Julia Wong, ACE

ACE Member

Andrew Buckland, ACE

ACE Member

Debbie Berman

ACE Member

Carolyn Giardina

Journalist, Hollywood Reporter

Poppy Das, ACE

ACE Member

Harry Yoon, ACE (He/Him)

Euphoria, Detroit

Tatiana Riegel, ACE

ACE Member

Sabrina Plisco, ACE

ACE Member

Gary Levy ACE

ACE Member

Terel Gibson, ACE

ACE Member

Fred Raskin, ACE

ACE Member

Kate Sanford, ACE

ACE Member

Niven Howie, ACE

ACE Member

Aaron I. Butler, ACE

ACE Member

Dody Dorn, ACE

ACE Member

Margot Nack

Sr. Manager at Adobe

Bobbie O'Steen


Gretchen Schroeder

Avatar 2 (Assistant Editor)

Catherine Apple, ACE

Onward, Hotel Transylvania 1&2

Amelia Allwarden

Little Fires Everywhere, PEN15

Melissa McCoy, ACE

Ted Lasso, Whiskey Cavalier

Kelley Dixon, ACE

Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul

Mark Hartzell, ACE

Lost in Space, True Blood

Sim Evan-Jones, ACE

Shawn the Sheep, Shrek

Jeff Draheim, ACE

Frozen 1&2, Moana

William Goldenberg, ACE

Argo, Zero Dark Thirty

Benjamin Massoubre, ACE

I Lost My Body

Ant Boys, ACE

The Great, Veep

Joyce Arrastia, ACE

Hotel Transylvania 3, Rise of the Guardians, Monsters vs Aliens

Jacques Gravett, ACE

Shots Fired, Battlestar Galactica

Maryann Brandon, ACE

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Kabir Akhtar, ACE

Never Have I Ever (director), Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (editor and director)

Terilyn Shropshire, ACE

The Old Guard, When They See Us, Secret Life of Bees, Love & Basketball

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