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EconCon 2021

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Andy Morrison

Associate Director, New Economy Project

Erica Smiley

Executive Director, Jobs with Justice

Ash Kalra

Assemblymember , California State Assembly

Bryce Covert

Independent journalist

Rep. Mark Pocan

Congressman for Wisconsin, U.S. House of Representatives

David Madland

Senior Fellow; Senior Adviser, American Worker Project, Center for American Progress

Natalie Foster

Co-Chair, Economic Security Project

Zac Petkanas

Democratic Strategist, Petkanas Strategies

Claire Guzdar

Director, Groundwork Collaborative

Naomi Zewde

Assistant Professor in Health Policy and Management, CUNY School of Public Health

Aisha Nyandoro, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer, Springboard To Opportunities

Kayla Blado

Press Secretary, National Labor Relations Board

Rachel Cooper

Senior Policy Analyst, Every Texan

Asha Banerjee

Economic Analyst, Economic Policy Institute

Bart Sheard

Legislative Representative, AFL-CIO

Puya Gerami

Director, Recovery For All

Jasmine Gripper

Executive Director, Alliance For Quality Education

Charles Khan

Financialization and State & Local Tax Campaigns Lead, Center for Popular Democracy

Sara Cullinane

Director and Co-founder, Make the Road New Jersey

Molly Shack

Co-Executive Director, Ohio Organizing Collaborative

Tracy Williams

Director, Reimagining Capitalism, Omidyar Network

Joe Scantlebury

CEO, Living Cities

Larry Kramer

President, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Don Chen

President, Surdna Foundation

Ariel Ron

Assistant Professor of the U.S. Civil War Era, Southern Methodist University

Jamelle Bouie

Columnist, The New York Times

Hannah Levintova

Reporter, Mother Jones

Ellen Dorsey

Executive Director, Wallace Global Fund

Mike Konczal

Director, Roosevelt Institute

Elise Gould

Senior Economist , Economic Policy Institute

Rakeen Mabud

Chief Economist and Managing Director of Research and Policy, Groundwork Collaborative

Benjamin Dulchin

Fed Up Campaign Director, Center for Popular Democracy

Skanda Amarnath

Executive Director, Employ America

Lebaron Sims Jr.

Associate Director, Policy & Research, Dēmos

Jane Chung

Campaigner, Athena

Mariah Montgomery

National Campaigns Director, PowerSwitch Action

Ingrid Haftel

Manager, Democracy Beyond Elections Participatory Budgeting Project

Deyanira Del Río

Co-Director, New Economy Project

Austin Clemens

Director, Washington Center for Equitable Growth

Tracey Ross

Director, Federal Policy and Narrative Change, PolicyLink

Algernon Austin

Senior Research Fellow, Center for Economic and Policy Research

Jerusalem Demsas

Policy Reporter, Vox Media

Tara Raghuveer

Director, KC Tenants

Mariana Mazzucato

Professor, University College London

Anne E. Price

President, Insight Center

Kara Voght

National Politics Reporter, Mother Jones

Betsey Stevenson

Academic economist at Michigan

Julian Brave Noisecat

VP, Policy & Strategy, Data for Progress

Jesse Eisinger

Senior Reporter & Editor, ProPublica

Dorothy Brown

Professor of Law, Emory University

Anand Giridharadas


Bianca Cunningham

Campaigns Director for Bargaining for the Common Good network

Sara Nelson

International President, Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO

Ericka Taylor

Popular Education Manager, Take on Wall Street/Americans for Financial Reform

Maurice Mitchell

National Director, Working Families Party

Michelle Holder

President & CEO, Washington Center for Equitable Growth

Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman

Co-Founder, Sadie Collective

Taifa Smith Butler

President, Dēmos

Rebecca Dixon

Executive Director,National Employment Law Project

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EconCon Presents is co-hosted by Groundwork Action and other partners. For more information about EconCon Presents, visit our website ( You can also follow us on Twitter at @EconConPresents.

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