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Nicolas Corrarello

Senior Director, Solutions Engineering EMEA @ Wiz

Yann Begassat

Business Development Director, Broadpeak

Olivier Avaro

CEO of Blacknut

David Owens

Head of Technical Trials, Virgin Media o2

Melissa Doré

VP Partnerships @ Ori Industries

Stephen @ HarperDB

CEO of HarperDB

Jose Domingos

VP Solutions Engineering, Ori


Head of Cloud Transformation, Hardis

Roy Chua

Founder and Principal at AvidThink

Lori MacVittie

Principal Technical Evangelist at F5

Douglas Mancini

CCO at Ori Industries

Mahdi Yahya

CEO and Founder of Ori Industries

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Ori Industries

Ori Industries is laying the foundation for the global rollout of edge computing services. Our edge platform simplifies workload provisioning across public, telco, hybrid, and multi-cloud infrastructure to support countless new and emerging enterprise use cases. Ori Industries is based in London with a global workforce.


Edge Track: Latest on Edge Computing from an Analyst Perspective

Analyst insights into the edge computing market, looking across growth, trends and forecasts.

Edge Track: Edge Applications for Real-time Ops

Challenges for real-time ops for new enterprise and consumer services.

Edge Track: Open Source at the Edge

Catch the session on open source at the edge from LF Edge with a Project EVE Demo.

Edge Track: Distributed Data Management

Catch a Distributed Data Management presentation and demo with HarperDB.